Review: Raptic Rise Headphone Stand for Apple AirPods Max

A Strong Sense of style while providing best in class products

The amazing company, Raptic was born and built in the city of Los Angeles, California and the people there pride themselves on the luxury and ideal protection that is included in each and every one of their premium electronic accessories. Raptic’s focused approach allows them to always stay up to date on the rapidly changing and constantly evolving trends. This way they can consistently market and deliver stylish yet extremely protective products so you don’t have to choose between looks and functionality. Today, we are going to get to look at three of their many different accessories for the Apple AirPods Max, or any other wireless headphones that are similar.

First up, we have the Rise Headphones Stand from Raptic.

When you set up your new Raptic Rise, you’ll immediately notice how well-made and high quality every piece of the Raptic Rise truly is. The moment I opened up the box for my new Rise headphone stand, I could immediately tell that Raptic put a ton of effort into making sure that their luxury electronic accessories were top notch. The set up is so surprisingly easy and takes no time at all, which makes it very convenient to start using your new wireless charging stand. The unique cable management system on the bottom of the charging stand allows for you to coil and perfectly hide any excess wires or cables to give off a better and more finished look. Aside from the genuine aluminum, sleek and modern matte black base, the Raptic Rise’s phone charging pad is even padded with premium vegan leather to fit into any space or environment perfectly and effortlessly, no matter what the aesthetic may be. This is a modern design while still being simple to set up.

Charging your over-the-ear headphones has never been easier

The Raptic Rise is a sturdy wireless headphone stand that is made out of solid anodized aluminum that is built to hold and seamlessly charge your Apple, Sony, Beats, Bose or any over-the-ear headphones. There is also an additional USB-A port that is built in on the back of your new Raptic Rise headphone stand that allows for you to easily set your wireless headphones on top of the stand while they are rapidly charging at the same time. The rubber grip on the top of the Raptic Rise charging stand keeps your headphones safely in place so you don’t ever have to worry about them falling off, and the cable management system is designed so you don’t need to worry about your headphones or phone not charging. The amazing Rise headphone stand from Raptic is combined with a 12W Qi wireless charging base to allow for the fastest power possible for any wireless charging-compatible device on the market today. Ultimately, the Raptic Rise charging stand solves the problems of day-to-day life that we didn’t even realize we had. The charging stand helps declutter your desk, nightstand, table, counter, ext. and adds a little bit more luxury and simplicity to your everyday life.

Next up from Raptic is the Smartform case that is specifically designed for the Apple AirPods Max

Raptic prides themselves on their state of the art, high quality products and are always committed to keeping your electronics safe and protected, while looking great and being displayed perfectly. They have definitely carried that commitment into their Smartform case for the Apple AirPods Max. With the military-level drop testing and rigid exterior, made of ballistic nylon and rubber, you will never have to worry about the safety of your AirPods Max thanks to the Smartform case from Raptic. With the sturdy, yet easily accessible lid and the secure clasp, the Smartform case from Raptic ensures that your headphones will stay safe from travel and everyday bumps and scratches. Raptic’s Smartform case is designed to perfectly organize and protect your Apple AirPods Max and accessories while they are not in use. You can keep all of your small accessories and cables safely organized in the interior cable storage pocket. The Smartform case from Raptic is compatible for any headphones of course, but the integrated magnets were specifically designed to induce the smart Sleep Mode on the Apple AirPods Max to optimize and extend the battery life of your headphones. This is another must-buy product from Raptic and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Lastly from Raptic is the Base Stand for the Apple AirPods Max

Show off your AirPods Max in all of their sleek and modern beauty while keeping them safe and protected in the wonderful and modern Base Stand from Raptic. The Raptic Base Stand is the perfect place to keep your headphones when they are not in use while keeping your space organized. The innovative cable management system has solved the problem of out-of-control cables cluttering your space by pulling down the excess charging cable and coiling it within the base, keeping your space looking good and your AirPods Max fully charged. This sturdy and weighted base stand is built to prevent slipping, with a durable machined metal exterior. And the soft rubberized interior will easily protect your AirPods Max from any scratches and bumps it could encounter. The Base Stand from Raptic is an extremely high quality product that can be placed on any flat surface and can definitely fit in with any kind of decor.

Where to purchase your new product(s) and become a part of the Raptic community

Overall, Raptic really cares about the quality of their products and it shows in every single one of the different electronic accessories they have created. You can find the luxury Raptic Rise Headphone stand, Smartform Case, Base stand and many of their other high quality products on their website or on other online retail websites like Amazon. Get your new product(s) from Raptic today and show off your AirPods Max in the best way possible.

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