The Smartly Designed igloohome Smart Padlock

Keys. You have way too many of them. Right? It’s always such a hassle to have to dig for a key on that massive keychain of yours when you’re also juggling a venti latte from Starbucks and a bag of groceries. Do you know that gigantic keychain you carry around? Yeah, not convenient. Let’s hope you don’t need to add another key to that fingernail-splitting keyring. Wait. What’s that, Hun? Go get a padlock for the new shed out back? What?!! Noooooo!

Don’t panic! There’s now a solution that will keep you from having to add to that embarrassingly massive keychain that makes you look like a security-conscious hoarder (and your fingernails will thank you). Introducing the igloohome Padlock.

What’s In the Box?

Packed along with the actual igloohome Padlock (for the record, igloohome is spelled with a lowercase “I” – so, I’m not just being lazy with the shift key) are a non-rechargeable CR2 lithium battery, a Torx head screwdriver, and an instruction booklet. Thank you, igloohome, for not making me have to go back out to buy a “battery not included” battery or a screwdriver! We’re off to a great start!

The Padlock

The padlock has been designed with durability in mind, with its steel shackle and zinc alloy body. This IP66-certified padlock is resistant to dust and water. So far, so good on using this (without yet another key) for that new shed.

The padlock contains a 12-button keypad with 0–9 keys, a delete key, and an unlock key. Above this keypad is an LED indicator. The battery is housed in the back behind a cover with which you’ll need the included Torx-head screwdriver to open.

It does seem like igloohome has thought of everything. A nice feature of this padlock is the fact that the original 1.2-inch steel shackle (the actual locking part) can be replaced with a larger 5.75 inch one. This is a great feature that makes this padlock even more versatile. Another interesting feature is the rubber cover at the bottom that allows you to power the padlock with a 9V alkaline battery if the main battery dies. It seems that igloohome has thought of everything. Well done!

Opening the padlock is super easy and can be done in three different ways:

  1. Enter your PIN code and press the unlock button
  2. Use a Bluetooth key
  3. Use the mobile app

The igloohome Mobile App

What makes this padlock a “smart” padlock is the igloohome mobile app (available on both iOS and Android). The app allows you to create temporary pin codes for visitors and permanent pins for the family. Using Bluetooth, the lock also offers the ability to lock or unlock through the app, auto-lock, and access a log that shows when it was opened as well as how many times someone has unsuccessfully attempted to open it. (Remote access can be granted using AES-encrypted security.) Also, great news for homeowners who already have igloohome products. This igloohome app is the same one you likely already have and use.


You’re going to love the simple-to-use igloohome Smart Padlock! From the included battery and screwdriver to the ability to swap to a larger shackle to even a battery connector for an emergency alternative, igloohome has thought ahead. Like igloohome, this padlock is indeed “smart”.

The igloohome Smart Padlock is currently for sale on Amazon for $119.99. You can also get the larger 5.75” shackle for an additional $15. Get it without a second thought. After all, it’ll keep you from adding yet another key to that heavy keychain.

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