Review: Google Pixel 7 – The Best of Google at Your Fingertips!

A Class-leading Device in the Pursuit of Perfection.

Before I begin, I have a confession to make. I am a lifelong Mac user and my loyalty to the brand has been borderline evangelical over the years. So, imagine how I felt when iPhone was launched. Alas, I was only able to admire it silently from afar like a schoolboy crush with each new version, as the prospect of owning one remained beyond my reach.

I eventually took ownership of iPhone 5 and I have to admit, the honeymoon period with this phone didn’t last long. My brain was so attuned to the Android UI that learning iOS seemed almost like an alien language. Needless to say, I reverted to Android with subsequent phones. Fast forward to 2016 and Google (the owner of Android since its acquisition in 2005) launched the Pixel phone to great acclaim. I mean, if Apple can create a phone and have it run on its own OS, why can’t Google?

They say “You can’t improve on perfection” but the launch of Google Pixel 7 has proved that to be untrue. This class-leading device (it seems unfair to call it a “phone”) as far as my experience is concerned, is a natural extension of my digital self. It works in harmony with every daily interaction I have with all things Google. Features such as Alarms, Calendars, Mail, Chat Messages, Social Media, Games, Maps, Youtube, Photos, Drive… and the infinite other apps that keep my life in order. The Pixel 7 takes a user to v2.0 of themselves.

With AI being all the rage at present, the camera on the Pixel 7 offers features that would have had eyes popping out of the sockets and left jaws on the floor in cartoon-like fashion a few short years ago. Images are captured in stunning detail and they really “POP” in low light conditions.

The Google Tensor G2 Chip is like the Flux Capacitor of this device. Bringing dream features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur to the hands of ordinary people who prefer Point-and-Shoot photography to dealing with all the extraneous details of capturing spontaneous, magical moments.

With the power of the Tensor G2 Chip, users can enjoy a much smoother experience with no annoying glitches or sluggish movement on the 90Hz display which will be welcomed by gamers and movie buffs alike.

At 6.3 inches, the Pixel 7 screen is a tad smaller than its predecessor’s 6.4 inches yet it still offers Full HD and a 20:9 aspect ratio which produces a sharper image. The bezel around the screen has also shrunk so you can be forgiven for thinking the screen looks bigger than it actually is.

When a product has reached its 7th or 8th incarnation as is the case with Google Pixel, I think we can rest assured that the device is as fully-featured and fully-functional as it can be. Of course, in the pursuit of perfection, there will always be room for improvement. As for me, I’m sure my allegiance to Google and Android will continue for a long time to come. For more information about the Google Pixel 7, check it out HERE.

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