Review: Amazon Echo Show 8 (2021 Release)

The Amazon Echo Show 8’s ability to automatically connect to Alexa is what makes it quite special. Unlike other Amazon products of it’s kind that have been previously released, the Echo show 8 is a video chatting device with an 8iinch touch screen. It also connects to Alexa to do a whole lot on the device like setting alarms, surfing on the internet, etc. It’s great majors at responding to voice commands as well and this makes it quite easy and flexible to use.

Product packaging and Design

The device is powered by Mediatek chipset with an upgraded 8 core SOC-based CPU with adaptive colours to show photos, applications and videos in any light of your choice. The product comes in only two colors which are Charcoal and Glacier white thereby giving the buyer an opportunity to pick the colour of preference to him or her. The fact that the medium sized Echo show 8 produces a  rich sound quality when connected to the voice assistant, Alexa has to be another feature of this device that can make you want to break into a bank to get the product at all cost. Other features of the video chatting device is it’s camera with built in shutter, a microphone at the top edge, a rubber bottom behind it to keep it in place , a Bluetooth for far field voice control, for connection to another speaker with the use of a cord, it has a 3.5mm line out as it’s micro USB. Behind it is also a softpad to serve  as a night stand.

On unboxing the device from it’s carton, a power cord, little insert guide, an estimated five and five and half foot plug that pumps out 30 watts, has an output of 18 volts, 1.67 amps, it  also has an input of 1 amp. Setting up the Echo 8 is quite easy to do and not a worrisome task. When you put  on the device, it shows the Echo name and after some seconds displays other buttons that can be used like touch controls for a smart phone, cooking assistants in the kitchen, and many more.


The Echo show 8 with it’s 8 inch size falls between the previously released 10.1 inch Echo show and 5.5 inch Echo show 5, but it has a higher resolution at 1280 by 800 pixels than the 10 inch Echo show. The device is compatible with a whole lot of services apart from Amazon music like Apple music, Prime video, Spotify etc.

The device has just the  perfect size to contain  pretty much any space. And for it’s kind the sound it’s produces when responding to various commands gives this solid punch, it also has a sharp screen  too. Although, it has a camera of just 1MP just like that of the Echo show 5 a smaller product to it . Nonetheless, it’s video call quality is far more  better than that of  Echo show 5. 

Additional features

There are a whole lot of suggestions of what Alexa can do with the Echo show 8 but  one thing that brings displeasure to users is the fact that this Alexa suggestions cannot be switched off and another thing is that you  cannot call up youtube with your voice  unlike the way you make voice commands on other things to Alexa, this shows it has no YouTube support.

Other exciting things you can do with the Amazon Echo show 8 includes: watching videos, shopping online without having to press anything on the device because Alexa would do it by your voice command, listening to music, etc. Another advantage of this device is that it is easy to set up without the assistance from any application or Browser.

Availability and price

The Echo show 8 was designed to make a whole lot of this easier for the owners at their best convenience with the help of Alexa. it is a must have and it’s  very affordable to get. It’s Price ranges from $65 to $130  and £90 to £120, the product can be gotten from the official Amazon store .

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