Brondell – The Key to a More Pleasant and Hygienic Home

Over the last few years, the world has become a little more “germ aware”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer now gets equal billing as part of one’s everyday carry. While the masks may come off at home, good sanitation and hygiene are still priorities. Mark Cuban’s Brondell is a brand name synonymous with high-tech products that keep your home your cleanest castle. From the renowned Swash electronic bidet suite to their water filtration and air purification systems, their award-winning products are designed to protect you at home. Whether it’s your air, your water, or the restroom, Brondell can make your home a more pleasant and cleaner environment to live in.

Let’s meet some of Brondell’s effective weapons against germ warfare, shall we?

Bringing Royal Luxury to Your Throne with the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat


If you’re feeling the need for some royalty, wait until you try out the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat! This converts your ordinary John into a classy bidet, bringing a new level of healthy sanitization and comfort to your daily business.

It is similar to the LumaWarm (further down) but on another level. This seat is programmable to your exact comfort specifications to give you the most ideal bathroom experience. It adds bidet functionality, including an oscillating nozzle that shoots a stream of warm water. There’s an integrated warm air dryer and thankfully, a replaceable deodorizer. Brondell has turned the dirtiest aspect of daily life into a more hygienic and dare I say more comfortable activity. Save the LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat for the guest bath… you want the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in your master bath today!

Let’s Drink to Cleaner Water with the Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


Since the human body is up to 70% water, you’d think more people would be concerned about the quality of their water intake. Many don’t know about the dangers of what can be found in your water supply. Say hello to Brondell’s Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System.

This top-of-the-line under-the-counter reverse osmosis system is 10 times more efficient than current conventional RO systems. It uses a sediment filter, a pre-carbon filter, and a post-carbon block filter to successfully remove rust, chlorine, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). What’s left is nothing but clean and refreshing H20. If chemical-laden water sounds gross, snag yourself the Circle RO system by going to Brondell’s official Amazon store here.

The LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

Brondell isn’t just about making your home cleaner. They’re also about making it more comfortable. One of the places where you never knew you needed this more is your humble restroom. Think about it: No one loves getting up in the middle of the night, turning on that shockingly bright bathroom light, and then sitting on that frigid toilet seat. Seriously, how do you get back to sleep after all that stimulus and trauma?!

Thankfully, Brondell cracked the code with the LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat. How about a HEATED toilet seat (adjustable, by the way, to four different settings) that includes a cool blue nightlight and a gentle closing lid and seat? We at believe you can already see all the benefits of this life-changing product and are confident you are already wondering how you ever survived without it. Don’t go through another ruined night of sleep… get your LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat now!

Get Squeaky Clean with the VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head

Now that the toilet is purified and you’re drinking clean water, how does a nice soothing shower sound? Your skin is your largest organ and quickly absorbs whatever is in the water. So doesn’t it make sense to ensure that your shower water is filtered too?

Brondell’s VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head is awesome. It reduces contaminants such as chlorine, lead, mercury, and copper. Using this, many have found relief from certain skin problems such as eczema and dryness. Your hair will thank you as well. It’ll be less brittle and any hair coloring will last longer! You deserve a refreshing, steamy, chlorine-free shower. Get the VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head directly from Brondell through their official Amazon store.

Thank Brondell For a Healthier, Happier Home!

Improving the hygiene and sanitation of our homes is a serious matter. Why not obtain one (or all!) of the products by Brondell that we featured today? After a long, hard day at work, you deserve to come home to a place where you don’t have to stress about viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and harsh toilet experiences in the middle of the night.

Your home is your castle. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some health-centered Brondell products. Your body and your bum will thank you.

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