Review: Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier – Adding An Extra Layer Of Protection

This is the Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier. Equipped with AG+ Technology by Aurabeat, Brondell gives us piece of mind that our homes, businesses, offices, ext. will have clean and safe air. This FDA, CARB and EPA approved air purifier is a wonderful addition to any space. Let’s find out why.

The First Look And Initial Thoughts

There is little-to-no setup when it comes to the Brondell Pro. The user will simply remove it from the box, then open up the crisp, white front-panel. Next take out the instruction manual and provided filters, install the filters and we are ready to power on this amazing sanitizing air purifier. The high-quality polymer panels allow for convenient dusting and cleaning. The sleek, black screen on top of the Brondell Pro Air Purifier. With simple buttons providing convenient control whenever users would like to adjust the settings.


How Brondell Is Keeping Air Safe And Sanitized

The Brondell Pro sanitizing air purifier has been independently tested (and proven) by MRIGlobal to kill over 99.8 percent of the Covid-19 virus within fifteen minutes. It can simultaneously produce zero ozone while disinfecting. This product has been endorsed with over fourteen different certifications, which makes the unit one of the ultimate purifiers for smoke, mold and bacteria, viruses including Covid-19, H1N1 Influenza, H3N2 Influenza and plenty more.

This air purifier features the five-stage filtration technology:

  • The High-efficiency H12 HEPA Grade Filter which is perfect to successfully help rid of mold, common viruses, bacteria and pollutants.
  • The Pre-Filter. This filter captures hair, large particles and various fibers to help protect and allow the HEPA filter to actively combat bacteria and viruses.
  • The Nanocrystalline Filter easily removes harmful gasses and chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and more. It also removes volatile organic compounds and odors.
  • The UV Disinfection Lamp helps to sanitize the air as well as the inside of the purifier, which helps take the stress off of the user as far as cleaning the Brondell Pro. They can also turn the UV light on or off whenever they please; a feature that is not found in many air purifiers.
  • Lastly, the Plasma Generator creates positive and negative ions to produce disruptive energy in the air surrounding it. This neutralizes microorganisms without ever creating harmful ozones. These amazing filters, though are automatically sanitized, should be replaced every eight to twelve months for optimal results and cleanliness.

This incredible technology from Aurabeat is used all over the world. It is currently used in over twenty two countries, over four thousand classrooms and more than sixty national and international hospitals. The Brondell Pro Air Purifier has been used to purify and sanitize air in medical centers/hospitals, fitness centers, homes, auto dealerships, office buildings, both restaurants and bars, retail stores, hotels, schools and universities, hotels and of course, homes.

“The Brondell Pro is the first air purifier independently tested using live cultured COVID-19 aerosolized virus by US based lab MRIGlobal and tested at Swiss based SGS labs for H1N1 & H3N2 Influenza with the following certified results: Eliminates 299.9% Of The SARS-COV-2 VIRUS (COVID-19) Within 15 Minutes Eliminates 299.9% Of The H1N1 & H3N2 INFLUENZA VIRUS Within 60 Minutes” As said by the Brondell company themselves.

This unit has a unique feature that is very hard to come by, which is a child safety lock. This feature is great for families with children who like to press buttons. By simply pressing the Child Lock button, all of the other buttons will be unresponsive until the child lock is deactivated. To deactivate, all we have to do is press and hold the same child lock button for three seconds and everything will go back to normal.

The lab tested and trusted-by-professionals’ Brondell Pro Air Sanitizer has already been protecting millions of customers from viruses globally, so of course it could protect you, the reader, and your home and family as well.

The Gorgeous Design, Inside And Out

This is not something that is said often when talking about air purifiers, but the Brondell Pro is gorgeous. The modern black and white colors effortlessly fit in to any space or home, no matter what the decor may be. The rounded edges and pearl-like grill design give this larger machine a slim, sleek look. The fantastic size-to-weight ratio of 19.2 pounds (or 8.709 kilograms) makes the Brondell Pro Air Purifier light enough for convenient transportation, but heavy enough so that users don’t have to worry too much about knocking it over. Additionally, the user will notice that the solid surface polymer would stand up to scratches beautifully and will not show marks like a painted surface would. Another thing that will be immediately noticed is how easy it is to switch out the filters. Unlike other air purifiers that practically require an engineering degree, with the Brondell Pro, all we have to do is remove the front panel, remove the old filters and insert the new ones. Then, pop the front panel back into place and it is ready to go once again.

Where To Purchase The Brondell Pro Air Purifier

Overall, Brondell and Aurabeat have created a truly revolutionary air purifier and I can not say enough great things about this unit. If you would like to purchase the wonderful Brondell Pro Air Purifier/Sanitizer today and have safe and sanitized air, you can purchase this purifier on the Brondell website, of course, or on other online retail websites such as Amazon. Take a safe, deep breath with Brondell today.

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