Review: GRID 4 – The Framed iPhone 4 Art Piece that Turns Heads

What is considered Art? Who’s opinion really matters when it comes to the different art styles? Today we are taking a look at one of the finest pieces of art for the technical enthusiasts. What is it? Let’s find out.

The official introduction of the iPhone back on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs was an eventful day in history! It gave future customers five months to prepare for this incredible technology of the future to hold in their hands. When it was finally released on June 29th, 2007 through AT&T, many people had been standing in line for over twenty four hours, including myself. The anticipation was almost overwhelming. When the AT&T doors opened and we finally got to hold our new iPhones, we couldn’t wait to use them. Every year since that first day, Apple has done an amazing job upgrading and innovating that original design, while staying true to its foundation.

GRID is a company that has been selling framed electronic items for some time now, and they are all very intricate. For Apple fans, they have grid styled art pieces made with most of the iPhone series. Each of these art pieces are made with all the detailed parts that make up the iPhone in the piece. With the GRID 4 in hand, I must say that this is a masterpiece. It is glass incased with the frame size being 11.7 x 16.5 inches. Each individual part of the iPhone 4 is cemented down on a white background with labels and measurements of each part of the iPhone printed beautifully.

You can view the physical buttons, display; flex cables with the old 30-pin, speakers, connector, cameras, the glass back, battery, and even the iPhone logic board with the A4 chip. It is really nostalgic. According to the firm, everything is handmade with the aim of preserving the revolution of technologies.

Each of these GRID frames are priced based on the level of rarity. The GRID 4 is set at $169 and has discounts throughout the year. As of today, October 19th, 2022 it is only $139. Showing a savings of 30% percent. At times, others have found items from GRID Studios to be up to eighty percent off for limited durations.

Packaging and Design

Each frame is labeled with the names of many components that make up the design. They also include some nice additions, such as three dimensions and specific icons that represent what they do. For example, the sound components are labeled under “Sound button” and next to it, GRID has included the sound icon for easy identification. Furthermore, while the frames do come shipped enclosed with plexiglas to be protected, the glass can actually be removed, permitting you to touch the different parts directly. If you do however, be aware that the parts inside are dust collectors and can be hard to clean. 

Every device in each collection is real, as is each part that is broken down, including the logic board, screen, cameras, and the speakers. The only exceptions are the batteries, which due to safety issues are replicas. The frames are nicely wrapped with a ribbon tied around it and stamped in the center with the official Grid seal. It gives the presence of importance and you’ll probably do what I did, and that is to carefully remove the paper without ruining the stamp.

GRID Studio Framed Artwork

If you are connected to past technology in any way, or just love the look of deconstructed items, you should consider decorating with GRID studio frames. If you have a friend or a family member that is very techie and you are not sure what to buy them, I’m sure a frame from GRID Studio will be a very unique gift that they will love. Grid studio frames start at $158 and go all the way up to $700 at the most expensive.

On the Official Website, Grid Studio provides frames for lots of different products. They have broken them down into groups under each manufacturer or easily identifying genres, like “Game Consoles”. The Apple frames include nineteen different art pieces which contain the iPhone X, first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 5S, and more. Pricing varies depending on the rarity and importance of the devices. For example, the original iPhone frame retails for $599. Grid Studio provides a limited supply of the original iPhones and it is presently listed as sold out.

Frames for other iPhone models are generally priced at $169 and up, although Grid Studio is running a sale now. The Apple Watch series 0, as well as the iPod touch, are also accessible. Users can find an assortment of other handheld gaming systems and smartphones on the site and I’m sure more will be coming.


GRID Studio has changed modern and retro gadgets into framed artwork. They presently sell iconic and vintage products like GameBoy, iPhone, Blackberry Gold, the original Apple Watch and more on their online store. They use real devices to make the framed art pieces and they hand assemble everything. The excellent thing about Studio Grid is that they only take non-working and damaged gadgets, and turn them into something helpful like the GRID 4 framed iPhone 4 Art. They definitely turn heads when someone walks by and notices one of these art pieces hanging in your office or home. The glass is made of high quality transparent plexiglas, so shipping is not a problem. GRID Studio spends a lot of time making sure the details are just right on each piece. If you would like more information about GRID Studios or would like to purchase your own GRID Tech Art Piece, you can find them HERE.

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