Review: Monoprice True Wireless Earphones – Active Noise Cancelling is a Sound Purchase

It is said that variety is the spice of life. However, variety can be a 2 edge sword. That of having too many options. Personally, I can attest to struggling to make a decision in an ocean of options. You can find that true with all sorts of items: cars, music, food, and in this particular case, headphones. It normally comes down to balancing Comfort, Quality, and Cost.

Over the years, I was in the habit of using my old wired headphones to speak on the phone and participate in confidential Zoom meetings. More commonly in listening to music. Due to the fact that I wasn’t sure which brand was best for me. Was it to be the traditional over-the-ear style, or was it the in-ear type? What about the more expensive model? Was it superior because it was more expensive? Or the less expensive model? Knowing I very well may lose them or just one of them and have to buy another pair anyway.

With so many options available, I could not decide which Bluetooth, headphones, or earbuds would be the best for me.

My situation changed recently when I discovered the Monoprice true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation.

Normally, my preference would have been for over-the-ear headphones. You know the ones that make you look like a DJ. However, the Monoprice earphones were comfortable and easy to use.

Strangely enough, I was a bit skeptical of how they would feel in my ears. Most of the time in the ear earphones make me feel a bit claustrophobic or confined. Yet, after using the Monoprice, true wireless earphones, they did not distract from the listening experience and felt very comfortable. Most importantly I discovered how great the active noise canceling was, and what I had been missing up till now. When you have noise-canceling headphones, you hear how good and clear the sound is, but I’ve never been able to afford good noise-canceling earphones. So, in addition to the comfort level, and the sound quality. The fact that these were budget, friendly noise, canceling earphones was extremely important to me.

Following are just a few of the specifications that make them on a price true wireless earphones, a great buy in a quality product.


The Bluetooth reception with the Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection truly allows you to be about 32 feet away from your device. I tested this all be it unintentionally.  When I was first using the earphones for a phone call. While I was deep into the conversation. I had to walk from my garage into my kitchen. Where I had not realized until I got well into the house that I was actually on earphones. I was able to carry on such a clear conversation into the interior of my home that I had forgotten that I had earphones in. It was only the indicator from the earphones that advised me I had reached the limit of the connection

There is No Power Shortage

The low-energy audio feature indeed extends the battery life of the air phones and is excellent playback time. I had to only charge them only once a week however, the specs dictate that it delivers up to seven hours of continuous playback time. Astounding point able the power use of the earphones. Being that the charging case which is included stores has enough energy to fully charge the air phones up to four times which provides after 28 hours of playback. If you use your earphones throughout the day and charge the case and the earphones simultaneously, you will never run out of playtime with true wireless earphones.

High-Quality Sound

The Monoprice True wireless earphones it’s been the first time I’ve looked forward to using earphones to listen to music or audiobooks because the audio is so clear, unlike other headphones that may give a canny sound or a distant sound the mono price your phones truly provide high-quality audio. Due to the design and the tech included in the air phones. The earphones are equipped with, The Qualcomm® QCC3040 Bluetooth® chipset includes the Adaptive aptX™ audio codec,

Extensive Range

With these earphones, it doesn’t sound like you have only the higher end of the audio frequencies with the 13 MM drivers the base is an integral part of the audio that you enjoy.

Part of the earphones is the active noise canceling, I could not believe the sound quality improvement whenever the noise canceling feature was initiated the method developed is a hybrid, active noise canceling system, and it is phenomenal because it uses the same microphones to sample the noise that is around you and then create a canceling signal which offsets the outside noise so all I heard was the Strait music and the audiobook that was coming through the system.

Monoprice, wireless earphones are exceptional when it comes to phone call clarity. Due to the Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0 Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression system. It makes a phone call seamless. Incidentally, this very article is being written, using the Monoprice, true wireless earphones, and the voice-to-text feature on my computer. With a virtual no, misunderstood words and phrases.

Resilient By Design

Often we enjoy listening to music while exercising or hiking. The Monoprice earphones have an IPX5 waterproof rating which means that the earphones are designed to be water resistant from any direction so you don’t have to worry about rain or sweat or even splashing water because of the Monoprice, true wireless air phones are designed for an active lifestyle.

Company Behind the Product

In addition to the high-quality build of these, earphones Monoprice is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, but additionally a one-year replacement. This means that mono price not only believes in its product, but they stand behind it.

Even though the model price is true wireless, your phones are excellent. It is not the only product I’ve ever purchased from mono price and just like every other product that they provide it is a high-quality item at a reasonable price.

Is always one good indicator of a quality product with a reputable company is that they provide service after the sale something that motor price they provide service and support to assist you not just with salespeople but with knowledgeable technicians just before you purchase after the sale

Understandably the quality of the Monoprice Wireless Earphones includes the Active Noise canceling feature. This would sound like an expensive product. However, you can purchase the earphone from the mono-price site for a reasonable $59.99. which includes the

Earphones, Charging/carrying case, and USB charging cord

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