Top 3 Hot TCL Gadgets Unveiled at the CES 2022

On January 5, tech-giant TCL revealed during the Consumer Electronic Show 2022 (CES) some of the most cutting-edge technology we’ve ever seen (and trust us, we’ve seen a lot). They showcased 12 of their newest products, but in this article, we will take a look at the top three hottest, high-tech TCL Gadgets that we’re most looking forward to gracing the market.


This is TCL’s first branded 5G smartphone. Its clean and simple design makes its elegant black shadow case as classy as it gets. And with its tall and slim exterior, it can easily fit in any bag.

The 90Hz refresh rate display really sells the IPS LCD the phone has. This rich-colored display is shown on the 6.52-inch screen, which is roughly 83 percent of its screen-to-body size. Not only that but it’s protected under very durable Dragontrail Glass, so you won’t have to worry about it being easily scratched or cracked.

It uses Android 11 with the TCL interface for its OS, and it’s powered by MediaTek’s 5G chipset, which pairs up nicely with 4GB RAM. This makes it reliable in performance and power. As for storage, even if it only has 64GB of internal storage, you can always count on adding additional storage with its dedicated microSDXC slot.

Taking pictures will always be interesting and easy since the TCL 30XE 5G’s triple-lens camera has 13MP for wide shots and 2MP for depth and macro. Plus, it can take HDR photos and great panorama shots, too. As for the selfie cam, you can have high-quality selfies with the 8MP front cam.

You can shoot videos at 1080p with 30fps for both front and back cameras.

TCL’s 30XE 5G long-lasting battery is definitely there to keep you powered all day and night. Though, the battery’s non-removable. So, you have to take good care of your TCL phone and not throw it around too much or over-charge it.

It’s currently available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile with additional courier availability for 2022.

TCL Book 14 Go

This hot-topic laptop is 13.95 mm, paper-thin, and even has a 14.1-inch display. It even just weighs about 1.3kg, making this one featherweight laptop.
Performance-wise, it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c’s ARM-based architecture, it turns on within seconds, saving time, and has a handy 12-hour standby battery life. It can last an entire day without you having to worry about charging it every 5 hours.
Speaking of performance, it’s so fast that you’ll also have no problem switching between Wi-Fi and 4G. You can stay productive without any interruptions.
Not only is this a powerful laptop, but since it’s also lightweight, it makes it extremely portable. You can slip it in and out of your bag with little to no problem and just work almost immediately.

The featherweight laptop runs on Windows 11, so you can take advantage of the Android app integration.
It has a 1366×768 px resolution to show its beautiful display, and also gives you access to multiple virtual desktops, improved performance, and other enhanced features that can enhance your activity.


This tablet features amazing eye protection for those who use tablets for recreational or work-related activities on a daily basis.

Its screen has this paper-like display that uses multiple stacked layers to retain natural colors. What you see, and make, is what you get. Speaking of which, it includes a TCL’s T Pen stylus plus support. So not only is it great for taking down notes, but it’s great for making art, too.

You won’t even have to worry about the glare. It offers amazing viewing angles and has anti-glare features that will never stop you from being productive.
As for the battery life, it’s got an 8000mAh battery, which means it will last more than an entire day and will never hinder your productivity.

If tapping onto the screen for typing isn’t your thing, the TCL NXTPAPER 10s package includes accessories like a Folio Keyboard and other writing board accessories.

TCL has definitely expanded its range, from TV monitors to phones, laptops, tablets, AR glasses, and even air purifiers and mini-Roomba-like vacuums. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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