Review: Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker

Being a part of Generation X means that you grew up during the 80s, and music is an important influence in a part of your life. So many of us went from eight tracks to iPhones. My first official music purchase was the Eagles hotel California on Cassette, and I paid $14. I know generations before us had to go to a place that had music for them, or they had to find a place to listen to music; however, in my lifetime, you carried your music with you. It was just that important.

Even though I may have had a Walkman or a CD player and an iPhone, one of the things that I wanted most in my life was a boombox. If anything is a trademark of the 80s music genre, it is a boombox or a person walking around with it and an extremely large boombox radio cassette player on their shoulder blasting their music. Even though I did have one small boombox., I was not content. My ultimate type of radio or boom box was one that not only had just one cassette deck by two. So that you could record music off the radio and then create your mixtapes from your recorded music, that was the ultimate goal in maintaining your music collection.

Even though the desire to keep your music with you and identify you has not changed, the method you carry your music and share it with others has. We’ve come from the days of two cassette players to Bluetooth.

During the pandemic, I was doing some construction around the house. While I was working, I wanted to enjoy some music and help me continue to be motivated and do my work. Sadly, I attempted to play my music through my iPhone, but it seemed like it was a bit lackluster. So I was looking for something that would produce a sound that would be enjoyable, easy to use, and help me get my work done in my construction zone.

I  did happen upon what I would call. A modern version of a boombox, however, had no cassette player. Instead, it was the motion boom outdoor speaker from Soundcore. I do have to admit that despite living through many technological changes in music, I am not the most tech-savvy individual and often just default to having a pair of wired headphones connected to my laptop whenever I’m working. However, it was pretty intuitive and easy to get started whenever I charged it up and started the sound core Motion boom.

Actually, the motion boom creates a simple Bluetooth connection to any device with Bluetooth capability. When I first started with the system, I did download the app, which is an excellent way to customize your listing experience. In addition, you can use the EQ modes built into the app to adjust your music to your liking.

Once I connected the motion boom, I felt like the sound produced was astounding. Why would anybody need anything in addition to this? You had perfect music going in and the beautiful music coming out; however, whenever I pressed the base button located on the top of the device, that brought back memories from the 80s because this became an actual boom box. Come to find out that sound core has a proprietary base of technology that analyzes the lower frequencies as it’s being fed into the motion boom device and will intensify it to get an authentic thumping bass.

Granted, I do not play music for extended periods. Still, I believe that I’ve only had to charge my device once, maybe twice, in the five months that I’ve had the Motionboom. Sound core touts that the motion boom has 24-hour playtime. So you can charge other devices while you’re listening so that whenever you do have to leave it in an electrical connection, you have at least 24 hours of playtime.

Even though the bass caught my attention, I did switch it off to see the difference. Just as you would whenever, you’re testing something out to see if it was the base sound of the equipment or was it just a part of the song. After I switched it back to normal mode, the sound was excellent. Even though I did not have a deep bass sound without enabling the base button, the sound was of high quality. It would be something that I would possibly want to use in a celebration setting with friends and family.

One negative thing about the original boomboxes is that the first one was heavy, and the motion boom is exceptionally light by comparison weighing in at 4.4 pounds. Also, it is easy to carry, as that is a little more than 13 1/2 inches wide and almost 6 inches high, and only a little less than 8 inches deep. Additionally, a negative aspect of the original boombox was that you did not want to be out in the weather with it if it started to rain. I have not been able to test us, and I’m not brave enough to try at this point; however, sound core says that since this is a considered an outdoor speaker, it is both waterproof, and it will float and if it’s dropped in the water such as at your pool party. It will not sync but float back to the surface. So this fine piece of technology is strong enough and built well enough to be used inside the home and carried with you whenever you go camping or traveling or any place that you need mobile music.

Please keep in mind that even though the motion boom will float and it is relatively light, that does not mean that it is cheaply made. On the contrary, it has a very well-designed strong plastic case metal grill to protect the speakers. In addition, the speakers are made with 100% pure titanium diaphragms to produce the highest quality sound and most fantastic clarity.

So many people may look back fondly on work may be called the good old days; however, I am glad that we currently have such great technology as sound core motion boom outdoor speaker to provide high-quality boom.

Even though you may have sought out the most significant and loudest boom box of the day, the best thing, the one crucial thing you would look for was a reputable company, and sound core not only creates a quality product but stand behind it I was impressed to see that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason and there is an 18-month warranty for the motion boom speakers, so it is always encouraging to be able to purchase high quality with a reputable company

Currently, you can pick up this booming piece of equipment for just $109 at the Soundcore website.

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