Review: Huawei WATCH GT 3 – The Smartwatch for Life

We’re lucky here at that we have relationships with Brands such that they provide us the time and give us all the background information to give our readers genuine – what’s it really like to live with – reviews.

The team from Huawei recently gifted their time to give us a thorough background briefing on the new Huawei WATCH GT 3 – their new top-of-the-range smartwatch.


Available in 42mm and 46mm versions, the WATCH GT 3 is simply better in every sense than the WATCH GT 2 Pro and in some very important ways, it’s a massive step forward from the model it replaces and against most of its competition.

Aesthetically, the first big change is the move to a larger single crown that doubles as the power button plus an additional tapered function button for starting fitness tracking for example. I didn’t like the dual-crowns of the previous model because they could easily be depressed during exercise (boxing) and stop tracking too soon. The designers read my review (obviously!) and that annoyance is a thing of the past.



Speaking of fitness, this is one of the core areas where Huawei has made significant advances with the WATCH GT 3. The list of improvements is impressive.

  • HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, adopts eight photodiodes in a circular layout at the back of the WATCH GT 3 with two sets of light sources 8-in-1 LED lens light-emitting chip, multi-channel for receiving light signal, and a curved design to realise better light penetration, lower power consumption, and a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • All-day SpO2 monitoring provides level detection no matter when you are working, exercising, or sleeping.
  • Enhanced GPS tracking with Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems, the WATCH GT 3 Series offers stronger anti-interference performance for all outdoor activities.
  • Over built-in 100 workouts and activity modes – including 18 professional workout modes, 12 outdoor workouts, and 6 indoor workouts.

For example, the leap in heart rate monitoring technology significantly reduces external interference with the AI algorithm able to filter out noisy ambient signals more effectively, allowing more accurate heart rate
monitoring, even during strenuous exercise.

Sleep and Skin Temperature monitoring are further enhancements and from direct comparisons to other smartwatches, these are far more accurately monitored on the WATCH GT 3.

In addition to the vast array of fitness functions, the Huawei WATCH GT 3 includes the new Healthy Living Shamrock adding many small but mighty features to better fit users’ daily health needs.

Reminders include health challenges, daily water intake, mindfulness, sleep, exercise volume, and mindset, Huawei WATCH GT3 wearers can adjust their Healthy Living Shamrock goals to receive regular check-ins to aid in achieving their goals. I found this particularly useful for the water in-take reminders that work perfectly with the movement reminder that detects when you’ve been sitting too long and it’s time to stretch your legs.


The improvements in the hardware and build quality are very clear on the WATCH GT 3 under very close inspection. Weighing in at only 42.6g the slimline design of the WATCH GT 3 46mm consists of an 11mm face thickness.

The all-important AMOLED Colour touch-screen is wider again measuring 1.43 inches and 466*466 pixels. The always-on feature is more efficient in this model but it does impact battery life – which is my favourite topic of the WATCH GT 3.


If the Apollo 11 astronauts had been wearing the WATCH GT 3 they would have returned to earth with more than 30% of the watch battery remaining after their 8-day journey. The battery life of the WATCH GT 3 is in my opinion its greatest asset. That and the fact that you can recharge it on any Qi rated wireless charging dock or pad.

The battery life makes everything better. Your health data is gathered in more detail and you have a far better sense of self and the state of your vital parameters. I just can’t stand the thought of only having a “70% view” of my day with other smartwatches.

The WATCH GT 3 that Huawei has given us to review (the 46mm version) comes with a beautiful tan coloured leather strap that houses an intricate ear-loop design for the hundreds of watch straps that are available, ensuring that each strap can be worn or removed, with no tools required. Even metal straps can be removed in on go, thanks to the presence of a pressable button.

Huawei has also ensured that the swimmers amongst us are covered with 5 ATM water resistance across the range, although the leather strap is not encouraged to be submerged. You will need to quickly change to one of the rubber straps prior to diving in.


A microphone is now included in the WATCH GT 3 so incoming calls can be received Dick Tracy style, but thankfully, messages cannot be replied to from your wrist.


My conclusion will be brief. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that gives you the ability to track even more aspects of your life for longer periods of time and in more granular detail, the Huawei WATCH GT 3 is the device for you.

Spend more time living your life, rather than charging the battery.

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