Review: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller

Here’s the thing, when reviewing an Xbox/PC controller like the Nacon Revolution X, it’s kinda complicated. You have to ask a lot of questions before you get to any sensible answers. The Xbox comes with their own controllers, and let’s be real here, most of them are very similar.

They have to be, that’s the point. Microsoft effectively defines the minimum number of buttons, the joysticks, D-pad, triggers and the the XYAB buttons. Every other controller has to be at least as good as the included ones that came with an Xbox.

So if you’re going to buy a controller, it’s got to be good, like really good. So let’s open the box and see what there is to see…

I say box, however, I should say boxes really. On opening the packaging you’re greeted by a solid carry case that feels like an expensive suitcase, with a sturdy zip. Good start!

Unzip the case and there it is.

The immediate impression is “premium”. It’s a wired device so you expect a usb cable. Now, I’m a sucker for decent cables and this one is just right. 3 metres long, thick braided material with a USB C connection at the controller end.

Understated and classy, the Revolution X crouches in it’s case waiting for you to pick it up. So you lift up the unexpected cleaning cloth, and grab the controller. Of course it feels right in your hands, the textured surface has the right kind of grip. The device feels solid and definitely not cheap. The buttons are familiar and have a nice smooth action when pressing and a really pleasant progressive feel to the triggers. Upon further examination, there’s a Dolby Atmos enabled headphone jack in its usual position.

If that was all, it would be so far, so ho-hum but there’s more, a lot more. And in essence there is one word which will define why you’ll decide to buy the Revolution X.

. . . . . Customization . . . . . The whole device is built for the customer to modify it to their needs.

Nestled in a small semi opaque box below the device is a set of weights and extensions to make the controller a perfect fit. Prefer a heavier device? No problem, just open the grips on either side and slide in the small barbell shaped weights ranging from 10g up to 16g and you’re done.

Find that the analogue sticks bugging you? You might want to to try out some different spacers. Yep, included.
Not sure about the thumb grips the controller is fitted with? How about some concave ones? That’s covered and found in the box too!

But for those of you who want next level customisation, I present to you the multitude of buttons and triggers. There are 6 extra buttons/triggers which are not present on a standard controller in various comfortable, reachable positions which are fully programmable through software so you can set up and remap to your hearts content.

This is probably a good spot to mention the software. The Nacon Revolution X app is available from the Windows store or Xbox Store. Packed with loads of features, you’ll find 4 pre made profiles for various gaming styles which you can customise.

Picking up on the extra buttons I mentioned, on the back of the device you will find a profile button and a classic/advanced switch. Keep the switch on “classic mode” and the Revolution x will behave like a standard xbox/PC device but switch over to “advanced mode” and you can toggle between your profiles without ever going back to the software. There are also 4 lights on the front to remind you which profile you’ve switched to which is a really nice touch.

From remapping buttons, changing vibrations settings to adjusting response curves for the sticks, it’s all there and just waiting for you to dig in and personalise your experience.

Now I’ll admit to only having used the Revolution X on windows but it really is a great experience throughout. Hardware and software in harmony with the added bonus of really being able to set the device up to feel exactly how I want it to.

And there it is in a nutshell, built to be customized with tons of features you will love – the Nacon Revolution X is more controller than I ever thought I needed. You can purchase it from the Official Website for $99.90.

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