Review: Palm Buds Pro – Professional Earbuds at a Reasonable Price

Earbuds and headphones are everywhere! We might ask ourselves, how can anything new be released that actually stands out from the rest? What can truly represent clear quality while keeping the cost low? Palm releases their new active noise cancelling earphones called Palm Buds Pro. Let’s see how this new smart product by Palm stacks up.

First Impressions

At first glance they look very similar to the new pro Apple brand earbuds. The Palm Buds Pro come in a very sleek looking charging case in all satin black. The case is very light weight at around 38 grams with each earbud weighing in at only 3 grams. So these are very light, especially for someone wearing them all day. The case itself does not have wireless charging, however with a full charge it can recharge the earbuds up to 5 times. They have a 5-6 hour continuous playback on each full charge, which comes to over 24 hours of use without needing to recharge the case.

VERY IMPORTANT! – There is a very small, clear tinted red piece of tape that is covering the front edge of the mic on each of the earbuds. This stops each of them from recharging while inside the case. Be sure to remove this tiny, clear red protective film immediately or you will NOT be charging them at all. This also interferes with the sound quality while talking with others. I personally did not know it was there for the first 3 days and had no idea why the batteries in each earbud were dead, while sitting in the fully charged case. Palm added this clear protective tape to separate the earbuds from the case for shipping. This keeps them individually charged andprevents the batteriesfrom draining while in transit.

Palm Keeps It Simple

Palm has been a well known company forthe majority of our lives. They introduced some of the very first portable digital mobile devices like the Palm Pilot PDA (personal digital assistant) back in 1996 which included a stylus. From there, they ventured off into offeringone of the first mobile phones running its own operating system created by Palm. Since the early 2000’s until2018, Palm would have seemed to be laying low from the standpoint of outsiders. They hadn’t presented any specific Palm directed products to the world, but they had been involved with many other manufactures and items around the globe. Palm finally released a tiny phone in 2018 which was a success for many people who love simplicity in their lives and want to remove that urge to check their phones constantly. Palm kept true to their previous design by marketing it as a way to keep things simple and focus on what’s important. . .“life”. 

With the new Palm Buds Pro, this company did not waiver with the changing of times. They kept it simple, however they packed an amazing amount of technology into their earbuds. Somehow Palm was able to achieve lightweight earbuds that create crystal clear calls on both sides, beautiful, well rounded sound from music, movies and a little bass. Palm placed a lot of attention on the crystal clear calling aspect. The Palm Buds Pro uses a hybrid 6-microphone Active Noise Cancelation system to block and filter out unwanted noise from surrounding environments. Each ear bud has 3 individual microphones that work in unison with each other. This has proven to work very well and you can definitely hear the difference when active noise canceling is on or off. Not to go into detail with easy things to find in the supplied manual, but the left earbud turns on and off the ambient mode, while the right earbud turns on and off the active noise cancelation. Again very simple and straight forward. Touch and hold for a few seconds on each side to turn these on or off. 

What to Expect

When it comes to providing a quality creation from different companies, we have to remind ourselves that with each decision made, they have to figure out the cost compared to what they can provide. Every company wants to produce the absolute best product on the market, but that also comes with a cost that may out budget the consumers. So what does Palm provide in their new Palm Buds Pro? Below is a personal breakdown of the things users can expect when purchasing these earbuds and some of the things it may lack from the standpoint of the readers.

  • Excellent Crystal Clear calling : Each person that I spoke with, said I sounded very clear and did not hear the machine running in the background. The tech that Palm added really showcases the 6 mic hybrid system. These are True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds.
  • All day comfort : Because these are so lightweight, they did not bother my ears at all. Wearing them for the majority of a day did not cause me any discomfort at all.
  • Sound Quality : Great clear sound, definitely hits on the higher pitched octaves. The bass thumps, but may not be as deep as some users will want. The all around sound is nice and clean.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 : The Palm Buds Pro pair with your phone or device in less than a second of opening up the case, truly using the advanced Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The Physical Product : Because the charging case is extremely small and the earbuds are small, this makes removing the earbuds from the case a bit challenging. The magnets are strong, so they hold perfectly in the case, but getting your fingers to grip the earbuds in order topull each one out is more difficult than I would have liked.
  • Is Water Resistant : The Palm Buds Pro are designed with IPX4. So this means they can get wet, but should not be submerged. So whether they come in contact with sweat, moisture, water splashes or rain, they will keep working 100% without issues.
  • No App Support : A lot of users like to make adjustments or personal customizations directly for the product. I personally don’t need an app for earbuds and I’m guessing Palm felt the same way. Not really a necessity for these, but some users may not like that there is no definitive app for the Palm Buds Pro at this time.
  • No Immediate Auto Off : Specifically tested on the iPhone – When a user decides to stop using the Palm Buds Pro and place them back into the charging case, they will not turn themselves off. So you’ll have to touch and hold until you hear two sets of commands. One will say a specific sound command like ambient on/off or Noise Canceling on/off and then you will hear shutting off.
  • Great Price : On Black Friday these were on sale from a retail price of $129 to just $89. As of today, Tuesday, November 30th 2021, Palm has kept the sale price going to save customers an extra $40. Definitely a great deal if you’re looking for some comfortable earbuds!

For anyone looking for earbuds that won’t break the bank, yet have the quality of much higher priced models, check out the Palm Buds Pro at their official website HERE and on Amazon. Simplicity meets Quality!

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