Review: Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Combo – Vloggers Dream Gimbal

The Zhiyun Smooth Q4 is a smartphone gimbal for fashion, lifestyle, filmmakers, vloggers, live streamers, and influencers. The 3-axis stabilization gimbal that promises stable images has been designed for ultra-quick shooting of artistic footage, whether it is during the night or day. Let’s see what Zhiyun-Tech has added to their Smooth lineup!

Matched to its predecessor, the Smooth Q4 features a latest arm design with better grip, and the gimbal now folds up in no time. Once the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 is folded out you can increase the gimbal range by a further 215 mm, thanks to its retractable, integrated rod. This provides the option to shoot from even more angles.

Additionally, the gimbal features many buttons with different functions. For example, you can toggle quickly between horizontal and vertical shots with just one press of the key. Also thanks to the updated, well-organized panel, you can enjoy the improved control over the many film modes.

The ZY Cami app has been updated to even better functionality. You can now utilize the Smart Templates BTS so you can view how to move the camera for a particular template video. Plus, the app also has music, filters, and unique effects to help you bring the best out of your videos.

There are extra features to enjoy: such as SmartFollow 3.0, which continually keeps focus in the middle of the frame; Gesture Control, which makes it even easier to film by just making a movement; Live stream master, for cinematic effects and face tracking, such as MagicClone Pano and more, to help elevate your images to an even higher level.


ZY Cami app

Zhiyum ZY cami app, which is accessible on both iOS and the Android app store, is the partner app which opens up a bunch of specs that work in combination with the Smooth Q4 gimbal. First time installers will view users accepting terms and conditions and privacy policies. You are welcomed with a number of examples and tutorials of what other people have shot to give you some self-motivation. The middle plus button will take you to a menu to permit access to your creator tools, which consist of Quick Edit and Create. Create is for longer format video, and Quick Edit is for your Instagram reels and TikTok’s. You have templates to pick from which include overlays, transitions and finally upload, where you can include images and video content saved on your Phone to the ZY Cami app to make videos.

Build and performance

In relation to performance and build, the ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 is extremely similar to the rival DJI OM5 smartphone stabilizer. As well as having similar silicone bodies and grey plastic, both gimbals have a telescopic road that extends by 215mm, permitting you to grip a wider field of view when filming selfies.

The DJI OM5 boasts a magnetic smartphone clamp that makes it faster and easier to attach your smartphone to the gimbal. The Smooth Q4 combo kit ships with a removable magnetic fill that supports illuminating dark areas.

Smooth Q4 mode

The ZHIYUM smooth Q 4 combo is a three-axis gimbal that permits you to pan, tilt, and roll your iPhone. Usually the roll x-axis will be used to keep linked smartphone horizon level at all times.

The Smooth Q4 mode has a button on the rear to replace the behavior of the gimbal. For example the lock L mode keeps the smartphone pointing in the same way while F causes it to pan and tilt to follow your hand actions. A trigger at the front lets you triple tap to replace the iPhone orientation from landscape mode to portrait mode (for vertical social media content on websites such as TikTok).


Foldable in new ways, feel better in all ways

With the smooth surface and ergonomic design, the gimbal feels just remarkable in your hands. Simply unfold and fold the gimbal in a split second, and you are ready for the shoot on the go.

Stunning design

With a 215mm expandable rod built in, the Smooth-Q4 permits you to shoot at many angles from a wider background. Enrich your creativity along with adventure with this new product vision.

Multi-functional control wheel

One-hand operation becomes easier with the multi-functional control wheel. Just press to adjust the brightness and slide to manage the main length just at your fingertips.

An intuitive control panel

Use the different shooting modes with the most intuitive indicators and a well managed control panel.

Light up your vision

A double-side magnetic fill light provides you a simple and fast way to light up your charm.  Forever be the center of the spotlight with the correct lighting even in the darkness. Multiple brightness adjustable and color filters are offered.

Portrait and landscape switch

Single presses switch between Portrait and landscape mode to shoot expertly in different settings.

Clever shooting modes

Pick the shooting modes with the ZY Cami app and it will help you to make a masterpiece mechanically. Your best work is just around the corner.

Final Thoughts

The ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Gimbal provides many of the same gimbal modes and recording functions as its predecessors, with the added advantage of a built-in extension rod for content creators. The Smooth-Q4 can support smartphones up to 9.9 oz, and its companion iOS/Android app features a slew of templates, control functions to fulfill your creative vision, and editing tools. Switching between portrait and landscape is as simple as pressing a button, so you can transition from filming panoramic scenery to capturing a TikTok video. Zhiyun-Tech is an outstanding company that truly does their best to make the best gimbals on the market. They have continued to innovate and enhance their products every year. To read more about Zhiyun and order your own Smooth Q4. Check the link HERE or order on Amazon HERE.

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