Review: Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock with Wireless Charging

To keep up with the new wireless charging trends, the Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C dock enables both wired and wireless USB Type-C charging in a single multiport dock. The Moshi dock supports the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) to provide quick wireless charging, with up to 15W for Qi enabled mobile devices. For wired interfaces, the Moshi Symbus Q compact USB-C Dock offers USB-Type A, USB Type-C power, Ethernet and DisplayPort/HDMI connectors for the new Macs, PC’s, tablets and phones.

The Symbus Q Compact USB-C dock transforms your notebook into a desktop system equipped with wireless charging. Fitted with Q coil technology, the USB-C hub can wirelessly charge phones through cases up to five mm thick. Qi-certified, Symbus Q supports Samsung 9W fast charging and Apple 7.5W. Not only is it a wireless charger, this device also connects your MacBook or USB-C notebook to an HDMI monitor, wired internet, and USB peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, or external storage.

A USB-C Hub Like No Other

Equipped with the new generation upgraded USB-C chipset, the Symbus Q dock plays back crystal-clear 4K video at a refresh rate of 60Hz. It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content for smoother, more realistic depictions, especially in action movies or video games with high-speed motion. The HDMI 2.0 port also includes digital surround sound for HDMI equipped displays, projectors, or AV receivers.

The Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock comes with a tethered non-removable USB Type-C cable that is used to link to your computer along with an AC powered adapter accessory. Users will need to plug in the AC adapter to power the Symbus Q Dock, so other items can receive charging from it. If the device supports USB power delivery based charging, (like an iPad Pro or MacBook) it can be quickly charged up with fast-charging. The Symbus Q can deliver up to 60W of power through USB charging, which works very well.

There is an LED indicator on the front left side near the bottom that indicates when charging is happening. This is Moshi’s proprietary Smart LED for the ability to quickly glance at the charging status and know whether it is done or still charging. The back of the Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock also contains an HDMI 2.0 port and a Gigabit Ethernet port. If the computer or tablet accepts DisplayPort devices over Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C, you can link up an external 4K monitor from the HDMI port. This will output video up to 4K at 30 Hz resolution, depending on the capability of the computing monitor and device.

The front of the Moshi Symbus USB-C dock contains 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports for data. Any USB data peripheral like a USB storage drive linked to one of these ports, should be available by the computer or computing device. The USB-A port on the left side with the little lightning bolt above it allows for fast-charging.

Quality Materials and Advantages

Built with the best quality materials, Symbus Q is encased in aluminum and topped with a non-slip; cushioned surface, making sure your phone stays safe and secure while charging. The all around design is beautiful and unique, keeping your work area both stylish and organized.

This Dock only uses one USB-C port (non-removable cable) to include full desktop connectivity to your notebook. This gives users the ability to be more productive at home or in the office, while maintaining a minimalistic design with less wires. The HDMI 2.0 port produces crystal clear ultra HD video to an external display, while the Gigabit Ethernet port gives high-speed, reliable wired network connectivity for when the WiFi is  just too finicky. Two USB-A ports – One which supports quick-charging, while both can easily connect to any of your accessories. This may include a keyboard, mouse, external HDD or SSD, thumb-drive, flash-drive, external DVD player/burner, etc.

The Symbus Q dock works with a big range of notebooks and tablets, including all of the new generation MacBooks and USB-C Surface devices. There is no program or driver installation needed, just plug into an accessible port on your device and get started.


  • Thunderbolt 3 compatible with 100% plug-n-play (no drivers required)
  • Supports both 4K (60 Hz) and High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Compact docking station for Thunderbolt 3 or USB C equipped devices
  • Qi certified wireless charging (Q coil technology)
  • Charges through cases up to 5mm thick
  • Supports Samsung 9W wireless quick charging and Apple 7.5W
  • High Speed USB port for charging your tablet or smartphone
  • 2 USB-A ports for connectivity
  • Integrated Smart LED charging indicator
  • Full USB PD function for quick charging USB C laptops up to 60W


  • Some users may want a few more ports

Extra Information – The Moshi Utility App

As a side note, a Utility App was created a few years back that controls the Moshi USB-C dock. This app sets up an extension in the menu bar where you can immediately eject all linked USB devices from your Mac or Windows. The Dock utility also points out Ethernet status and lets you update the firmware on any Moshi USB-C dock such as the Symbus. The App has not been updated recently, however some users have found it to be useful. You can find the App on Google by searching for “Moshi USB-C Dock Utility for PC and Mac”. This is an Intel Application and as of now does not have a version directly made for Apple Silicon Macs but should work with Rosetta.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of different USB type C docks found online, but not many of them take each port to the max. The Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock brings almost everything you need into one area. Connect and charge your MacBook or Notebook with the USB-C cable. Output to a 4K monitor with HDR support, using the HDMI 2.0 port. Plug in and access your files from an external SSD, while charging your Tablet from the other USB-A port. Use fast reliable internet through the Ethernet port, and quick charge your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone wirelessly, by placing it on the cushioned, built-in Qi charging pad. The Symbus Q can transform a notebook into a full-featured desktop system. The Q-coil technology can charge right through cases up to 5 mm thick, so users can just place their phones on the charging pad without needing to remove their case. The Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock with Wireless Charging is priced at $219 and is definitely a go-to dock that stands out from the rest. To order the Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock Click HERE. For more information about Moshi or the Symbus Q, check out the Official Website.

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