A Day with Yamaha – Experience it for Yourself!

As the world’s leading manufacturer of audio products and musical instruments, it’s no surprise that Yamaha has a product for nearly every scenario. Whether it’s relaxing, exercising, or working, Yamaha proves that music can always be close to you and encapsulates their philosophy of every sound having a time, place, and meaning. 

My day is typically quite varied and busy, and I’m never in one place for too long. Read below to see how Yamaha’s extensive product range allows me to pair audio perfectly with whatever I’m up to at any given time of day.

7:33AM – WAKE UP

My morning starts at 7:30am… the sound of Human Nature by Michael Jackson gradually makes its way to my ears through the stylish Yamaha TSX-B237 desktop system. The sound is so crisp and clear as it slowly increases in volume throughout the entire room. 

We thought of adding this system to the kitchen because it gives off the appearance of being very simplistic and retro while packing some nice hardware underneath the hood. However, we found it to be a better fit in our bedroom, so we placed it on the side dresser as a nice addition. This little unit can play all your favorite music – FM, CD, Radio, DAB, USB, Bluetooth, and has an AUX-in for other uses. Regardless of your surroundings, the retro style of the speaker will fit into anyone’s décor. As a bonus, it also features Qi wireless phone charging so my phone rests there overnight charging wirelessly, ready for the day ahead.


My wife and I smile as the song soothes our morning and wakes us up feeling happy and ready for the day. I of course reach over to tap the snooze button, but that morning workout is calling me, and it must get done before I head into my office. 

8:02AM – WorkOut Routine

After brushing my teeth and splashing my face with water to wake up and head into my home gym, I grab my TW-ES5A sports earbuds and jump on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. The TW-ES5A sports earbuds were made to truly motivate and push you to your limits. Whether it is time to completely focus your attention and push yourself, or you just want to relax and get rid of any distractions, TRUE SOUND is there. They boast a 9h battery life, plus an additional 25 hours of case charging, so they won’t let you down if you’re planning a lengthy workout.

If you need to hear your surroundings while enjoying music, or if you’re asked a question while on the treadmill, Yamaha’s Ambient Sound mode lets you maintain a connection with the outside world while still hearing your favorite songs and can be turned on seamlessly with a tap on the side of the earbuds 

I don’t have to worry about sweat or getting these earbuds wet either, because they have been designed with IPX7-level high-grade waterproofing, which lets me work out as hard as I want! They provide amazingly clear and bright sound with some nice bass. If they somehow get dirty, I just wash them off and keep going.


My wife is no slacker either. She gets on the exercise bike right next to me and starts her morning workout routine as well. She pushes herself hard for 20-30 minutes using the same TW-ES5A sports earbuds. Thankfully Yamaha has made these available in multiple colors, so it’s easy to quickly know whose earbuds are whose. She chose the green earbuds, while I use the iconic Yamaha Racing blue colour. Yamaha also has these in Black, Green, White, and Pink. After her workout is finished, she takes a few minutes to cool down. She drinks a full glass of water and grabs a protein shake before her workday begins.

9AM – My Work Day Begins

Besides writing articles like these, I get hired to edit commercials, wedding videos, realtor reels and short films. So, what better option for getting perfect atmospheric sound than the Yamaha YH-L700A over-ear headphones. The headset is very sleek and looks as premium and gorgeous as the Apple AirPods Max. I load up Davinci Resolve, put these headphones on and get started. The first thing I need to do is adjust the headband to fit perfectly. It has a metal frame with comfortable padding, so adjusting it is easy and you can achieve the best fit quickly. 

The ear cups can be tilted or rotated for an even better overall experience. They are padded, soft, and thick, so they feel very good on your ears. I often forget that I’m wearing them, weighting in at only 330 grams compared to the AirPod Max at 385 grams.


One nice thing about these headphones is that Yamaha made them with physical buttons to manage everything – a change from modern ‘touch’ heavy headphone control. I can adjust the volume with an actual button and not accidentally change something else when I’m adjusting them over my ears.

Another nice feature is the real time head tracking, which allows playback to respond by the orientation of my head. This helps keep me focused and immerses me into a better workflow. The headphones are also equipped with Yamaha’s signature 3D Sound Field, which uses something called a Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF for short) to mathematically model how your ears receive sound from a point in space. 

This sophisticated processing considers your head and ear shape and size, among other individual details, along with knowledge of the way our brains process sound and use cues to determine where sounds are coming from. Together, this enables the localization of particular sound sources – and it’s very prominent when listening. It feels like my music is coming from the room itself, not from the pair of headphones on my head.

12:33PM – Lunch Break

My lunch break allows me to shut off the computer for an hour and relax on the couch. I make a quick sandwich while turning on the TV and powering up the SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar which includes an accompanying Wireless Subwoofer. It’s hooked directly up to my TV with a seamless HDMI ARC connection, which made setting it up a breeze. This has replaced our older sound bar configuration and upgraded our listening experience, giving us a wider range of sound while using less space. This multi-point Bluetooth connected sound system gives such an amazing range of virtual surround sound, and yet it’s half the size of my previous one. I think maybe I’ll play a little Overwatch 2 on the PS5 connected to this Soundbar. 

The Stereo setting is fine, but I’ll switch it over to Game Mode to hear the small, detailed sounds the game offers. This will give me that extra edge I need to win (at least, I hope so!) and provides me with an unprecedented level of immersion when gaming. The specific modes Yamaha has included are Stereo, Standard, 3D Movie, and Game. Each mode will give the best sound experience and fulfill each spectrum that they were designed for. The sound bar also features Yamaha’s Clear Voice capability, meaning that dialogue will always be crisp and audible, regardless of what’s happening on screen.


After 45 minutes of gaming, I’d better turn everything off and head back to work. I often find myself ending up spending too much time working and not enough time with the family, so today I plan on getting everything done on time. The Yamaha SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer have an auto shut off configured, so I just switch off the TV and walk back to my office.

6:30PM – End of the Day

I happened to finish work at around the same time my wife got home today from grocery shopping. Putting the food away is boring, so we fire up our new Yamaha HiFi system, a special package designed for the music lover just starting their HiFi journey. 

The pack includes a 2 Channel receiver, the R-S202, high resolution bookshelf speakers which we have set up in the kitchen, along with the TT-S303 turntable. This way we can listen to music while putting the food away and cleaning the dishes in the sink. The first component that comes with the package deal from Yamaha is the R-S202 2-Channel Receiver. This receiver was built above its class and has a high sound standard design that reduces the length of signal routes and optimizes the circuit layout. It truly makes music sound natural, and you get to truly experience the way the song was intended for listeners to hear.

The only downside is that turntable is not equipped with Yamaha’s MusicCast capability, so I can’t get it to stream music directly from my phone, but that’s all the reason I need to upgrade soon!


The Receiver allows us to listen to pretty much any source of sound. We started with just the basic FM stations, but the kids like some specific songs. The group BTS is still pushing forward with their popularity and up-beat South Korean K-pop songs. I, on the other hand still enjoy songs from artists like Justin Timberlake and an assortment of 90’s music. 

Speaking of 90’s music, my daughter bought me a few vinyls to play on the TT-S303 Belt-Driven Turntable that was included with the HiFi3 pack. It gives that retro look and design, while producing the amazing sound of real vinyl records. Honestly, nothing can beat that perfect sound and nostalgia a vinyl makes. I may be showing my age, but this was an excellent buy from Yamaha.

11PM – Time to Sleep

As the day concludes, I reflect on the way Yamaha has enhanced my day and the life of my family. No matter what any of us do, the lesson is to take each day and find enjoyment through the things that we love. Yamaha, to this day, has some great products that appeal to a wide audience, regardless of age, gender or profession and is a true demonstration of how audio can shape your day.

It’s time to set my alarm an hour later on my TSX-B237 Bluetooth speaker, so I can sleep in a little tomorrow morning… 

Enjoy the Yamaha experience for yourself. Head over to the Official Yamaha Website to learn more about these products.

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