Review: Soundcore Sport X10 – Comfortable for Fitness

Ear buds and headphones have become a must-have for almost everyone in today’s world. You will notice a lot of people wearing ear buds and headphones at the gym, while taking a walk on the streets, or even riding the bus, trying to catch up with an online session. Technology is also striving to help people stay healthy and maintain a desire to keep an active lifestyle, hence the innovation of sport earbuds.

Why is this topic so important for fitness and sport enthusiast? It’s because we are in constant search for the best quality earphones and earbuds on the market! Soundcore has been a great frontrunner with it’s amazing quality in-ear headphones and they have just released their newest ear buds called Sport X10, which are very light and extremely comfortable. These stay perfectly in your ears when doing any type of exercise. Whether it’s running on a treadmill for miles or doing some sort of extreme cross fit, the Sport X10 will help keep that motivation going to surpass your target without even noticing.

Unboxing and First Impression

The Soundcore Sport 10X earbuds are packaged nicely in a small blue and white box. On the side is pictured a man wearing the Sport X10 while working out, giving clear indication that these are meant for rugged use. The earbuds come in three different colors; Black, Red and Oat White. They also come with a set of soft silicon ear tips, which allow the earbuds to fit comfortably inside your ears. The charging case itself is very compact, although slightly thicker and larger than the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro case. The case has indicator lights to signal the battery life, so users can quickly see when to charge it again. The earbuds are very lightweight with soft ear-hooks that twist up to an angle of 210º and fit around the top of your ear. Users will find themselves forgetting they are even wearing them, because of how comfortably they fit. The hooks are designed in a way that folds into a small loop to fit perfectly back into the small convenient case. 

Sound Quality Expectations

Soundcore has an amazing line-up of products and the Sport X10 is definitely one of the best! All of the Soundcore headphones have outstanding noise cancellation and provide some sort of transparency modes. Personally I find the noise cancellation on both the Sport X10 and the Liberty 3 Pro to be pretty even when listening to music. However, the transparency mode on the Sport X10 are not at the same level as the Liberty 3 Pro, which could also be the reason for such a price difference. Putting that aside, the overall sound quality of the Sport X10 are incredible! It blocks out engine and AC noises, as well as vacuum machine sounds with lower tones and even mid-range noises. The button on the top of each earbud can be programed through the official app to perform different actions and works well. Being that it is a thin physical button located at the top, does make it a little difficult to press, but for the huge price difference of the Liberty 3 Pro, it’s definitely not a complaint.

One of the nicest features of Soundcore headphones is the deep bass with-in its acoustic system. This adds a thicker and richer level of sound that other in-ear headphones cannot produce. The experience users will have while listening to music using the Sport X10 is very different from other earbuds at the same price point. Users can actually feel the sounds as if they are in a large room and the clarity is amazing. Like all Soundcore products, the Sport X10 has the ability to connect with your phone using the Soundcore app. The firmware and software are updated regularly and only takes a few minutes. Since these earbuds were made for fitness, Soundcore has included some calming music to help you relax during the workout breaks. It also comes with pre-workout activities within the app to help you get ready for your work out.

Innovative Technology by Soundcore 

The Soundcore Sport X10 uses Bluetooth 5.2 with a body moving acoustic bass system. It has six individual microphones which help with the noise cancellation to improve the audio output clarity. The pair of earbuds are also water proof with an IPX7 rating, which makes them the best to use during workouts that involve consistent sweating. It has proven in the few weeks of personal use that the battery life is pretty impressive; you’ll get to enjoy eight hours of non-stop music and 32 hours stored on the case itself. One of the key features that was unexpected is the fast charging ability. Soundcore guarantees that in just five minutes of charging, these earphones will last an hour of use. Obviously this needed to be tested, and my results were pretty promising. I received just over an hour of listening to music from completely dead, to charging somewhere between five and ten minutes.

The Soundcore Sport X10 also uses a physical button that is pressed on each for volume, changing modes, play, pause, and skipping songs. Its technology enables one to answer calls or reject an incoming call by long-pressing the left or right button of the Sport X10. This can be adjusted to the users preferences inside the official Soundcore app on IOS or Android.

In Conclusion and Where to Buy

Soundcore has made a great addition to the world of wireless sport earbuds with the Sport X10. These personally fit better in my ears than the Liberty 3 Pro and with the lower cost, they are worthy of being adding to my gym bag. I’ve found myself using them as my daily go-to headphones because they are lightweight and flexible. If you are someone who enjoys using earbuds that have a familiarity of something like the Apple AirPods but with a flexible hook that wraps around your ears, then these are the pair for you! For only $79.99 the Sport X10 are a great find and can be found on the Official Website and on Amazon.

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