Review: Roccat Burst Core Gaming Mouse

A Mouse for Gaming?

Gaming mice are a dime a dozen these days. It seems most tech companies have their own brands and even sub brands within them. It can be extremely overwhelming trying to find one that completely fits your needs. Chances are when you bought your PC it came with a default mouse that covers all the bases, left click, right click, mouse wheel, etc… Why should you care about getting a gaming specific mouse or, more specifically, the Roccat Burst Core – Extreme Lightweight Optical Core Gaming Mouse?

First Impressions

Although it might seem obvious by the name, I was shocked at how light this mouse actually is. Weighting in at an incredible 68 grams this thing will basically float as you use it. It is a bit too light for my taste but that is a just a personal preference as I was using a significantly heavier mouse for close to 10 years.
The mouse itself has a very sleek streamlined design. I went with the white face plate with the black buttons instead of going for the solid black option. Once you plug it in to your PC (as it is not a wireless mouse) and the LED lights come on it truly, and literally, shines.
The Rocca Burst Core Gaming Mouse is very responsive right out of the box. It checks every box and is ready to work the instant you plug it in. Plus being able to change the sensitivity with the DPI button located right under the mouse wheel is pretty convenient. The mechanical clicks are quick and bounce back with ease. There are two remappable side buttons. Again, it’s a good mouse and I used it like this for a few days before I found out what seriously separates it from the others.

Customization for All Occasions

So many options!

A few days after getting this mouse, I figured it was a good time to look at the instruction manual. Inside I was shocked to see I wasn’t even close to scratching the surface of what this mouse is capable of. After going to the Roccat website and downloading Swarm (Roccat’s mouse software) I was blown away. Before getting this application I was simply remapping buttons and changing sensitivity in game but my goodness there was so much more I could do.
Do you want to change the DPI (dots per inch) setting? Looking to change your pointer speed on Windows? Change button assignments? Scroll speed? You can customize all of this and so much more!
Not happy with how fast, or slow, the LED light is changing colors or do you want to change the color scheme entirely? Yeah you can do all of this. It’s completely unnecessary but I can not say I wasn’t smiling when I changed the color to Red to fit with the theme of my RIG. To make things even cooler you can make up to 5 different mouse profiles so you don’t have to change the settings each time you switch from a FPS to a MMO. If that wasn’t enough you can even set it to change automatically when you put on a certain game. I am shocked that the Roccat’s Swarm software could be this deep but I am extremely impressed to have access to it at the price point of this mouse.

Perhaps too many options


Despite my initial impressions of the Rocca Burst Core Gaming Mouse being somewhat generic and too light I have come to love this accessory. It has now permanently replaced my previous mouse and that was a huge surprise to me. What it lacks in heft, it makes up with giving me all of the customization options that Swarm provides and at this point I would not have it any other way. I would recommend this product so if you’re on the edge of purchasing this mouse stop thinking about it and dive in! Just make sure you look at the instruction manual after you pick it up.

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