Review: Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds from Soundcore

High Quality Sound That Is Tailored And Unique To You

The revolutionary sound and immersion that Anker has worked so hard on creating, is finally being showcased in the top of the line Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds from Soundcore. With all of the different earbuds on the market today, what really makes these from Soundcore so special and stand out among others? Let’s find out.

Unboxing And Initial Thoughts

From the moment the box is opened, we can immediately tell the quality and detail that Soundcore puts into their products. The box opens up like a book cover, with the user’s guide accessible, an easy to follow instructions pamphlet, and the Liberty 3 Pro earbuds themselves. Users will notice the different sized tips and wings as well, so the perfect fit can be found. They will also find the sleek and modern charging case and
charging cord, all beautifully displayed inside the box. The manual that is conveniently located on the left side, or “page” if you will, shows how to get the perfect fit from their new earbuds. With a step by step guide, there is never any question on how to set up the Liberty 3 Pro’s and get started.

Let’s Take A Look Inside The Liberty 3 Pro Earbud’s Innovative Technology

Now let’s talk about the technology in the Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds because it is really advanced. The front chamber has been reduced in size by over 25% to provide a slimmer and less bulky look, while still maintaining incredible quality of sound. The 10.6mm Dynamic Driver has a 77% larger diaphragm to enhance and infuse your music, shows, podcasts, ext. with sublime depth and punch. A Coaxial structure provides treble and bass in the most harmonious way possible, which is definitely a perk when users are listening to their music.
The Liberty 3 Pro incorporates and supports LDAC technology for a high-resolution, certified, wireless, audio-listing experience. The LDAC technology also means that 3x more data is transferred to the earbuds, directly from their device, so that every little detail in music is picked up in the nicest way possible when listening to songs.
Now with HearID Sound. This technology analyses ear pressure and the way each individual user hears music, voices, background noise, etc. This then creates a custom sound profile to give them the most accurate and enjoyable sound experience and quality. This setting, that is tailored to our ears, can also be applied to any EQ settings for even more customization, so everything can be unique to you.
3D Surround Sound. The user can be at the center of any music, show, video game and plenty more with the immersive three-dimensional surround sound like never before. This unique algorithm from Soundcore is able to process sound in real-time to enhance and optimize it so we can fully immerse ourselves in the core of whatever it is we may be listening to.
Noise canceling. With the HearID and ANC technology, the background noise transparency can easily be controlled, meaning the user can choose from different settings, depending on their environment, flawlessly. As opposed to other noise canceling earbuds I have tried, with the Liberty 3 Pro’s, the user is in full control of just how much noise is canceled so they are free of any uncomfortable and unnecessary ear pressure. Then all they need to focus on is the music or show they are listening to.
-The Low Noise Environment is perfect in a quieter area like a library or a park, but there is just enough noise to annoy you. The Low Noise setting will filter out those few unwanted background noises while reducing in-ear pressure for the highest level of comfort.
-The Medium Noise Environment is there to comfortably cancel out everyday sounds and balance the level of ear pressure for the perfect amount of comfortable noise canceling.
-The High Noise Environment is perfect for when the user needs the maximum amount of noise cancellation. I have noticed that the High Noise Environment transparency is ideal for any form of public transportation and drastically reduces loud and annoying sounds like an airplane engine, car traffic, trains and busses, and many more. The High Noise Environment is there to help us create a quiet and relaxing space, even in the most chaotic of areas.
-The user may also select a Full Transparency option to let in all the ambiance and sounds around them. They may select Vocal mode as well to enhance voices and reduce various ambient sounds, while Enhanced Vocal mode turns up the volume of voices even more for more precise hearing.

The Multi-Point Connection allows them to simultaneously connect two devices to their Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds conveniently for automatic switching between things like media and phone calls.

The Modern Design And Ultimate Comfort

Normally, (with a few exceptions, of course) the design of earbuds are not very impressive look-wise and it is easy to tell that other companies don’t put a ton of effort into making their designs stand out. Soundcore however, put a lot of work into making the Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds stand out from all the rest in the best way possible. From the light-catching design and nature inspired colors, to the gorgeous and unique shiny coating, the Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds are sure to make a classy statement while the user is on their morning run…or sitting in the living room watching movies.
The liquid silicone ear tips and air-filled wings create the perfect fit for their ear and the additional airflow design makes these earbuds so comfortable that the user could almost forget they are wearing them, even after having them in for long periods of time.
These stunning Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds and their charging case come in four different colors including: Midnight Black, Frost White, Dusk Purple, and Fog Gray.

Charging: The Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds last up to 8 hours on a single charge, and up to 38 hours total listening-time with the charging case. Just by charging the Liberty 3 Pro’s for 15 minutes, they can be used for 3 hours. The charging case can be charged via a USB-C cable or any wireless charger.

Where To Buy

You can buy your own Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds on the beautifully designed and incredibly informative Soundcore website or on Amazon. After purchasing your Liberty 3 Pro Earbuds, make sure to download the incredible Soundcore app for even more customization and information. Customer service is always there to help and/or answer any further questions you may have. Become a part of the Soundcore community today and experience how music is meant to sound.

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