Review: Zendure SuperMini GO 3-In-1 Wireless Charger

Zendure 3-In-1 Wireless Charger is one of the newest innovation from the Zendure company yet. The product is an easily connectible charger with long lasting cables, which makes it more convenient than others. In this article, we will glance at four reasons why the Zendure 3-In-1 Wireless Charger which is now called the SuperMini GO is a must have accessory.

It is long lasting.

You may not realize it, but wear and tear is one of the main reasons you’re constantly buying charging cables. Naturally, cables wear and tear over time. Heck, even charging ports as well. Smart real cables don’t come cheap, particularly iPhone cables.

Since using worn out and frayed cables isn’t a choice, because of the various risks they cause to your device, a surefire fix is to use a wireless charger like the SuperMini GO. With charging your devices, you merely place your device atop the charging dock, and that’s it.

You can charge Multiple Devices at the same time.

One of the foremost important benefits of wireless charging is the ability to charge any wireless products just by laying it down on the charging dock. However the Zendure SuperMini GO 3-In-1 Wireless Charger allows for multiple devices to charge at once. This is often all due to the flexibility of bound charging docks to support 2 or 3 devices simultaneously.

There is less muddling your workplace.

Wireless is the best answer for anyone who dislikes charging cables cluttering their desk. Rather than charging your different devices with an avid cable, you’ll be able to charge many devices with one wireless charging pad or mat. This happens over a single charging cable that connects to your wireless charger.

This is often a superb way to facilitate cable management, particularly if you don’t have that special gift of nicely tucking away your cables. That’s to not say that a wireless charger could be a solution to achieving clutter-free surroundings in your workspace. A wireless charger and some cable management tricks ought to assist you to come through your dream clean-space environment.

It is convenient

How much of our day is spent charging devices? Most likely a minimum of two occasions within the case of a smartphone, counting on its age. It’s no secret that smartphone batteries have a brief life. However since that’s a given at the moment, you’ll be able to at least build the method of juicing up your device less frustratingly. This is why you’ll appreciate the convenience of the SuperMini GO Wireless Charger. Not a lot of searching for cables, fidgeting with them, and even worse, in the case of the older micro-USB ports, finding the proper orientation to attach the charging cable. This wireless charger saves you all of this bother by solely requiring you to put your device on the charging stand, mat, or pad.

Wireless charging isn’t (yet) wireless as you’d expect from its name, but it’s still far more convenient than regular cables. Of course, we all have to continue connecting the charging dock to a power outlet, however that’s nothing compared to the struggle of cables everywhere. It’s time to embrace the Zendure SuperMini GO 3-In-1 Wireless Charger.


If your device has support for wireless charging, it’s time you embrace it. First, wireless charging has no wear and tear of plugs attaching and removing over and over. This product will permit you to charge many devices simultaneously, helps you maintain a clean table environment, and is incredibly convenient.

This product can be purchased on Amazon once it is available. The current price is US$69.99, but it is currently on sale for $49.99. To get more information about this product, or Pre-Order, you can visit the Official Website HERE

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