Review: FlexiSpots Gaming Chair GC02

The FlexiSpots Gaming Chair GC02 is among one of the very best chairs accessible, because it gathers most of the elements of a top quality gaming chair at a very affordable price. It is designed to be extremely wide with a high back to meet the needs of most consumers. The chair has a detachable headrest and a cushion supporting the lumbar area. You can maneuver the headrest to your liking (which also shields your spine) and play video games without any problems. The bottom pillow supports your lower back area, but is detachable, permitting you to game from the angle you find most desirable. Let’s get into some more details!

The FlexiSpots GC02 Gaming Chair also has a backrest with an adjustable feature. It has 2 modes, namely game and rest, that provide you the support needed in both scenarios. The backrest can be fine-tuned to between 90 and 135 degrees for your relaxation using only one hand. The chair also has a footstool that is telescopic. Footstools are among the rarest specs of gaming chairs, and Flexispot has provided this feature. The extended footrest will match your height needs and provide you added relaxation. The chair also has a smooth and silent pulley when in use. It permits free movement even with your feet raised. The increase in the popularity of gaming chairs means that a stylish one is the most preferred; the FlexiSpot gaming chair comes with leather seats, making your gaming experience amazingly attractive and relaxing. At only $249, the chair represents the best mixture of adjustability, comfort and price.


Adjustable Backrest

This unique gaming chair has an ultra-wide design with a top seat back that meets the needs of most gamers. It includes an adjustable backrest, which users will find easy to switch from rest mode to game mode. The backrest can be managed between 90 and 135 degrees with a single hand, so the outstanding support for your back and neck put you in a relaxing bliss.

Multi-Functioning and Quality

Meet all your needs when you play games. It also caters to all types of gamers. Also, the design makes sure that gamers can stay relaxed and focused on this seat, regardless of what kind of game they play. The chair is upholstered with PU leather for comfort. It makes the chair more durable and cost effective using 100% Vegan PU leather. This gaming chair is a wonderful addition to your gaming area or home office. More vitally, its leather-clad seat cushion and padded armrests are sure to keep gamers comfortable.

Comfort and Support

One of the key advantages of this type of chair is comfort. If you are sick of getting a sore back, dead legs from the back of your knees wrapped around a sharp seat edge, or a crick in your neck, the Flexispot gaming chair GC02 might be just what the doctor ordered. The ergonomic design keeps the chair feeling lightweight but sturdy.

Quality chairs for gaming usually have good lumbar support to help stop pain in the lower back. Many also provide support all the way up the back through to the neck and head but come at a much higher price tag. The Flexispot gaming chair has both while keeping the price at an affordable cost. This chair also helps avoid pain in the shoulders and neck. The Armrests give great added support for your arms and help keep your hands and wrists in a more balanced position.

Because users will be so relaxed and supported in their Flexispot gaming chair GC02, they may find this betters their reaction time and concentration. These functions can better your gaming experience, making it more immersive. When selecting a gaming chair from Flexispot, ensure you choose the color needed for your gaming setup or game console. Currently the chair comes in Black and Red or White and Black. Two colors that can easily adapt to most homes decor.

Why Choose The Flexispot Gaming Chair GC02?

While individual specs are essential when making a decision between an office chair or a GC02 gaming chair. Ultimately, personal preference takes the crown. It all boils down to your own individual tastes and relaxation requirement to pick the best chair for you. People who love to kick back their feet and slump back into their chair, may not be the best fit for a gaming chair. These type of consumers might want to look into a sofa based chair. A chair like this will provide a lot of room to relax and sit comfortably, but they take up a lot of room and do not fit under a desk. They also have no genuine back-support, so it will not keep a users spinal column straight and posture upright.

On the other hand, for individuals who sit for hours in just one position at a desk or a game station, a GC02 gaming chair will work just perfectly. The lower back pillow gives allowance to move up and down to find the exact spot that can relieve lower back pain from sitting. The overall thick padding and extra pillows help  with comfort. While a gaming chair doesn’t have an area for people to put their feet up, it does lean back up to 180 degrees. From a health perspective, anyone that is sitting for long hours at a time should try to use a chair that definitely keeps the vertebral column upright. This will permit better blood flow through your entire body.


  • Highly adjustable made with top quality materials.
  • Back support providing optimum comfort and health advantages
  • High-end solid standard build
  • Assembly takes under 20min
  • Best for gamers and other power users


  • Only comes in two color options

In Conclusion

The gaming chair GC02 is a high standard product of Flexispot that comes with special features and technology. Thanks to the master construction of a high profile team of physicians and designers, it is considered as one of the best gaming chairs on the market. No doubt, the gaming chair GC02 was designed to adapt to your body dimensions. It provides the highest flexibility to change positions conveniently and comfortably while keeping you in the right posture. We recommend this product to anyone, especially to those who have to sit at a desk for several hours. To purchase or get more information, check the Official Website HERE.

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