Review: Jura Anchor for AirPods

The Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro are some of the best all around in-ear headphones that anyone can own, but they can be a slight nuisance to carry around. Many companies have created silicon cases, leather cases and plastic cases which all work, however the beautiful design of Apples products are something many people do not wish to hide. The company Jura decided to create something that works incredibly well and still allows its users to maintain that gorgeous Apple design. This is where the Jura Anchor was born! An alternative carrying solution that provides a hands-free way to carry around your AirPods.

What is the Jura Anchor?

The Jura Anchor is an adjustable clip that attaches to your personal items. It can anchor to things such as clothing or an accessory like a wallet or key ring, that securely connects to your AirPods and keeps them close to you. This ensures that your Apple AirPods are always on hand when you need them. It has a metal ring fastened to the Jura carabiner that allows users to attach the clip to whatever they’re wearing (shirt, pants, belt loop, purse, backpack, strap, etc). The lightning connector snaps in tightly, while the design of the Jura Anchor uncase gently caresses your AirPods housing. It is strong enough to keep them in securely in place, but also light enough that it doesn’t interfere with the earbuds themselves.

The Jura Anchor is a small, lightweight, and compact AirPods carrying alternative. Jura has two high quality metal on plastic choices that users can select from. Both options give about the same protection and have very similar designs, but the metal ring and carabiner are made of different metals. One is made of zinc alloy that allows users to have four colors to choose from. Black, Rose Gold, Silver and Grey for $24.99. The alternate option is made of real titanium, which comes at a slightly higher expense at $29.99. 

Why Jura Anchor?

The founder and designer Patrick O’Neill wanted to figure out a simplistic design that would solve the common AirPods carrying issue, while preserving the look and presentation Apple manufactured. The Jura Anchor is the perfect solution for anyone who want to keep their AirPods safe and close at all times without the need for an additional carrying case or armband. This product was designed to fit all versions of Apple’s AirPods, from generation one all the way till today in 2022. No need to remove the Jura Anchor for wireless charging and a simple unplug to charge with a lightning cable. 

The AirPod users that will truly find this product outstanding is those of you who are constantly on the go and don’t want to worry about digging to the bottom of a purse or gym bag to find their AirPods. The Jura Anchor will attach to pretty much anything and needs a pretty firm tug to remove it from your AirPods case. Definitely something worth the price of under $30 and recommended for anyone searching for a case alternative.

For more detailed information, check out the Official Website and see if this is the case alternative for you. The incredible Jura Anchor will fit all versions of the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro. They can be purchased from many different online locations for under $30, so for this article we will focus on the main sites. GoJura, Amazon, and Walmart. Get yours today and enjoy the hands-free way to carry them around without changing the design.

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