Review: Meross Collie Smart WI-FI Garage Door Opener MSG200

The Meross Collie Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is the top option if you are looking for native HomeKit integration and the ability to control up to 3 doors. It works with Apple HomeKit right out of the box without the need for any costly adapters or a separate hub, as long as you purchase the HomeKit integrated model directly from the official website. It works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. When in need of a smart garage door opener, the Meross option is the intelligent choice. Not only does it function with voice activated products, it also comes with its own app that allows you to check and control the garage door when you’re not at home. Let’s get into it!

The Meross Collie Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is a remarkable option if your Wi-Fi is pretty weak. It has an external Wi-Fi antenna, which permits it to connect in areas where other smart garage door openers cannot. It comes with some extra helpful features, like an alarm that sounds when it closes, and an option to have it close automatically every night, if you accidentally leave it open.


Voice Control

The smart garage door opener is managed with your voice via Meross MSG200 smart garage door opener, Google assistant and Alexa. This performs your orders in seconds. You just say, for example, “Alexa, close the garage door”. If your house is already setup with smart functionality, then this is definitely something you’ll want to add. This device works in many different languages as well.

Meross App Control

Setting up the Meross Collie garage door opener within the Meross application is very easy. The company has included easy step by step instructions, so anyone can set it up properly. Once the unit is installed and Wifi has been established through the app, simply open it, touch the “plus” button, pick the type of smart device you’re adding and that’s it. Your smart garage door opener is connected to the app.   

Within the application you can easily open the device settings and set up preferences for each port. Under each door preference, you can set up alerts for the door opening and closing. You can add a PIN for opening the door or reminder alerts in case you forget to put the door down. There is also an option to automatically close the door, if left open for a specific time duration and more. Through the help of the operating history, you can record the day to day garage door activity. This will keep a time-stamp of closing and opening the garage door for your records.

Easy to Set Up

The setup of this device is very simple and it is easy to operate with the help of a mobile application. The Meross MSG200 Smart Garage Door Opener is used in all types of homes. This is one of the recent Meross HomeKit compatible devices that can work with either the HomeKit app or the Meross App. It consists of two things, one part that plugs into your garage door opening just like a wired key and a wired sensor that can tell you at any time that the door is closed or open. Secondly, the device has a very small magnet sensor that permits you to set it near the side or top of your garage door. When the contact is complete, it tells the system that your door is closed. This is helpful, because it is a physical magnetic connection that relies on contact. This is used directly on contact to send alerts about the status of your door, so users are not just relying on software to alert, but actual contact. If your garage door is far away from the home, you can simply connect with the device via the external antenna to open and close the door. The alarm will sound when your door is opening or closing, but is not a harsh sound like some others do.

Why Choose Meross Collie Garage Door Opener?

This device comes with a lot of amazing features. The best and the biggest feature is the Apple HomeKit connectivity. The garage door opener works with the Apple HomeKit without any extra adapters. Apart from Siri, and Apple HomeKit, the Meross Collie is compatible with the Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, the garage door opener is compatible with Alexa Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means that you can manage the garage doors from within your car when approaching the door.


·         Easy to Install

·         External Wi-Fi antenna

·         Native HomeKit compatibility

·         Operates up to 3 doors (although support for the 3rd door will require more hardware)


·         Add-on hardware to operate 3rd door

·         Slight connectivity hiccups with some mesh networks

In Conclusion

Smart openers bring much more ease and functionality matched to traditional openers. You can control your garage door remotely from any place and never need to worry or hesitate about losing your garage door remote. You can also connect them to other smart home systems like locks, lights, and cameras. You can grant guest access easily to the garage door and setup a door scheduler as well. With the Meross Collie Smart WI-FI Garage Door Opener MSG200, users can open and close the garage door through voiced-activated commands, using systems like Google Assistant or Alexa. It is compatible with over 200 brands and 1600 different models. This device is set at a very affordable price of only $69.99 for the HK model and comes with one of the best sensitivity sensors that checks the status of the garage door. You can purchase this unit from the Official Website or on Amazon without the HK (HomeKit integration) for only $29.99.

For more specific information regarding your own garage door with the Meross, check the compatible list at

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