Review: Onforu Smart Light Bars – Enhance Your Home Ambiance

The company Onforu is dedicated to having the highest standard in research, design, manufacture and sales of the best smart electronics and LED lighting items. They have always catered to the users experience. As a leading brand of strip lights, LED lights, flood lights, bluetooth speakers and other smart electronics, the sales volume of Onforu has reached over 1 million globally. Lets light-up our lives with Onforu’s Smart LED Light Bars.

Better Home Entertainment Experience

While most TV LED lights on the market are designed as light strips, which are mounted with tape and flexible, the Onforu Smart Light Bars give users an alternate option. Not only are these easily movable and not permanently stuck to an appliance, they are designed as a freestanding light bar that gives the same kind of experience, but each of them be moved, mounted and repositioned much easier at anytime.

The Onforu smart light bar will provide a complete spectrum of lights, dimmable and synced to your games, music and movies. These bars can be lit behind the Television and provide a similar lighting experience to the strip design, or they can be placed in other locations around the house. For example, two light bars can be used on either side of the TV, projecting a light show onto the nearby back wall. The light bars can be placed on the floor to have your lighting experience splay up the ceiling and wall.


Setting up the light bars is a cinch, even for those who are brand new to smart home lighting. In the box are two Onforu bars, an inline control box, two table mounting brackets, an adapter, and two screen mounting brackets. The two light bars are linked via the Y-cable that plugs into the control box to an outlet. The cord splits after the control box, leaving you with lots of room to place the bars at either end of your monitor, TV, or desk.

The Onforu companion app for these lights, easily identified in the App Store called “Onforu Home”, is the real brains behind the fun. Through the app, you can explore color effects and combinations created by other Onforu users in the light studio section. The app is well-rounded, easy to use, intuitive and fun to explore!

Additionally, the Onforu Smart light bars have integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google home. Voice controls are reliable and simple to use, and a perfect substitute to have over the physical control box remote and smartphone application. Wi-Fi support permits them to integrate,  while Bluetooth support permits you to connect to and control them.

Affordable Price

Onforu smart light bars are a pretty strong choice, mainly given their budget-friendly price point. They provide a user-friendly and flexible set up, multiple control options, and segmenting lighting support.

If you’re looking for a smart backlighting effect for your computer monitor or TV, these light bars are a perfect choice for the price point. Give them a dark room to shine in and let these lights beautify the room. They are the best fit for home office setups, entertainment centers, and dorm rooms. The lights and their app are both a ton of fun to enjoy and they go a long way to boosting the immersive experience of movie night without destroying your budget.

Onforu Smart Advantages

Voice Activated

This ambiance lighting is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa. Control this LED light bar through your voice to turn on/off or replace the light color and manage the light brightness. DIY design and eight mode choices. Each mode shows different colors and lighting effects, helping you completely immerse yourself. There are millions of RGB colors and also warm white or daylight white.

Remote Control (from anywhere)

Downloading the application on your tablet or smartphone, you can manage the ambient light through the app; even if you are not at home. Works with 2.4 GHz WI-Fi network, the memory function helps the light stay at your last brightness setting and light color.

Wide Application

It improves the colorful smart home experience. Let the smart light stand on your cabinet to make a fun ambiance, mount it or stick it on the back of your Television or even lay it flat on the floor to brighten your walls. Additionally, it could be used as a night light.

Music Synchronization

Through the microphone of a Smartphone, the ambient lighting can release the same rhythm of light effects, according to the nearby music melody.

Rich Entertainment

The 2 LED lamps can be set to different shades respectively. This light makes sure you have the best display screen lighting and game experience. By placing the lights behind the computer display, or both sides of the TV facing the wall, it will better your game and viewing experience with splashes of light nearby your screen. As a side benefit, they can also be used as a night light.

Simple Installation

The smart light could be installed with various angles using the angle base. Because they are two separated freestanding, manufactured lights, they can be placed almost anywhere without any needed hardware. The power supply unit can be linked to both lights, leaving enough room for other products or devices. It could be used as a gaming light, night light and so on.


When purchasing the Onforu Smart Light Bars, you will receive a pack of two smart led light bars for only $49.99. This will include everything needed to get setup in minutes. The light bars come with a power supply, a QR code/quick link to download the app, and easily understood instructions. The Onforu Smart Light bar with smart lighting provides color, bright lighting paired with smart features and control. The light bars provide a big spectrum of color and a number of different settings to work with. The lights are reactive to voice, music and users have control over the lights style, sensitivity, and tempo to sound they detect. The light bars can be managed via the smartphone app. The Onforu Smart Light Bars can be purchased at the Official Website HERE and also Amazon.

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