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In one of Sydney’s lesser-known venues, a culinary star showcased a step-change in the joy of making and cooking perfect pizza in the comfort of your home.

Tom Gozney is a British chef / entrepreneur / engineer / visionary who, despite numerous challenges in life, has become a sort of ‘Yoda’ for those who love to cook and entertain outdoors.

The Gozney brand philosophy is to “Change the way the world cooks outdoors”. How simple and uncomplicated is that!

After spending over a decade designing and building customised pizza ovens for restaurants throughout the UK and Europe, Tom turned his hand at designing a pizza oven for anyone to enjoy. Thankfully, the Gozney brand now has two ovens to choose from and bespoke accessories so we can all get the most from cooking for and eating with the ones we love.

Roccbox – from $799

The Gozney Roccbox pizza oven is perfect for those times when impromptu gatherings and enjoying a meal together appear out of nowhere.

With both gas and wood fuel options, the Roccbox can be up and running in just a few minutes and ready to cook your pizza to perfection in minutes.

The Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven in Olive

Weighing just 20kg the Roccbox is perfectly portable and thanks to the patented rolling flame technology, the Cordierite stone cooking base is perfectly sized at 315 x 340mm. The built-in thermometer means you know when it’s time to get your masterpiece on the stone.

Perfectly matched accessories, such as the pistol-shaped Infrared Thermometer and the robust Dough Cutter, ensure you have the right tool at hand for the perfect pizza every time.

Dome – from $2,999

The Gozney Dome is the big-daddy of pizza ovens built for the home. Available in the same Olive colour as the Roccbox and in what Australians would call off-white, ivory, or beige – the Dome also comes in a stunning bone colour.

The Gozney Dome Pizza Oven in Bone

Featuring a dual-fuel heating system (gas and wood), the Dome is the pinnacle of the Gozney range features a 30mm thick double-layer cooking stone, a super-precise air ventilation system for perfect heat control, and a digital thermometer with two meat probes, so no matter what you’re roasting, smoking, steaming or baking – you’ll get it right every time.

And because it’s able to be run on gas, this is perfect for inner-city al fresco entertaining where caking the neighbours in smoke might not be appreciated.

The Gozney Dome Pizza Oven doing what it does best!

As with the Roccbox, there is a wide selection of accessories for the Dome – including a handsome stand with four large castor wheels with orientation locking and easy press foot brakes, steel powder-coated legs and aluminium cross beams, and two bamboo shelves for accessories and wood storage.

Gozney Pizza Oven Accessories

Roccbox Signature Edition – 030207 – $999

In a very generous and philanthropic nod to his adolescent years, Tom Gozney has developed a Signature Edition of the Roccbox from which a portion of the sales go towards honouring a pledge of $100,000 to support three incredible organisations that support people struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies across the globe.

The Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox

With all the same perfectly crafted features of the standard Roccbox, the Signature Edition is all black, including the stand, and is inscribed with the date: 030207, which was a literal turning point in Tom’s life. If you haven’t heard the story, check it out here.

So with the Summer months upon us here in Australia, there is no better time to create, cook, and enjoy the ones you love with a perfect meal from a Gozney Pizza Oven.

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