Review: The Vari Task Chair – Extreme Comfort For Extreme Work Fanatics

Having the ability to efficiently get work done is extremely important in today’s day and age. Being efficient means having the biggest opportunities to get the best jobs and get the most work done. However with the pandemic and many jobs migrating to working from home, the need to have a comfortable workspace has drastically increased. As someone who sits down for many hours a day to complete computer coding and university study sessions, requiring an extremely comfortable workspace is a must. A major part of that is having an extremely comfortable chair to sit on. This is where the Vari Task Chair comes in. With a combination of being easy to put together, high levels of comfort, being highly customizable and having a sleek design, the Vari Task Chair is one of the best office chairs currently offered on the market.


The first step in finding that perfect office chair, is finding one that you can easily get set up. The Vari Task Chair arrives to its users disassembled, but is extremely easy to put together. The instructions provided are extremely simple to follow, and all tools that are required to put the chair together are included in the box. The Vari Task Chair also arrived within 2 days of placing the order with free shipping, allowing me to upgrade my desk chair easily and efficiently.



I’ve tried out many different office chairs, from cheap to expensive ones. Out of all of them, the Vari Task Chair comes out on top. When initially sitting on the chair, the lumbar support was the first thing that I noticed. The curve on the back makes so much more of a difference than one might think. The arm rests are also a major upgrade from all of the other office chairs that I’ve tried. Many other office chairs (including overly expensive ones) have a soft-leather armrest, leading to the leather material to start breaking down after a few months. However the Vari Task Chair uses soft smooth plastic padding. This material is extremely durable and will last the same lifespan as the chair itself. This may sound like a little nitpick, but not constantly having little pieces of leather digging into a persons arm, makes a big difference in comfort.

Genuine comfort isn’t always an immediate notice though, but it’s how it makes you feel over a long period of time. With my old office chair, my back and neck would often get stiff after hours of use. But with the Vari Task Chair, I haven’t had such problems. Don’t underestimate the need of getting a comfortable office chair!



The Vari Task Chair is also one of the most customizable office chairs that I’ve ever used. The chair has the standard customizable aspects that any typical office chair would have (such as being able to adjust the height of the chair) however it also offers many layers of customization that simply aren’t available on other office chairs. The arm rests are extremely customizable, being able to move both forward and backwards, but also are able to be tilted inwards or outwards. This allows for my arms to be supported while typing (having the arm rests tilted inwards) or when watching a video (having the arm rests straight). The back of the chair can also be adjusted to lean back or remain stiff when a user presses their back against the chair. These layers of customization allows for multiple users to use one single chair, and customize it to suit them all best.



The Vari Task Chair has a sleek modern design and the black finish allows the chair to seamlessly blend into any office space. All of the customizable features of the chair are extremely accessible and easy to use. The Vari Task Chair is not too big but also not to small, allowing for many sizes of people to comfortably use it. The Vari Task Chair also looks very different (and more high quality) than other office chairs, almost giving a layer of “mystique” to it.


From it’s high quality nature, high levels of comfort, being highly customizable and having a sleek design, the Vari Task Chair is definitely worth the C$ 575.00 price tag. Not skipping out on a high quality office chair is extremely important for work fanatics (like me). Being comfortable when working helps me focus on getting my work done efficiently. Vari also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if a user does not like the Vari Task Chair, however I’d find that very unlikely to happen. This very review was written with me sitting on the Vari Task Chair, and I can confidently say that it’s amazing!

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