How to Get Digital Signage for Better Communication in Your Business

We live in an age where digital signage hardware and digital signage software have never been cheaper. Digital signage systems are no longer about direct promotion to customers. They are no longer an entertainment-only device. They are now multi-use tools that are flexible enough to apply to almost any situation, including the betterment of communication within your business. Using digital signage for internal communication is now as common as the mail room was back in the 80s.

Benefits of the Digital Signage technology for business

Digital signage displays can be used for everything from promotion to customers to inter-office communication tools. A simple digital signage monitor or digital sign unit is cheap, easy to set up, and very easy to use if you have the right digital signage app. Modern digital signage screens can be viewed from any forward-facing angle, which means you can mount them on a wall and everybody in the room is able to see what is on the screen. That is one of the reasons why more and more companies are using digital signage for employee communications.

Importance & impact of communication in business

Getting the message out to staff members is very tricky. The old method was to have a newsletter, and often have people read out the newsletter, but it is time consuming and often frustrating for those in charge of the process. Then there was the idea of mass emails, which soon become ignored and/or annoying when people press “Reply-all” to them. 

When you host staff messages and communications on digital signs, you make them unavoidable. People are walking to the bathroom, to meetings, to the break room, and their eyes are drawn to them. Unless you are posting the messages with very small text, then people can’t help but read them. There are certain factors that make them more or less effective. The small text issue is one, but also, if you change your sign’s content every work (or more frequently), then people’s eyes are drawn to the sign and they become more difficult to ignore.

The Kitcast digital signage app works as an efficient way to communicate with staff in real time. You can set up live feeds that offer vital information to staff, or you can keep it simple and create messages that are displayed on your signs throughout your business. The great thing is that it isn’t just bosses who may access the communication system.

For example, the payroll team could issue reminders for people to register their receipts before a certain date of the month. The HR team could issue notifications about upcoming mandatory meetings, and the general managers could create messages showing people which days they should be working and when the next scheduled fire drill is set to take place.


These days, pushing the idea of digital signage for business is like pushing the idea of pool floaties for water parks. It has been done, people are doing it, and people will continue to do it. Where people thought that digital signs were a futuristic fad, they are now a staple of modern businesses and are used across the board, everywhere from nursing homes to military bases. Where the old  digital signage software solution was a convoluted mess of tricky coding and primitive interfaces, it is now easier to create digital signage content than it is to create Facebook content. We are truly living in the golden age of digital signage technology.

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