Review: Plugable USB Docking Station – More Than Just a Hub

I recall my introductory computing class in middle school. One of our vocabulary words was peripheral. To this day, I have trouble pronouncing it correctly, and don’t ask me to spell it without the aid of a spellchecker. It is defined as a term meaning, Peripheral: connected to a computer but not an essential part of it. Back then, most of the computers were a single unit. But we knew that a Peripheral could be a light pen or a mouse. The teacher told us a mouse was easier to use. However, we didn’t need one since we simply typed in DOS commands. Another fancy add-on was a printer and who could afford those huge things.

Fast forward to today. What was not considered essential in the ’80s is now considered a necessity. Even though we don’t need a floppy disk or tape drives connected to the CPU, nor do we use them. Even the printers are wireless today. However, some peripherals are necessary if not required for or workday. Sadly it seems that many computers. I’ll say the economy line. Come with just enough ports to support those few items like the mouse printer and maybe a fancy keyboard. Yet today we have all kinds of things to connect to our computers, TV’s instruments CAD/CAM machine Cricut machines, and on it goes It always seems that you run out of places to connect your stuff. I’m sorry your “peripherals”.

Granted, you can buy a USB hub about anywhere. However, typically “you get what you pay for.” I don’t know how many I have purchased, and they work just good enough for a short period then, for some mysterious reason, they say. “Nope, not today!”. If though you want to have a trustworthy solution and a bank of slots to plug in your valuable peripherals. A Plugable docking station is a stalwart unit that will be the bridge from your so-called “not an essential parts” to your computer. Specifically, the – Plugable USB-C and USB 3.0 Dual HDMI USB Docking Station. So this is not just a hub. The plugable model-3900C is a complete docking STATION!. So here is the space for the “fully Operational” station.

  • Ports of Call—USB 3.0 or USB C docking station gives you access to Gigabit Ethernet.
  • It has USB 2, and 2 of the USB 3 ports and 4 get that 4 USB2.0 ports. You might even call it a charging station with all those USBs. Plugin your older iPads and….well whatever is charged through the older USB connections
  • To help you clean up your workspace and open up a bit of room around your computer, you can also connect your microphone and headphones to the docking station.
  • Dual HDMI—2x HDMI ports let you connect two screens with resolutions up to 1920×1080—even if your computer doesn’t natively support dual monitors, like an M1 Mac. (DisplayLink Driver required for full functionality)

The great thing about the “PLUGABLE USB-C AND USB 3.0 DUAL HDMI USB DOCKING STATION (that is model-UD-3900C)”. It is comparable across platforms. Mac or PC specifically.

For the PC, it is compatible with windows 7,8x, 10, and 11. For the Mac user, anything with macOS10.14 and above will be able to utilize the PLUGABLE USB-C AND USB 3.0 DUAL HDMI USB DOCKING STATION.

However, what if you only have that one port left in your system. Does it have to be USB-A or USB-C? Nope, it doe. Not make a difference the unit has a USB-C connection with an interchangeable USB-A adapter. It truly feels like the team at Plugable has invested a lot of time and effort into making things work for you. Rather than. You need to watch a bunch of Youtube to figure out how to use the device. My computer hacking skill is limited to kicking the machine and yelling at it to please work. However, the display device was easy to use. Simply plug in the power and the connection cable to your computer, and you have just opened up a bank of connection ports to your system.

One of the best parts of the unit and the plugable team. The docking station has 2-year limited parts and labor warranty and Seattle-based email support.

As I mentioned up to now, my experience with hubs has been a short-lived relationship. They work fine for a while, then for some unknown reason, my extern light will now work, or my wireless mouse connection has to be unplugged and plugged back in. So I made sure this time the docking station would be dependable. I have used the device for a little over 30 days, and it has maintained functionality. For example, as a photographer, I do a good bit of downloading and uploading to my clients’ sites. But with my limited disc space and USB connections, I have to do musical chairs of swapping one car to transfer to my external storage then upload. Now, with the

Plugable device, I can connect my drone, external drive, and external light for zoom meetings without looking like a switchboard operator from the 1950s.

This display link is an excellent solution for the modern office. Home or otherwise. When I used a government laptop, the docking station was about the same size as the laptop, and I honestly feel it was deliberately designed to be heavy enough to double as an anti-theft device. It was a long time before I realized it was not bolted down. Just super heavy.

Contrast that with the PLUGABLE USB-C AND USB 3.0 DUAL HDMI USB DOCKING STATION (model 3900C); It weighs about as much as my Hydro flask when full of water. Maybe half full. The point is it can be a light and mobile as your system. Significantly, if your job takes you on the go, the docking station can go with you.

In addition to all the options, tech, and reliability of Plugable, it is the price tag. You can pick this item up. You can have it with prime delivery from amazon for just $119.

To not be stuck in the ’80s or even the ’90s, upgrade your computer system with the Plugable docking station. and it will open the door for the essential parts that need to be connected to your computer

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