Review: NuraTrue – The New Nine-O-Two

Today I’m going to introduce you to the new NuraTrue earbuds: True Wireless Earbuds with personalized Sound by nura, With NuraTrue, the Australian company’s signature personalized audio experience now comes in a form factor everyone will enjoy.

NuraTrue are delivered in a neutral white box with the company insignia on top with a spec overview printed on the backside.

The earbuds and the slick flip-top charging case are simple and lightweight. When it comes to aesthetics, the black version we are reviewing made a sophisticated first impression.The included accessories did not disappoint either. Alongside the charging case and the earbuds themselves, the NuraTrue come with:

  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • 2 x Wing attachments
  • 1 x Foam tips
  • 4 x Multi-sized silicone ear tips

All materials feel nice to the touch, with a matte yet slightly glossy finish.
The NuraTrue earbuds feature noise cancellation and social mode (also known as transparency mode) making it easy to tune out the world around you, especially when listening to music, with the option to quickly regain focus on your environment when needed.

A Great App and a Snuggly Fit

The companion app nura, available for iOS and Android, lets you customize your listening experience after connecting the earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create your personalized audio profile. nura will run you through a fit test, to ensure you’re wearing the best-suited ear tips for your ears.
Afterward, you will be guided through a series of hearing tests covering the frequency ranges you would find on an equalizer to deliver the optimal soundstage for you.

Once you’re all set, you will be able to switch between your personalized and neutral profiles, toggle ANC and social mode, and adjust your level of acoustic immersion.

Customizable taps

Each earbud supports single and double-tap gestures for a total of four commands such as play/pause, answering and hanging up calls, toggling social modes, skipping tracks, and activating your voice assistant.

With Social Mode, all it takes is a tap to hear what’s happening around you while Active noise cancellation filters out up to 20 decibels of background noise to help you relax or stay focused.

Microphones for your Voice

The earbuds feature an array of microphones for crystal-clear calls.

Sweat resistance

Rated IPX4 for water resistance NuraTrue can easily withstand sweat or rain, so you can focus on your workout and need not worry about anything else.

Battery & charging case

Within two and a half hours, you’ll have a fully charged case and six hours of continuous audio playback. The case will charge the earbuds three more times, for up to 24 hours of audio.
The battery indicator on the case helps you stay ready to rock at all times!


  • Nura Personalized Sound – switch between neutral and personalized sound signatures
  • Immersive bass
  • Active Noise Cancellation – forget the world around you
  • Social Mode – don’t get hit by a bus
  • Customizable Touch Buttons
  • IPX4 sweat resistance – rain showers, sweat
  • Up to 24 hours of audio
  • Fit detection for the optimal sound experience
  • Bluetooth 5.0

My conclusion

You’ve never listened to music like this!

NuraTrue by nura have convinced me right away with their excellent sound quality, immersive bass, and perfect fit.
The lightweight earbuds are comfortable, highly tweakable yet easy to use. If you were looking for an alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro, NuraTrue could be your game changer.

Get the NuraTrue for just 229,00 EUR

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