Review: Elegoo Saturn S 4K 3D Printer – Dream it and Print it Bigger

The Elegoo Saturn S is the successor to the Saturn, which was the first LCD 3D printer with a monochrome LCD from Elegoo. After just a year on the market, Elegoo have updated the popular Saturn model with the new Saturn S. For individuals who require extra printing volume, medium resin printers are perfect. The printers are equally as reliable and perform exactly the same as the smaller ones. Both the Elegoo Saturn and the new Saturn S are solid choices for a midsize resin printer.

The Elegoo Saturn proved to be one of the most widely used desktop resin printers when it initially released, and the new Saturn S builds on it and provides some nice upgrades. It improves on the resolution so you can get higher-accuracy results and increases your printing volume, bringing you endless possibilities -anything you can dream of, you can create!

First Impressions

The Elegoo Saturn S is a bottom-heavy, sturdy 3D printer, just like the original Elegoo Saturn. Upon unboxing it is easy to recognize the Saturn S as an Elegoo device thanks to the red UV-resistant cover, which is the same color as the other desktop resin printers from Elegoo.

It arrives in a cardboard box with a fair amount of foam inside to shield the breakable plastic casing. To prevent scratches while handling, a protective plastic layer has been placed over all delicate surfaces. The front panel has a very minimalistic design that consists of only a 3.5′′ status/configuration touchscreen, which makes the design quite tidy. The menu system is simple to use and straightforward. An LCD preview is created when you explore for printing models. There are also two cooling fans, a power switch, and a DC input socket on the back of the Saturn S.

In addition to a few accessories that you’ll need to remove, process, and clean created models, Elegoo provides everything needed to get the Saturn S 3D printer up and running. These tools include:

  • 3D printer with UV cover and build platform
  • Resin container
  • Scraping tools and pliers
  • Funnel
  • Gloves
  • Mini air purifier
  • Power cable
  • Replacement screws
  • A user guide

Additionally, the S-edition now has an active carbon air purifier. Unfortunately, however, the Saturn S doesn’t come with photopolymer resin, so the only thing you need to start printing is your own bottle of resin.

If you can dream it, you can print it!

Improvements have been made to every aspect of the Saturn S compared to the original Saturn, including a slightly bigger masking LCD. The Saturn S comes with an ultra 4K HD monochrome LCD with a resolution of 4068 x 2560. Printing now takes around two to three seconds per layer because of the 9.1-inch LCD display – making it 60% faster than the Mars Pro whilst delivering the vivid details in your prints and reliable outcomes that you have been accustomed to with 3D printers from Elegoo. The mono LCD’s lifespan is also increased by three times, thanks to its low energy consumption and low heat dissipation.

Elegoo upgraded FEP1.0 film on the original Elegoo Saturn, with what they call “FEP2.0” on the Saturn S. This is a film that Elegoo claims to have a longer lifespan.

FEPs are a family of plastics renowned for their anti-stick qualities. FEP films are utilized in resin 3D printing because they are chemical and temperature resistant and also provide 3D printers the benefits of fluor-polymers. FEP films will often times fail due to user damage instead of life-cycle issues, so an improved FEP is certainly beneficial as pertains to the success rate of printing. Elegoo advertises their new FEP2.0 to be even more resistant to high temperatures, making it easier to release printed parts, compared to the Saturn. Overall, the FEP2.0 film works very well, and I found it easier to clean.

Why Choose Elegoo Over Other 3D Printers?

The Saturn S has a two-bolt build platform leveling system, which is unquestionably the best build platform leveling system that I’ve experienced on a desktop resin printer, similar to the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and the original Elegoo Saturn. Two bolts must be loosened, the platform lowered to Z=0, and then the bolts must be tightened again in order to level it. This may sound complex at first, but the procedure is just unbeatable, and I wish that other manufacturers adopted it. It’s quick, simple, and repeatable. Elegoo made a wise choice by making leveling the build platform so simple, because it is one of the few maintenance tasks that a resin printer user must perform.

The Elegoo Saturn S comes pre-loaded with Chitubox, a straightforward and user-friendly slicer tool that can turn an STL file into a 3D printable file, just like previous Elegoo resin 3D printers. Control of the print’s exposure time, lift speed and height, Z resolution, and other factors is all possible with Chitubox.


The Elegoo Saturn S 4K 3D printer is perfect for any user looking to quickly producing sizable prototypes, works of art, and unique designs. The large 196 x 122 x 210 mm build volume has enough room to fully print large items. By eliminating the need to print numerous smaller parts that still need to be put together, you will save a ton of time. This unit offers all the benefits of an MSLA 3D printer while still being small and simple to set up, with an output of exceptional quality. It is a wonderful option for $500 if you require large resin prints at a low cost. As of today August 24th 2022, the Elegoo Saturn S 3D Printer is on sale for only $419 and $429 depending on your location! You can check out the Elegoo Saturn S 3D printer HERE at the Official Elegoo Website or you can find it on Amazon.

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