Review: Rode RODECaster Pro II

Hot off the launch of the RODECaster Pro is the more advanced, less bulky RODECaster Pro II, which includes additional functions not found in the original. It earns its moniker as ‘The All-Encompassing’ by being user friendly to, not just professional podcasters, but also online streamers, music producers, and everyone involved in audio editing

The Walkaround

Topping the chart as the best audio editing console in the podcast production console business, the RODECaster Pro II shows off an astonishing design. At first look, its smart-pad buttons, mic and output volume controls, and its 5.5” color touchscreen all pop with color. The Pro II’s smaller 2’ frame makes it more compact than the original console and has various connectivity options including a USB flash port dual USB-C connectors, and another USB-C port that connects it to a power outlet. The device has an intuitive and customizable that enables a beginner to quickly interact with it like a pro.

RODE has promised to provide regular updates to its users, which can be downloaded via WiFi, as the device allows for wireless connection, as well as an Ethernet port for wired purposes.

An Intuitative Interface

Input is provided via the four Neutrik combo input and its specific volume controllers. Users can mute themselves to avoid the injection of unwanted audio while recording. This gives the RODECaster Pro II an edge over the much loved and cheaper GoXLR, which has just one microphone input.

There are also outputs for external speakers and external devices (for example, for those involved in a phone interview). Recordings can be saved directly on to the internal memory (4GB) directly or to the connected PC.

There’s a newly added color-coded SMART pad, as well. Short recordings such as MIDI commands, sound effects (such as for the intro and outro of projects), automatic fading, background music, and more can be saved on its internal memory and triggered by the 8-button smart pad (which can be combined and programmed for 64 unique actions). This helps alleviate the stress of the podcaster and streamlines the show’s production workflow.

Editing Capabilities

Podcast producers will love the audio editing features of the RODECaster Pro II, which includes a 9-channel mixer (a step up from the original Pro console), six physical faders, and three virtual faders with good fluidity and matching RGB control on the touchscreen.


With the included Revolution preamps, the updated RCP2 gives you lower noise and higher gain audio quality (-131.5dBV EIN, 76db gain), as well as the ability to navigate through various functions like echo, reverb, noise gate, high pass filters and pitch shift. Let’s also not forget the famous APHEX audio processing software with settings such as Aural exciter, Big bottom, Compeller, noise gate and numerous onboard effects. The 1.5Hz quadcore audio engine which provides the ability to process multiple jobs at a time.


RODECaster Pro II allows for multi-track recording by creating a 14-channel poly WAV or by splitting them up into WAVs, ensuring the best quality preservation of individual recordings.


Although on the high end of the cost spectrum, the RODECaster Pro II does not disappoint and is worth the expense. It provides outstanding functionality, a state-of-the art design, and an intuitive interface that can take your podcast to the next level without having to be a genius audio god. You can purchase this bad boy on Amazon for about $699.

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