Speakers have come a long way in the last century, and especially in the last decade. There are many types to choose from.  Which, ultimately, leads to the question: “Which one should you choose?”

Well…  That’s definitely for you to decide.  But let me say, if you are looking for something that is incredible outdoors, that can take a serious beating with great design appeal, technology, and sound quality.  Then lend me your ear, because you’re going to want to hear why the SOUNDBOKS Go is easily one of the best “strap on your shoulder” speakers out there.

The Vision

The creators of SOUNDBOKS have been living their vision since 2015.  They wanted to create a system where they could help influence themselves and those around them to disconnect from screens and spend more time with friends and loved ones outdoors.  They believe this quality time is important, and I agree.


Soundsboks Go in front of plants

The SOUNDBOKS Go is rugged, simple, and sleek.  With a reinforced ABS casing, it can easily withstand someone knocking it off a table or accidentally dropping it.  I have tested something similar and far worse.  I’ll explain more in the “Real-World Use” section below.

Unlike many of its predecessors, it is bordered with an extruded silicone rubber bumper.  This makes setting the device down a breeze.  I wouldn’t drop it on purpose, but you could.

The SOUNDBOKS Go has an IP65 rating, which means it’s been tested and approved to be protected from water and dust.  However, try to avoid getting any kind of element in the main exhaust ports, which are located in the front.


It has 5.0 Bluetooth technology with a TeamUP connection (SKAA), which allows its users to wirelessly link up to 5 other compatible SOUNDBOKS devices. With a nearly perfect connection, it will sync smoothly to all the other 4 simultaneously.

The SOUNDBOKS Go has 3 settings for connecting with other devices.  SOLO, HOST, and JOIN.  SOLO for when you just want to jam alone.  HOST if you are having other devices connect to yours, or JOIN to link up with the host.

There are also 3 Bass settings which are found in the SOUNDBOKS app, INDOOR, POWER, and BASS+.  INDOOR has the least amount of bass, and BASS+ is the most powerful.  I recommend becoming familiar with them.

With that being said though, the SOUNDBOKS Go only has a 3.5mm Stereo Input.  So, plugging in your Stratocaster or microphone will require an adapter.


This  battery has a 99.84Wh or 7.8Ah capacity at 12,8V that is made of Lithium Iron Phosphate and lasts up to 40-hours at medium volume.  So, even though you can use it while plugged in, you won’t ever have to worry about extension cords.  Keep in mind, the more bass, the more power the device will consume.  So, the 40 hour battery life wouldn’t apply to BASS+ on medium volume.

The design of the battery allows users to smoothly remove it from the back for portable charging, or to swap it out with another quickly.  It also has a charge level indicator button that will allow you to quickly see the strength of the charge when the device is not turned on.  This makes it convenient to check the charge level at any time.  Plugged in or not.

The SOUNDBOKS website recommends using the device only with the battery plugged in.  Doing otherwise, above 50% volume, will create a poor sound quality.

Additional Specs

  • 2 x 72 Watt continuous Class D amplifiers
  • 1 x 10″ Woofer
  • 1 x 1″ silk dome tweeter
  • The frequency range is between 40Hz – 20kHz
  • SOUNDBOKS bass enhancer to boost your bass levels and volume (121 dB)
  • Weight: 20 lbs (9.2 kg)

Carrying Strap


If you are able to spend a little extra at checkout for the carrying strap.  Do it.  The carrying strap for the SOUNDBOKS Go is an absolute must and can be purchased through their website.  While you can use the carrying handle, it’s not typical for longer walks or hikes, and certainly not for riding with two hands on a bike.

The carrying strap easily and securely clips onto the sides of the SOUNDBOKS Go and has shoulder padding that makes carrying the device surprisingly comfortable.

Top hat mount

The SOUNDBOKS Go has a top hat mount located on the bottom of the speaker for suspending it higher above the the ground.

SOUNDBOKS provides tripods for this on their website at an additional fee. I haven’t had the chance to test this out yet, but I can see many uses for it. Especially with more formal events.

Real-World Use

I love music.  To fully test this out, I had to take the SOUNDBOKS Go into its intended environment, which is around people and the outdoors.  It goes everywhere and easily packs alongside other items for longer road trips.

I often take it on bike rides with my kids.  We create playlists to listen to while we travel down the trails.  It’s pretty amazing.

I love taking the SOUNDBOKS go to campfires and  I never have to worry about the battery charge dying overnight on campouts.

On the 4th of July, I was heading out on a solo ride on my electric bike with the SOUNDBOKS Go strapped on.  The weather was great, fireworks were all around and I was having a blast.  I ended up taking quite a spill on a gravel road though and flew over the handlebars doing about 15 MPH.  The bike goes up to 20 with the motor, so I’m sure it was about that fast.

My body took some hefty damage.  But the SOUNDBOKS Go remains unharmed.  Just some minor wear on one of the rubber protection borders.  Which is what they are meant for.


Since the SOUNDBOKS Go doesn’t incorporate any type of microphone or instrument input, it’s not very convenient when an adapter is not around.  However, that wasn’t the intended purpose and has been added to the newer SOUNDBOKS (Gen 3).

Overall – would I recommend it?

At the end of the day, I was extremely impressed with SOUNDBOKS’s dedication to the design, portability, and quality of sound.  The ability to easily toggle through the different bass settings via the app makes it tremendously easy to switch to more appropriate indoor and outdoor modes. The SOUNDBOKS Go is a great ice breaker for smaller events and has created many great memories for me.

Would I recommend the SOUNDBOKS Go?  Absolutely.  And I would buy it again.  I can’t wait to get the SOUNDBOKS (Gen 3) so I can finally test them out together.

The SOUNDBOKS Go currently retails at $699.00 and can be found via the SOUNDBOKS website.  I think you’ll like it.