Gozney Roccbox Accessories – Making An Awesome Product Even Better

Last year, we did a review on the Gozney Roccbox and a lot of people enjoyed it. With such an amazing product, it’s no question as to why so many people enjoy their Gozney Roccbox. With the offer to review even more Gozney products, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Here are our thoughts on just some of the accessories Gozney offers as additions to the Roccbox.

Roccbox Cover

The user may now conveniently protect their pizza oven from the elements with the Gozney Roccbox Cover. This cover has been constructed from double-lined, 900D polyester, creating a waterproof and weather resistant cover to keep your Roccbox safe from rain, snow, wind, and sun while not in use. The front and rear drawstrings and heavy-duty strap allow for convenient transportation anytime we would like to relocate our Roccbox. This stylish and protective cover is a wonderful addition to your Roccbox, You can buy this accessory here!

Dough Cutter

The user can now easily cut their dough into controllable sizes when making their pies. The carefully crafted wooden handle and tampered steel blade provide a high quality feel; in addition to being extremely satisfying to use. Having the right tools at a user’s disposal is a necessity when making a pie, and the Gozney Dough Cutter is no exception. With the high build quality and necessity to have a the ability to make perfectly sized pies, the Gozney Dough Cutter makes for a great addition to your Roccbox, You can buy this accessory here!

Infrared Thermometer

Having the ability to make the perfect pie is one thing, but having the tools to create the perfect pie is what can make or break your dish. With the Gozney Infrared Thermometer, the user can monitor the exact temperature of their pie; as to ensure it maintains the desired level of heat. With the built in laser, ability to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius and the ability to give exact temperature measurements; the Gozney Infrared Thermometer is a must-have accessory for your Roccbox, You can buy this accessory here!

Dough Scraper

Cleanup can be just as important as cooking, so you should have the right tools to complete the job. After spending a long time creating your pie, you should have the same ease at cleaning the utensils you used. With the Gozney Dough Scraper, the user is able to clean their dough mixing bowl extremely easily. The high quality silicon feels great in the hand, and the flexible stainless steel inside allows the Gozney Dough Scrapper to easily get the cleaning job done. For any owner of a Roccbox, the Gozney Dough Scrapper is a must have, You can buy this accessory here!

Pizza Rocker

The Gozney Pizza Rocker allows the user to cut their pie into even slices more easily than ever. The thick yet sharp stainless steel blade and beautiful wooden handle provide a high quality feel; yet get the cutting job done easily and efficiently. For those who want to add the perfect finishing touches to their pies, the Gozney Pizza Rocker makes a great addition to their Roccbox, You can buy this accessory here!

Pizza Server


Presentation and can make or break a pie, so having an elegant way to serve yours is a necessity. The Gozney Pizza Server is made out of high fibre board as to ensure that this must need tool is robust. The Gozney Pizza Rocker allows the user to serve a pie up to 14”. With the flat design, it also allows the user to easily clean their Gozney Pizza Server after use. For those who love attention to detail, the Pizza Server is an excellent addition to your Roccbox, You can buy this accessory here!

The Gozney Roccbox has helped tens of thousands of customers make perfectly cooked and delicious pies. However the assorted line of Gozney accessories makes an already great product even better. We can with no doubt; recommend each and every one of the Gozney products.

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