Gear Up Your iPhone With Top Quality Cases for 2022

Apple comes out with a new iPhone like clock work. This year Apple did surprise us, by making the front facing camera notch slightly smaller, but the overall structure of the phone is very similar to last years model. These minor changes did in fact affect the case proportions and placement. So let’s check out the BEST iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases of 2022. Since the majority of these cases have separate landing pages for each model, we will link to the main website page for each company, so you can select your specific iPhone model for each brand.


Starting with case company Cyrill. They have four unique styles we would like to showcase. The Cecile, Classic Charm, Color Brick and Leather Brick.

The Cecile cases come in multiple variants. At this time, they have The Flower Garden, Red Floral, Cotton Blossom and The White Daisy. All of these clear cases are made of stiff plastic polymer that is tough and shock-resistant. The bumper itself is made of a rubberized TPU flexible plastic that fits perfectly around your new iPhone 13. Since these Cecile cases are clear, the gorgeous painted on white daisy’s or floral pattern of the flower garden case looks beautiful when showcasing the Apple logo and color choice of your new iPhone 13 through the case. Excellent choice for anyone who likes flowers while still showing off the true beauty of Apple. We’re sure Cyrill will come out with more styles as the year continues.

The Classic Charm Black case is another Cyrill brand that gives a more business like style to the owner. It is made of Vegan leather and stands out as a statement piece of jewelry or part of your own personal decor. This case comes with 2 vegan leather straps connected to the bottom of the case and can be warn like a purse or clutch. This case will definitely make heads turn and check out who is walking into the room.

The Pallette Color Brick has some excellent solid color choices that really stand out from the pack. These TPU cases have a beautiful matte finish and feel to them. The colors are muted and subtle to make you feel relaxed. As of now, they come in Dusk, which is a muted dark grey. Cream, giving a soft off-white look. Chili, for those of you who like that earthy tone, rock and clay look surrounding their life. Sky, a very muted blue color, mixed with grey. This is the color that makes you feel the Apple brand in your hand. And lastly, Kale, the muted green color that again surrounds itself with comfort. All of these cases are gorgeous and live up to the quality Cyrill promises.

Last of the Cyrill Branded cases is the Diana Leather Brick Cases These, like the Classic Charm are made of vegan leather and come in two or three color choices (depending on your iPhone 13 model) that grab your attention. Everything in leather looks amazing, but vegan leather is a much better option due to the fact that no animals were harmed in the making of these cases. These are synthetic leathers that are animal free and look as gorgeous as they feel. Cream, Black and Saddle Brown are your choices for this case and none of them will be a bad selection. 


The next company to be included in this list of cases is Catalyst. They have a more tech style look to the cases with a pop of color. 

The Vibe Series comes with a textured carbon fiber pattern on the back of the case in both battleship grey and stealth black. The pop of color comes from the additional choices for the buttons and lanyard setup. These colors are Bondi Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink and Sunset Orange. At the time of this review, these cases are still on Pre-Order. So get your preorder in today, to be one of the first to receive this excellent case!

Catalyst has another style to be excited about. That is the Influence Series These cases have the same colored button layout choices as the Vibe Series, but promote a frosted case back instead of the carbon fiber look. These include Stealth Black, Clear, Pacific Blue and Neon-Glow-In-The-Dark as your bumper case choice. You can have the same pop of color on the sides, while rocking one of these intense cases that will definitely “Influence” people around you! 


EFM is a company that has been around for some time based in Australia. They have a 2 year warranty with free delivery shown on their front page, Alta Crystal case has maximum case armor with D30 Crystalex implemented. This is proven impact protection and lasting clarity through antimicrobial disinfecting, removing surface bacteria, so you can enjoy your device longer. This case is less than 3mm thick and allows for perfect magnetic charging alignment. Get yours today from EFM!

The BIO+ for the iPhone 13 Series comes in Smoke Clear and gives an all around smokey look to the iPhone. All the EFM cases are 52% bio-based, made from corn starch and host the Antimicrobial, which Kills 99.99% of surface bacteria. So the popularity of this case goes up, just knowing they are working toward bettering our planet and our personal property.

Last on our list for EFM is the Cayman Thermo Ice Case. This is a very unique case that will pull allot of peoples attention towards your new iPhone 13. This toughly made case with the same materials found in the other EFM cases but features a brand new thermocromic pigments that changes color with heat. It gives you a personalization options to make this showpiece the talk of the hour. As you play a game on your phone, the case will sense the heat and change colors before your eyes. Excellent choice and definitely a case to checkout as soon as possible! 


Nomad is a company we talked about last year as well, and it is still one of the “all around best known rugged cases” for the iPhone. They do however use real leather which can make some people unhappy. But the elegance of these Modern Leather and Folio Cases are sleek and refined with more protection. The TPE bumper can withstand a 10ft drop and the case is wrapped in Nomads signature Horween leather that will develop a beautiful patina over time.


These two style cases come in three classic colors (rustic brown, black, and natural). The case is minimalist but doesn’t compromise on durability. You can get the case alone or as a Folio case to hold personal items like credit cards, money and your license. The Nomad Rugged Modern Leather cases may be purchased at the Nomad Goods website for $59.95 Or $79.95 for the Folio. You can also possibly get them for slightly less through Amazon. 


Pitaka cases are well known for their use of Aramid Fiber, giving that gorgeous dry carbon fiber look while staying very lightweight and durable. The Pitaka Air Case is very lightweight and has only a 0.022in thickness, keeping the slim design of the iPhone 13. This phone case also has a raised rim around the lenses, protecting it from scratches. 

The MagSafe technology in the MagEZ case 2 and Pro from Pitaka effortlessly attaches to your magnetic charger without having to remove your new phone case. Pitaka’s minimalistic designer look is perfect for those who want class over clash. 


The next on the list are the Limitless 4.0 phone cases. These cases are extremely durable while still looking stylish and slim, The Limitless 4.0 collection comes in five gorgeous different models including, Aramid Fibre, Bamboo, Speckled Fabric, Walnut and more. Let’s start with the sleek, black, Aramid Fibre case. The difference between Aramid Fibre, vs something more commonly used in phone cases like Nylon Fibre is the durability. Nylon Fibre is used to imitate silk, so even though it looks and feels nice to hold, it doesn’t have the same durability that Aramid fibre has, while still looking and feeling beautiful. Mous really took the extra step into making sure that their phone cases were built to last.

Next is the Bamboo phone case. This phone case really showcases a surfer vibe, while still looking elegantly minimalistic with the sleek black trim. Another point that’s nice about the bamboo case is not only the durability that Mous likes to ensure in all of their products, but the fact that bamboo, unlike most kinds of wood cases, doesn’t really hold moisture from rain or water. There of course are plenty others, but any of these cases are sure to make a statement. Be sure to pre-order yours soon, because these amazing Mous phone cases are selling out and fast! 


Next, we have the iPhone 13 collection from Elago. Unlike most generic phone cases that are mass produced, all of Elago’s unique cases are designed from scratch in-house, ensuring that they fit perfectly and help protect your phone from drops, while looking gorgeous at the same time! Elago brought back a classic design from their series 5 model, just for the new iPhone 13. They’re adding color to your phone case in the classiest ways possible. This unique, modern phone case comes in a Frosted Clear/Lovely Pink, Dark Gray/Muted Green, Dark Gray/Black, Stone/Dark Green, Frosted Clear/Rose Gold and more.

Another great product from Elago is their Mag-Safe Silicone case. This is the perfect magnetic phone case that is compatible with Mag-Safe. Strong magnets were built into the interior of your case to ensure that your phone latches on to the charger, to prevent falling. Along with that, Elago uses liquid silicone to create this wonderful case. Because of that, this case adds incredible grip and protection while still adding a modern splash of color, making sure you don’t need to give up style, for safety. This innovative phone case comes in four different colors including Green, Black, Jean Indigo and Lovely pink.


Casetify is probably one of the most durable, life proof phone cases on the market in 2021. People have even said that their cases are virtually bulletproof. Casetify offers such a wide range of different cases and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even customize your own phone case! Casetify makes sure that all of their products are environmentally friendly, while still being protective and built to last. Now, back to the seemingly unlimited different styles to fit whatever your aesthetic is. Casetify offers designs and colors like a clear case with white butterflies, an astronaut floating through space on a black background, a pretty blush case with flowers, a Halloween theme with pumpkins and ghosts. They have waves, animals of all kinds, abstract art cases, all sorts of flora, beautiful scenery and so many more! Whatever you might be looking for in a case for your iPhone 13, Casetify has it.


Now, let’s talk about the durability of their Impact Crush case. These Impact cases are military-grade drop tested from 6.6 feet. The phone cases are also made with qìtech 2.0, which is their advanced shock-absorbing material. Their upgraded qìtech 2.0 reduces impact by 95% and was actually lab tested. There is a 25%+ lifted camera ring and 1.6mm raised bezel as well, keeping your phone even more protected if you were to drop it. And of course, Casetify makes sure that your phone stays safe while still maintaining it’s modern stylish slimness.

Even though Casetify could have stopped there, they didn’t! They have also created a sustainable solution to phone cases by relying on 65% plant based and recycled materials. In addition to everything else, they’re up-cycling broken down phone cases which reduces their carbon footprint by 20%! Casetify has made sure that there is no wrong choice when you’re shopping for your new phone case! 


The Gear4 Brooklyn Snap case is a sustainable phone case made with recycled plastics, vegan leather and D3O Bio, which is a revolutionary plant based material with no compromise on impact protection. This case provides up to 13 feet of drop protection, so you can get serious strength and sustainability.

Gear4’s MagSafe compatible Denali Snap case was named after the indomitable strength and spirit of the mountain. Not only does it have a 16 foot drop protection with a no-slip grip and textured finish, but it also has an antibacterial treatment that protects the case coating from germs. 

Santa Cruz, California is fun loving and has a “what you see is what you get” kind of vibe. That perfectly describes the clear Santa Cruz Snap case from Gear4. Along with the D3O®︎ impact protection on the edges, the 5G compatibility, MagSafe technology and slim design, the Santa Cruz case is made with recycled plastics, making it the “clear” choice for eco-conscious customers. 


You can’t get much more protective then the Shield Pro from Raptic that can withstand drops up to 10 feet on concrete. Raptic used machined aluminum to give a solid foundation to your new case that offers military-grade drop protection and a clear back to show off the cool color of your iPhone 13. Even though the Raptic Shield is not compatible with other MagSafe accessories like MagSafe car mounts or wallets, it is compatible with MagSafe and qi chargers fully at the 15W rate. The Shield Pro comes in a wide variety of colors like: Black, Iridescent, Red Gradient, Purple and more.

There’s drop proof cases, and then you have the Raptic Air. The designers and engineers at Raptic have combined the rare features of being up to 13 feet drop-proof, while remaining stylish, clear and slim. The soft bubble pattern rubber interior lining absorbs and deflects shock from your new iPhone 13. This case was 13-foot drop tested on concrete and it left the phone without a scratch. Along with being the definition of durable, the Raptic Air also comes in a variety of colors like: Clear, Blue, Purple, Red as well as Iridescent making sure consumers can feel secure about dropping their phone, without giving up style and aesthetic. 


Next are the phone cases from Sonix. These cases are drop proof up to 10 feet while still being sleek and lightweight. All cases from Sonix are biodegradable and antimicrobial, which is part of  their plan to reduce their carbon footprint. All of this  means that you can protect your phone, and the environment too. Sonix also has many different colors and styles ensuring that you can find whatever you’re looking for to match your aesthetic. 


This is the Gripzilla from Smartish. Gripzilla is an extremely lightweight and durable phone case with built in magnets, making it compatible with MagSafe. It also has groovy textured sides giving you a better grip on your iPhone 13. All Gripzilla cases have a sleek and modern look, no matter what color or design you choose. The Gripzilla phone cases from Smartish come in a Black Tie Affair black, a two-toned light and stark gray, a “Chef’s Special” which has a gray wood design, and more.

Next from Smartish is the Wallet Slayer. Unlike other wallet phone cases, the Wallet Slayer isn’t bulky at all and fits both cash and card while maintaining a sleek and slim look. Smartish is good with adding extra grippy sides to their phone cases so you won’t drop your phone, but just in case, the Wallet Slayer, like others from Smartish are made using extremely durable material with air pocket corners. They’re pretty much like airbags for your phone. The Smartish Wallet Slayer comes in colors and designs like Black Tie Affair, “You’re Just Jelly”, which is a grape jelly purple, a “Blues on the Green”, which is an ocean blue, and many more.

The next one is the Gripmunk. This case has textured sides giving you a good grip on your phone. But if you were to drop your phone, you don’t need to worry because the Smartish Gripmunk is also super durable and protective. These cases come in the “Black Tie Affair” and Clear. There is another version of the Gripmunk that is MagSafe compatible and has more colors for a slightly higher price.

Lastly, we have the Dancing Queen crossbody wallet case from Smartish. This wallet case can securely hold your cash and over four cards. The crossbody strap is adjustable and even has lipgloss loops. If that’s not your thing, the Smartish Dancing Queen comes with a removable wristlet as well. With this black leather case, you don’t need to worry about bringing a purse because this phone case has it all. 


This is the Nëxt case from Lifeproof. This phone case is ready for whatever your Nëxt adventure may be. Nëxt is made from more than 50% recycled plastic and has the power to keep out dirt, snow and dust. With a 2-meter/6-foot drop protection, Nëxt with MagSafe is both sustainable and durable. This 2 piece case defends your phone from spills, while the antimicrobial treatment keeps away germs. You can protect your phone and the planet with your new Nëxt case from Lifeproof. This clear phone case comes in black, olive green, and purple trim, which is coming soon.


The Lucid Clear from Caudabe was manufactured using the same impact resistant thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass. Caudabe is known for putting immense amount of details in their products, and Lucid Clear is no different. The precise engineering ensures a secure fit while the modernly designed notches on the two bottom corners allow for easy removal. This crystal clear phone case is perfect for day-to-day use and drops while still showing off the sleek look of your iPhone 13.

Lastly, we have the Sheath case from Caudabe. This ultra slim case offers a sleek minimalistic look and serious protection. This phone case is made with ShockLife, which is a gel-like, flexible polymer that provides shock absorption at it’s best. That’s why the Sheath is drop tested to 2m/6.6 feet. Even though the Caudabe Sheath is only 0.9mm at it’s thinnest point, this case is compatible with all MagSafe products. This case comes in Black, Gray, Navy, and an Ultraviolet is coming soon. 


The Mist Protective case from Benks is shockproof while maintaining a slim profile and perfect fit. The material of this phone case, imported from Germany, has anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant quantities. The Nano Oleophobic coating gives this frosted-clear phone case a luxurious silky-touch feeling. The non-slippery bumpers included on this case provide extra grip. There’s also a new anti-collision elastic layer and an innovative invisible airbag layer, which perfectly covers and protects the four corners and lenses of your phone. The Benks Mist Protective case comes in either a black or blue tint.

Next is the Crystal Protective case from Benks. This beautiful and modern clear phone case has drop protection without the bulk. The Crystal Protective is made with durable materials that are resistant to shock, abrasions and scratches, with an added protective armor-level covering. Another great feature about this case is the robust materials and craftsmanship, promising that this case will never turn yellow and always look brand-new.

Lastly, we have the Magnetic Leather Case from Benks. This phone case is made out of finished premium leather and is compatible with wireless charging. This case is durable and anti-fingerprint, with no color change. This phone case comes in two colors, black or brown.


Pivet toward protecting your device and the planet by ensuring your phone case can’t pollute for decades to come. The Pivet Zero phone case is made from 100% recycled materials while providing drop protection of 2M/6.6ft. This case has a slim-profile of only 2.25mm/0.088 and not only is compatible with MagSafe, but also comes with a detachable lanyard to help prevent drops. Zero has Self-Cycle technology built in, which is an end-of-life solution to plastics without any compromise. The TOTO-TOA materials attract organic microbes which rapidly break down your case in years not decades. The Pivet Zero comes in Black or Ocean Blue. When you buy an Ocean Blue case, you’re supporting official ocean conservation for the “Un Ocean Decade”.


Noemie has designed a truly beautiful crossbody case for the iPhone 13; the Napa. This elegant hands and hassle-free phone case is perfect for those on-the-go. The slim design also incorporates a pocket with a secure snap that perfectly holds your ID and credit cards. The soft interior and air pockets, along with the raised edges, protects your phone from drops and bumps. This gorgeous premium leather phone case comes in four different colors: Black, Black with Gold accents, White with Black accents and Brown with Black accents.


The first case from Incipio is the MagSafe Duo. This case combines maximum protection with a minimalistic design, proving two is better than one. Incipio’s unique Impact Struts technology increases drop protection to 12 feet, and an antimicrobial defense that prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. The MagSafe Duo comes in three different colors of recycled materials: Black, Denim Blue and Salsa Red. 

Next is Incipio’s eco-friendly Organicore phone case. This 100% compostable plant based phone case offers 8 feet of full drop protection with raised-edge bezel keeping your screen and camera lenses safe. Every Organicore case is guaranteed to completely break down in a compostable environment, to leave only good stuff behind. With every Organicore product sold, one tree will be planted in a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. These lovely cases come in three colors: Natural(an off white/non-colored), Charcoal and a deep Ocean Blue. 

Incipio’s best selling Grip phone case now comes with magnets built in for MagSafe accessories and chargers. The Grip case ensures peace of mind protective Impact Struts technologies that elevate drop protection to 14 feet. Grip’s cutting-edge technology is created to keep your iPhone 13 firmly in hand, with added multi-directional grips that prevents drops from all angles. The Grip phone case also has a raised-edge bezel for complete security. Ultimately, Grip’s technology prevents drops from happening and protects your phone if they do. This case comes in three different colors: Black, Clear and Midnight Navy. 


Survivor’s Clear case is like activating a nearly invisible force field on your phone. The Parametic shock-absorbing technology and raised-edge bezel keeps your iPhone 13 safe from drops up to 6 feet. The slim and ergonomic case is also MagSafe and 5G compatible. Survivor’s cases are made from recycled materials and come in recycled packaging, and are guaranteed for life. This clear case makes sure to show off the true color of your iPhone 13, but they also offer colored cases like Black, Navy Blue and a Powder Pink. 

Kate Spade

This is the Spencer Wrap Folio case from Kate Spade. The Spencer Folio is designed to protect your phone from scratches and is wrapped in a beige and black, soft saffiano leather. That leather is durable against both drops and scratches so it keeps it’s sleek and stylish look. The phone case has integrated magnets so it easily attaches and detaches from the folio. Kate Spade has also added thin interior pockets to hold your credit card, i.d., Ext so you can keep everything safe and in one place. The Spencer Wrap Folio case from Kate Spade can be purchased, along with other amazing accessories, on their website.

Quad Lock

The next case is from Quad Lock. This case features a patented dual-stage lock that’s quick and easy to attach/detach, while still being secure enough to lift up to 80kg/over 170lbs. Yes, this was tested. You should never throw your phone out of a two story building, but with an impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell and tough, polycarbonate core, you can be certain that your phone will be protected from day to day activities. Aside from the durability, this slim, black, soft touch material phone case is perfect for everyday use. 


The new Peel Super Thin case for iPhone 13 is designed to maintain the original look of your iPhone while still protecting it. Peel believes in minimalistic design which is why they don’t put their logo on any Peel cases. You might even forget it’s there. This MagSafe compatible phone case is perfectly formed at just 0.35mm thick to wrap seamlessly around your iPhone 13 while protecting it from everyday scratches and bumps. The subtle lip around the camera and screen offer even more protection and pairs perfectly with a Peel glass screen protector. The Peel Super Thin case comes in many different colors including Navy, Midnight Green, Blackout, Rose, and Clear. 


First up from Moshi is their Arx slim hardshell case for iPhone 13. This MagSafe case offers the ultimate combination of functionality, drop protection and design. Arx’s long lasting hybrid construction of hard and soft polymers create an easy and comfortable grip with an added non-slip, stylish frame. The high quality frame, along with the military drop testing ensures that you never have to worry about dropping your phone. This beautiful Mirage Black Arx case has a unique finish that gives off a 3D look that is smooth to the touch. 

Next we have the high quality, slim Altra hardshell case from Moshi. This case features a detachable wrist strap for new hands-free possibilities, so you can always keep your phone safely in reach. Like all iPhone cases from Moshi, Altra is of course 100% non-toxic and BPA-free. The textured pattern not only looks gorgeous, but adds extra grip which is perfect for holding your phone with one hand. And of course, Altra provides military-grade drop protection so if the user does drop their phone, they don’t need to worry. The Altra slim hardshell case comes in three different colors: Sahara Beige, Midnight Blue and Rose Pink. This case is also compatible with Moshi’s SnapTo series. 

Next up from Moshi is the iGlaze slim hardshell case for iPhone 13. This shock-absorbing case features a stylish, non-slip embossed frame for improved grip and is also military-grade drop tested. iGlaze is SnapTo compatible so you can effortlessly, magnetically mount your phone without having to take off the case. iGlaze features a premium glossy coating which is scratch and fade resistant, while giving your phone an elegant shine and slim, refined look. The iGlaze case from Moshi comes in five different colors: Adriatic Blue, Astral Silver, Pearl White, Slate Blue and Dahlia Pink. 

Lastly from Moshi we have the Overture case with a detachable magnetic wallet. This is a premium 3-in-1 case and wallet that gives your phone military-grade drop protection. This case also folds into a stand for watching videos in landscape mode. Overture from Moshi not only gives an elegant look, but protects your phone from everyday weather, dirt, dust and scratches. The NanoShield™ coating protects your phone from germs as well, and the Overture case is made with premium vegan leather. Overture from Moshi comes in Jet Black and Luna Pink. 

Any of these wonderful cases from Moshi can be purchased on their website and on Amazon. 


The Presidio Perfect-Clear is the clearest protective case that Speck has ever designed. The Perfect-Clear coating and anti-yellowing materials keep your phone looking perfectly clear. If it doesn’t stay that way, Speck will replace it for free. The raised bezel edges protect your screen while the 13-foot drop protection is proven to absorb shock and resist damage to your iPhone 13. The Presidio Perfect-Clear antimicrobial case delivers a 99% reduction in bacteria growth on the case, ultimately creating a cleaner and clearer space while being MagSafe compatible. 

Lastly from Speck is the Presidio2 Grip. This durable MagSafe grip case has 13-foot drop protection and has Armor Cloud™ Technology. When dropped, the air capsules will compress and suspend your phone on a protective cushion of air, similar to an airbag. The special soft-touch finish creates a better look, enhanced feel and added scratch protection to always keep your case looking brand new. The Presidio2 Grip case also has antimicrobial protective and raised bezel screen protection. 

These great cases can be purchased both on the Speck website and on Amazon. 


The PopCase from PopSockets is a great addition to your iPhone 13 that is so slim, yet protective, that you might even forget it’s there. The user can go hands-free with the PopGrip Slide that conveniently attaches to the PopCase and then you can even attach your phone to a PopMount. The PopCase from PopSockets is even compatible with all MagSafe accessories and has built-in magnets for seamless pairing. Along with everything else, you never have to worry about dropping your phone with the PopCase, because it has ten foot tested drop protection. You can purchase your new PopCase on the PopSockets website today. 


First up from Tech21 is the iPhone 13, Evo Check. This case is made with the innovative impact material FlexShock™ from Tech21 and will keep your phone safe from drops up to 16ft. Evo Check is also made with advanced antimicrobial technology so the user has one less thing to worry about. Aside from all the safety features, this check-design case is also stylish and customizable with different colors and interchangeable buttons. The Evo Check comes in a Rubine Red, Lavender, Classic Blue, Light Coral and more. 

This is the beautiful, unique Evo Art from Tech21. With the exclusive designs from the artists at Tech21, the Evo Art is sure to appeal to anyone’s creative side and showcase their love for travel and exploration. These cases are not only gorgeous and will stand out, but they are also MagSafe compatible. The Evo Art has even been scientifically proven to withstand drops of up to 12ft, and is made with advanced antimicrobial technology. With all of that, and the enhanced camera protection, the Evo Art is sure to keep your phone safe, no matter where your next adventure may take you.

The Evo Clear from Tech21 not only has MagSafe technology built in for seamless pairing, but it also has crystal clear transparency with an anti-UV formula to keep your new phone case from yellowing and discoloration. With the incredible impact protection and multi-drop protection of 12ft, and the advanced antimicrobial technology, the user can keep both themselves and their iPhone 13 safe with the Tech21 Evo Clear. 

Tech21’s Evo Tint phone case allows the user to give their phone the protection that it deserves. This case is scientifically proven to constantly protect phones from scratches, bumps and drops of up to 12ft. And with the advanced antimicrobial technology, you never have to worry about a thing. Along with all of that, the gray carbon tint finish not only adds extra protection, but keeps phones looking great, too. 

The new rugged Evo Max from Tech21 is the perfect phone case for any adventure. With the incredible drop protection of 20ft and dust covers protecting the camera and charge ports, as well as the clip on holster and tough-wearing materials, the Evo Max is ready for whatever’s next. The Evo Max comes in an Off-Black and Khaki Grey. You can purchase any of these amazing Tech21 cases and more on their website or on online retail sites like Amazon. 


The iPhone 13 Thin case from Nudient is designed to protect your phone in the most precise way, while only being 1mm thick. The hard polycarbonate base and soft fabric interior lining keeps phones safe from any scratches it may encounter. The matte textured exterior gives the Thin case a sleek, simple, and quality style. The Nudient Thin case comes in many different colors including: Ink Black, Pine Green, Aqua Teal, Sky Blue, Dusty Pink, and more. This case, along with other quality cases can be purchased on the Nudient website. 


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