Review: Logitech Pop Keys Keyboard and Pop Mouse 

I know, I know.  50% of you reading this review have just looked at the picture and made your decision. Stop, hear me out. Just keep reading, Ok, you good? Let’s begin.

Unless you’ve been on a desert island for… well, ever, you must have heard of Logitech. Anyone who’s been in and around computers over the last 20 – 30 years will probably have owned or used a Logitech product. The company, originally founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, has been producing quality pc peripherals since 1981. 

As someone who uses Logitech gear as a daily driver, I was very intrigued when I got the chance to try out the Logitech Pop Keys keyboard and Pop mouse after seeing some of the images online.

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard

This Logitech Pop Keys make a statement as soon as you rip the outer wrapping off the box. By now everyone must know that I love smart packaging and this doesn’t disappoint! The box is beautifully printed and the image is colour matched to the keyboard inside. Flip open the lid and some nice tissue paper printed with emojis can be (gently) ripped open to reveal the device inside. 

I was graciously sent the ‘Blast’ grey/black/yellow version, which I kinda love because of its Transformers/Bumblebee styling but you can also get a pink/red ‘Heartbreaker” version and a purple/teal/yellow ‘Daydream’ version. All of them are wonderfully vibrant and really stand out from the ordinary.

The colours aren’t the only thing that draws the eye. You’ll immediately notice the round keys and large radius corners lending the whole package a really pleasing retro vibe. 

The keyboard itself is a tenkeyless design coming in at 1.4in x 12.6 x 5.5in deep. Looking very much like an old typewriter, the nicely rounded are well spaced and have a really satisfying clack sound in use. I’m not really a keyboard afficionado but the fact that the Pop Keyboard uses TTX mechanical switches may contribute to your audio enjoyment. Personally I liked it. 

The Pop Keyboard comes with a Logitech Bolt wireless dongle to connect to your pc or it will happily via bluetooth to macs, pcs android and ios devices. A super useful fuction is the ability to connect to 3 devices at once, switching between each one via the F1, F2 or F3 keys. 

Being wireless, the keyboard is obviously battery powered and uses one AAA with a 3 year guarantee which seems like a good deal on the basis that it can be swapped out at any time. 

Next we come to one of the major selling points of the device. Down the right hand side of the board is a vertical row of dedicated emoji keys that you can use to liven up your documents or on social and messaging. It comes preinstalled with a smiley, cry, heart eyes, and a laughing face which you can easily ‘pop’ off (see what I did there?) and replace with fire, thumbs up, heart or pray. 

The Logitech Pop keyboard is nothing without software.  
Install the Logitech options app on your mac or pc and you get access to a plethora of… well… options. Easily remap the emoji and the function keys or set it to launch apps with one key press.  
The app also offers a whole bunch of customisation features if you have any other Logitech products. 

So to sum up, is it a gaming keyboard? If you’re seriously into your games then you’ll probably want a full sized device and Logitech has you covered there, but I have gamed on it and my daughter has used it as her daily driver and it has performed admirably.  
Can you really type on it? – Absolutely! I swapped to using it half way through this review and it’s great. I love the sound and I love the feel of the round keys.  I may not give it back! 

The Pop Mouse 

Let’s be real, if your keyboard is making a statement then your mouse should too! 

The Pop mouse is designed to complement the Pop keybord perfectly. Available in the same stand out colour schemes of Daydream, Blast and Heartbreaker as the Pop keyboard, the Pop mouse looks amazing and is perfectly co-ordinated.

Once again coming in colour matched box, the Pop mouse slide out and makes an impression from the off. 

Not surprisingly you have the left and right mouse buttons cleverly designed from a single form with a split in the plastic separating the 2 halfs. You get a nicely rubberised scroll wheel which doubles as a functional button (for you CAD users out there) and a clever macro button just behind. 

The mouse is small, measuring 1.3 by 2.3 by 4.1 inches but not too light, weighing 2.8 ounces which gives it a nice feel in the hand and doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy. It is nicely rounded with an ever so slight grain to the plastic which makes it feel nice in the hand and echos the design cues from the Pop Keyboard. 

It is, of course, wireless and that means a replaceable battery which you access by lifting the top surface of the mouse off. I just want to mention there are no plastic clips to break – the cover is held on very securely by magnets which is a wonderful detail. Anyway, you probably wont be digging underneath very often as Logitech say it will last 2 years before having to whip the battery out. 

The Pop mouse connects to PCs, and Macs via bluetooth or the Logitech Bolt wireless dongle that comes with the keyboard. Flip the mouse over and you’ll see an on/off switch an a button you can use to flip between 3 synced devices, just like the Pop Keyboard. 

And how do you set all this up? Well as I mentioned earlier, the Logitech Options app is your friend!  
I did point out a macro button on the top of the unit and just like the Pop Keyboard you can assign emojis to the macro button with the software.  
Don’t worry if you’re not of the emoji generation, you can of course assign other functions to the macro button and also do the same with the scroll wheel button. 

The also software take care of your sync functions and scroll speeds. 

All in all, the Logitech Pop Keys keyboard and Pop Mouse look great. The keyboard is compact, sounds good and feels nice to type on. Everyone who’s seen it in the flesh wants to “borrow” it. The Pop mouse is a great wireless mouse and the macro button has been particularly useful. 

Switching between devices is super easy and extremely practical for those of us managing different platforms and without needing to have a tangle of cables everywhere! 

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, there’s a lot more to these well designed devices than just pretty colours. They’re practical, useful and stylish, another Logitech hit! 

The Pop Keys Keyboard is available from Logitech here: Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Emoji Keyboard

The Pop Mouse is available from Logitech here: Logitech POP Wireless Mouse with Emoji Button Function

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