Review: Samsonite Lite-Box Alu

Before you go on your next trip, it might be a good idea to update your luggage. After all, the vinyl pink and purple Disney Princess theme isn’t quite you, and the not-matching giant duffle bag with a hole in one of the corners isn’t going to cut it anymore. What you need is something roomy. Something cool. Something as strong as heck. What you need is the Samsonite Lite-Box Alu.

Samsonite: Making Luggage Cool Again

Before getting nitpicky about features, let’s just talk about first impressions. One phrase comes to mind: “I want that.” Honestly, this is simply a very great-looking line of cases.

As its name “Alu” implies, the Lite-Box Alu is made from strong anodized aluminum with a textured shell and reinforced corners It has a shiny, and indestructible metallic vibe. Ok, so maybe it won’t survive a nuclear blast, but it’s the looks that count – and there’s no doubt that it’s tough enough to transport your belongings safely wherever you need to go.

The design reminds me of those action movies where a top-secret government official is handcuffed to a metallic briefcase which he will inevitably be killed for by some spy determined to steal it.

It’s pretty darn cool looking. This is a case that would make Tony Stark jealous.

If this silver color case is too metallic for you, you could choose to go for the black version. It’s still metallic of course, but the black tones it down. (My opinion – the handcuffed look goes away with the (yawn) black. I’m sticking to the aluminum look.)

The Samsonite Lite-Box Alu luggage line comes in three sizes: 55 × 40 × 23 cm, 69 × 47 × 27 cm, and 76 × 51 × 28 cm. If you’re a baller though, you know you must have all three sizes. (If you’re not quite a baller, no one says that the cases need to be PACKED with anything! Wink, wink.)

More Than Just Good Looks

It’s not just about looks. Samsonite has implemented quite a few features that make it an equally practical option.

Lugging around something that looks like it belongs on the back of a tank might sound daunting. However, Samsonite called named it “Lite-Box” for a reason. While it’s lighter than it looks, it’s certainly not flimsy in any way. Making it even more pleasant to transport are the four double wheels and the adjustable double tube locking pull handle. If you think that pull handles are for sissies, you can opt to use the retractable top and side carry handles. To reiterate, nothing feels flimsy about this case. It feels solid through and through.

It would be cool if you had to do a retinal scan to open this case like in those cool spy movies. Still, in real life, Samsonite helps protect the contents with its integrated TSA combination lock. (Dear Samsonite, can we at least have the Mission Impossible theme playing while we put the combination in?)

Once opened, the spacious fully lined interior is divided by removable secure-down zipped divider pads. The divider pads themselves can be unzipped and used to store smaller items, such as those top-secret files (and your toothbrush). There are also side zip pockets within the inside lining of the case.

Back to the exterior, there is a cool little feature I’ve never seen before. The luggage tag is integrated into the exterior. It slides out to display your contact information for if your luggage is lost (which never happens of course) or, if you’re dumb, the combination to get into the case.

In Summary, Get It

Samsonite has done a fantastic job in designing their Lite-Box Alu luggage. It has a classic indestructible look that will allow you to travel with your belonging safely in check while making you look cool. If you’re going to be traveling any time soon, make Samsonite or Amazon your first stop, where you can get it for, depending on the site and size, anywhere from $800 to $1,200.

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