Review: EPOS H6 Pro Open

Following the releases of the H3 and GSP 602, Epos has come to the market with the H6 pro, designed for a higher tier of gaming and an improved, premium sound experience. It has a gorgeous design and is built to last. Let’s get into it!

I have a confession. It’s true. I’m not the gamer and audiophile I make myself out to be.

So for this review I have recruited my son who lives every day in an audio enhanced soundscape while gaming, listening to music, discussing the intricacies of pure maths with his friends or while clearing battle scarred buildings with various loud weapons. This is OUR review…

The H6 pro’s come in either an open back and closed back design depending on your preference, with an assortment of 3 different colours; Racing Green, Sebring Black and Ghost White. The H6’s are a step-up in build quality and audio fidelity over the well-rounded, yet lower priced H3’s.

First impressions can sometimes lower expectations but this unboxing does not disappoint. From the classy graphics, the solid card enclosure, to the sturdy foam packing materials with exact cut outs. It’s all quality, and that’s even before pulling the H6 Pros from their snug lair.

Inside the minimal designer box, you’ll find a solid feeling detachable braided 1 metre 3.5mm cable. This would be mainly for your consoles and mobile phones. Another 2-metre cable for your pc (which splits for audio and microphone inputs – super handy). There are also two boom mic plate covers for when you feel like detaching the microphone. The user manuals, and of course the headset itself.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The open back and closed back versions of the H6 both have different style and material for the earpads. The open back earpads are a silky and cloth-like material which have a firm springiness to them while also keeping your ears cool and ventilated which compliments the open back design nicely. 

In comparison, the closed back earpads are a combination of a leatherette and a soft-touch material which is designed to create a seal by conforming around your ears to isolate background noise and reduce noise bleed. 

Another difference between the two versions is the open back set has a grating on the back of the earcups which allows air to travel freely through the ear cups from the rear of the speaker driver. This gives the audio a more natural and clearer sound rather than the closed back’s punchy and isolated sound. 

The headband on both versions have a smooth leatherette finish with added texture. With sufficient padding, the headband doesn’t build up any pressure onto your head and the headset in general provides a great clamping force and equal weight distribution between the headband and the earpads. Wearing this headset for multiple hours will be no issue. 

There is a volume wheel on the right earcup to easily adjust volume while the removable mic is on the left side. The mic has a couple useful features such as the flip up to mute and the fact that it’s detachable.
I know I said ‘detachable’ but there’s no wobble here. It is held in place with strong magnets so it can withstand a fair amount of force. Removing the mic is also where the plate covers come in, also held by magnets, to give your headset a clean look if you’re out and about. Overall, the sturdy and flexible H6’s are some of the most comfortable headsets on the market, which will be beneficial for hour-long gaming sessions.

Audio Quality was a main focus other than comfort for the H6’s which is quite clear when listening to them. In general, the open back’s have a balanced sound signature with an emphasis on the lows while still having rich detail in the mids and highs. The prominent bass has an appropriate amount of punch for my liking and doesn’t overpower the other frequencies; unlike some headphones at this price range where the top end can get muddy. This allows for a pleasant music listening experience and also creates a great sense of immersion when in a war zone where explosions and loud engines surround you. The clear mids and highs help pick up on quiet footsteps and the sounds of enemies reloading which give you a competitive edge in tactical shooters like CS:GO or hardcore shooters such as Escape from Tarkov which heavily depends on subtle audio cues. 

Due to the nature of the open back design, the headset is great at 3D directional audio, making it easy to immediately tell the position of sounds in a 3D space. This wide soundscape further immerses your gaming making every situation more lively. The bidirectional microphone did a good job at picking up my voice while cancelling out the ambient noise in my room, like my keyboard, pc fan or planes flying over the house. In addition, when I first got into a call with my friends, they immediately noticed a difference in quality and clarity to my voice meaning the H6 is audibly superior if you plan on using the microphone a lot.


It’s hard to find any negatives that wouldn’t apply to every open back headset on the market. They can’t block outside sounds as effectively as closed back headphones and if you play at full volume, you’ll get some noise bleed. 

But the H6 Pros do their job superbly well. These headphones are exceptionally comfortable and offer one of the best sound experiences for the price range. They certainly make both crusty reviewers and always online teenage commandos happy! You won’t be disappointed.

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