Best Products for your Home Office from Twelve South

With more people working from home because of you-know-what, Twelve South has a bountiful collection of beautiful desktop accessories and devices which look good, work hard and make your devices even more useful. Here are a few of our favorites and we’re going to tell you all about them.

Curve Riser for Display & iMac

The Curve Riser is a practical accessory for a dedicated screen like the Studio Pro, your new iMac or older iMac Pro. Designed to relieve stress on your neck and shoulders while improving your back posture, it will also look the part in any home office.

Constructed from sleek black metal with Twelve South’s signature curves, this fixed height stand raises your screen to eye level comfortably. The Curve Riser has a footprint of 10inches x 9.6inches and stands 9.6 inches high.

A great benefit of the extra height is the useful space for a shelf below the main stand platform. Perfect for external drives or USB hubs, it offers an open area unencumbered by doors or flaps which make access and dealing with trailing cables much easier.

The Twelve South Curve Riser will look great on your desk and may just improve your posture too.

BackPack for iMac

Apple’s iMac is beautiful but you’d be hard pressed to find any storage space in or on one. Twelve South’s BackPack for iMac solves a problem you never knew you had!

The BackPack is a small, thin 7 inch x 3.9inch steel shelf which uses gravity to hang in place without damaging your iMac stand. Surprisingly the BackPack can hold up to 3.5 pounds of weight comfortably and safely so keeping your external drives, cameras (or even a whole MacBook) off a small home office desk is just as simple as hanging a small shelf.

And did I mention there’s space for more than one? So you can be charging your phone and sifting through acres of files on your external drive with a clear desk.

The BackPack is, like all great ideas, clever,  simple and easy to install. A great addition to your home office.

Curve Stand for MacBook

Finished in matt black, the Twelve South Curve Stand is a beautiful ergonomic stand designed to complement the MacBook range. You can of course use it for other laptops but this smart loop does look particularly good with products designed on Infinite Loop.

The minimal flowing stand is a 5.8 inch tall, 10.3 inch wide and 8.7 inch deep one piece aluminium sculpture which raises your MacBook off your desk, creating a more comfortable working experience while allowing space for peripherals.

Perfect for using a full size keyboard and mouse below your MacBook or a great way to manage an external screen with your device.

The Curve Stand is a beautiful, practical desk accessory.

StayGo USB-C Hub for MacBook & iPad

The StayGo USB-C Hub is a small pocketable USB C mini dock that punches well above its weight. You won’t want to hide this one behind a pot-plant with its sleek, modern aluminium shell in Black or White, it is perfect for your USB C devices including MacBook, iMac and even USB C powered iPads.

Combining 4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A 3.0 (x3), independent SD + Micro-SD card slots and 85W USB-C pass-thru power, the StayGo is definitely a dock for all occasions in a petite 0.59 inch x 5 inch x 2.4 inch unit.

But wait. There another piece of lateral thinking that makes this a must buy. The StayGo hub come with a 1 metre long detachable USB-C cable meaning theres no tangle of wires hanging off the side of your machine because the hub can sit tidily on your desk. Hold on, I’m not finished! There is also a built in, stow-able, slide out USB-C cable for when you need to be on the go and connected to your gear.

The StayGo USB-C Hub is all the hub you’ll ever need at home or on the go.

PowerPic mod Wireless Charger for iPhone

Unlike any charger I’ve ever seen, the PowerPic mod Wireless Charger stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. Made from a startling transparent lucite block, this radical design will charge any Qi compatible device.

But it hides a surprise. The front of the device is held on by magnets and a 4×6 photograph or graphic can be slid in place to make this charger look like nothing else on the market. Make the device your own and it will look right at home in your office, kitchen or anywhere else throughout your house.

The PowerPic doesn’t just have a pretty face. Supplying 10w of power you can happily charge any wireless capable iPhone, android device or even AirPods pro.

There’s nothing quite like the PowerPic Wireless Charger for enhancing your decor AND keeping your energy levels up!

HoverBar Duo for iPhone & iPad

The HoverBar Duo is an adjustable iPad and iPhone stand that lets you get hands free with your devices.  Supplied with a weighted desktop stand and shelf clamp for a totally different set up, the HoverBar Duo is height adjustable and multi-position for perfect placement where ever you are.

The heavy metal desk stand holds your iPad or iPhone in infinite positions, heights and angles which makes it perfect for FaceTime/video calls, following a recipe while chopping in the kitchen or even playing along to a virtual guitar lesson.

Back in the office you’ll have a perfectly positioned second screen to use with Mac Sidecar or how about an iPad desktop workstation with external keyboard and trackpad.

You’ll find uses for the The HoverBar Duo all over the house!

Twelve South is committed to beautifully crafted innovation and it shows in all their products. Your desk (and posture) will thank you…

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