Review: Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google surprised the earbuds market by releasing the Google Pixel Buds Pro. This product comes with improved sound quality, strong battery life, and active noise cancellation. Its innovative design makes it comfortable and a perfect fit for your ears. The product comes with creative and unique features which you just have to keep reading to discover.


The Google Pixels Buds Pro is the latest in-ear headphones manufactured by Google. It was first released on July 21, 2022. It is a set of small, wireless earbuds that comes with premium active noise cancellation. It has an iconic and exquisite design which makes it a perfect fit for anyones ears, erasing that plugged ear feeling. Users can switch between Bluetooth-compatible devices automatically. For instance, as a user, you can switch from a phone call on a mobile device to listening to music on a laptop, with no stress at all. Though there are a lot of wireless earbuds available in the market today, this particular brand comes with innovative and creative features making it top-notch.

First Impression

Google Pixel Buds Pro is an in-ear headphone with a weight of 2.2 ounces and dimensions of 1.97 × 0.98 × 2.49. These measurements portray its size and portability. Google includes in the box, three components — earbuds, ear tips with three size options, and a wireless charging case. The charging case is used to recharge the ear buds whenever they get low. With just a five-minute charge, you can get up to 1 hour of listening time, and 3 hours of listening time with just 15 minutes of charging. As a user, you can also charge the buds with a USB-C charging cable, but this charging cable is not included in the box. 

This device requires a Google-Assistant enabled device and Android 6.0 or later.

Performance and Design

Google Pixel Buds Pro are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you want to block out external sounds while using it, the Active Noise Cancellation with the Silent Seal feature has got you covered. This feature provides you with a premium immersive sound. Its sound quality makes it stand out from former Google earbud products. It comes with a daunting 11mm speaker driver that gives the sound a solid foundation. With its excellent battery life, users can enjoy up to 11 hours of listening time and 31 hours while charging with the case. Users can make crystal clear calls courtesy of the “wind-blocking mesh covers” and voice accelerometer features. As said earlier, users can switch between devices automatically, as long as both devices are Bluetooth compatible. The water-resistant feature makes it stand out from other brands. Users can use it on rainy days or during sweaty workouts.

If you’re walking on the street and you want to be aware of your surroundings while using the earbuds, the transparency mode feature has got you covered. All you need to do is enable the feature and it works perfectly. It has amazing responsive touch gestures that enable you to increase or decrease volume, play/pause, and other touch functionalities. You can use the buds to interact with the Google Assistant hands-free by just saying “Hey Google” and expressing your request. Not to forget, there is the adaptive sound feature which adjusts the volume automatically, according to the level of noise of your surroundings. The buds also contain sensors that measure the pressure in your ear canal, thereby erasing the plugged-in sensation.

These set of earbuds are not the smallest or lightest on the market, but its creative design makes it feel perfect inside your ears. You don’t need to fear it falling out. It comes in different colours — Charcoal, Coral, Fog, and Lemon grass. 

What to expect?

I can say that the Google Pixel Buds Pro are the best among Google’s set of earbuds. Let’s go through the pros and cons of this brand.


  1. Multipoint support.
  2. Active noise cancellation.
  3. Decent battery life.
  4. Improved sound quality.


  1. It currently doesn’t work with advanced Bluetooth.
  2. The transparency mode isn’t as good as it could be.


Conclusively, this set of earbuds is the ideal option for those users that want to enjoy the maximum value of earbuds. You can purchase and learn more about this product HERE. Its starting price is $199.99

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