Review: LG G2 TV – A Fantastic Viewing Experience

Imagine being within the four walls of your room enjoying your favorite movie or show on a high standard tv with a fantastic viewing experience, amazing, right? Unequivocally, you need a tv with an outstanding on-screen design that complements the animated feeling you get while watching a movie. The kind of experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat or imprint in your mind! What about the overwhelming excitement that compels you to scream, at the moment your favorite sports team claims a victory? Here’s a tv that will make you feel the live vibes of the game.

The LG G2 TV is the deal, it’s the epitome of brains and beauty. It functions quite astonishingly, provided by the excellent qualities and services it renders and of course its eye catchy display


The LG G2 tv is a unique TV with a perfect contrast ratio in dark rooms. This is due to its ability to self emit light, revealing spectacular and splendid scenes without any disturbing backlight. Just as bright as the stars in a dark sky, this TV gives a a cool picturesque. Also in a bright room, it optimally clears out potential blinding lights that can irritate the viewer’s sight and possibly result in eye health hazards on prolonged watching. The LG G2 tv solves the problem of illumination in both dark and bright mode.


The LG G2 TV is a flat, well built TV launched in 2022. It has a wide range of sizes available in 55, 65, 77, 88 and 93 inches. It has 4k resolution with a better viewing angle, great reflection and motion handling that makes it top notch for a large seating capacity. It interestingly takes movies, tv shows and games to an incredibly high level with well defined sounds, that take the viewers to the heart of the actions shown on it. You will always enjoy lightening up your heart with a series of TV entertainment. The LG G2 TV is designed to be wall mounted (it does not come with a stand). When hung on the wall, it looks like an art painting or gallery allowing a superb interior design.

Screen And Power Consumption

The TV screen is thin because it contains organic self illuminating diodes that allow it to give good color vibrancy when electricity passes through it. Unlike LCD TVs, the LG G2 TV consumes much less power, because of its self emissive ability. It does not require backlighting. It’s also capable of auto regulation, automatically adjusting its settings to give a very crisp sound and visual display based on what is being watched.

Body Material

A stupendous clean body build is one the beautiful features of this TV. The back of the TV is made of fine patterned metals with silver, rounded edges. There are also spaces provided in the back for better cable management, making it easy for connecting different devices.


You can switch from one TV content to another through the remote. Impressively, the remote also has six special buttons for Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also download a remote control on the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store if you want to use your smart device.


  • High HDR performance: LG G2 TV has been voted to be the best colourful TV. It highlights every character displayed, resulting into a lovely scenic view and a strong picture quality in both bright and dark rooms.
  • Good sound accuracy: LG G2.TV has sharp clear amplified sounds with no touch of vagueness or inaudibility. It brings about stadium or concert like environments.
  • Varieties of App: Popular on-demand, apps like Netflix, Disney, Spotify, Hulu, AppleTV and more are available on this TV right out of the box. Other desirable apps can also be added.
  • Encompasses Gaming features: it gives room to a mind blowing gaming activities with top HDR screen quality. Be at the peak of your game with the LG G2 TV.


  • The TV does not come with a stand, it can only be mounted to a wall. Some people even like this as it may be more fashionable. But for those who may insist on getting a stand, they will have to buy one separately, which must be made by LG because the TV doesn’t work with any other stand models.

The TV is available for purchase on the Official LG Website at $4,000.00 HERE. This TV can also be found on Level up your entertainment with the LG G2 TV.

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