Review: iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – Above All the Rest

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit provides the consumer with a well above average repair kit, for an extremely affordable price. The tools packed inside are of extremely high quality and feel great when in use. My personal favorite tool from the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the iFixit screwdriver; the smooth metallic finish feels amazing in the hand! It’s extraordinarily clear that quality was the number one priority when creating this tool kit.

The Only Toolkit You’ll Ever Need

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit also includes an extremely large variety of wacky and obscure screwdriver bits, most of which are unfamiliar to me; as far as to what devices they’re used for. However this isn’t a downsize to the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, its actually the beauty of it. Now, whenever I’m repairing a device, I have no doubt that I’ll have all of the required bits I need on hand to complete the repair. Gone are the days of needing to purchase a cheap screwdriver bit from Amazon and being forced to put a repair on hold for days!

Some of the included plastic tools (like the guitar picks) I noticed can get damaged during repairs (in my experience, each guitar pick lasts about 5 – 7 repairs). Although iFixit has conveniently made these parts available separately from the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit for cheap. I personally would label such repair tools as “consumables”, due to the high amount of stress that one must put on them when completing a repair. These “consumable” plastic tools however do very much come in handy, since they prevent scratching of the device that you are working on. They also are extremely useful when doing battery replacements, as they have a much less likelihood of puncturing the flammable lithium ion battery.

Previous Experience With Other Toolkits

My previous iFixit Tool Kit (the Essential Electronics Toolkit) had served me very well in the three years that I had used it for. But the key word in the Essential Electronics Toolkit is “Essential” as it only had enough tools for completing low to mid-tear difficulty repairs. There is no doubt that the Essential Electronics Toolkit is a very respectable tool kit, however I can say now with confidence that the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit meets my repair needs to a much better standard. It provides me with a much larger arsenal of tools, is of higher quality and includes many more replacement tools.

A high quality toolkit might sound like something that isn’t worth the purchase, but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. In my personal experience, using low quality tool kits (or dare I say, those very cheap tools that come bundled with some replacement parts purchased from eBay or Amazon) had greatly increased the chance of me damaging a device during repair.

The most common issue that I kept running into when using these cheaper tool kits, was the constant pain of stripping screws. If I had known what I was missing out on by selecting a high quality tool kit, I would’ve made the investment to purchase one when I started repairing devices on day one.

A Repairman’s Dream To Use

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit hasn’t let me down, never caused me to stripped a screw and never caused me to damage a device (with it being the tool kits fault).

One great addition to the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the iFixit Magnetic Project Mat. Screws falling or sliding around when repairing devices can be a major inconvenience. Any repair technician can understand the pain of accidentally knocking over a screw onto the floor, having it never to be seen again. The iFixit Magnetic Project Mat stops that horrid situation from happening ever again. A very nice addition to the iFixit Magnetic Project Mat is that you can actually write directly onto it (similar to a whiteboard) so you can label exactly where each screw came from!

The combination of the two has made me feel a lot more confident when trying to repair my devices, something that both saves time and feels great!

Overall, I highly recommend the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit to any consumer, tinkerer or hobbyist who plans on doing many repairs (from easy to very complex) on their tech. It definitively is a step up from the Essential Electronics Toolkit (a very respectable iFixit tool kit in itself) but this one is 10 steps above the Essentials Tool kit and 20 steps from any cheap alternative tool kit on the market. Keep up the great work iFixit!

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is available now from both Amazon ($69.99, link) and directly from iFixit’s website for the same price.

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