Review: TCL C735 QLED – Gamers Choice with Modifications

Every Gamer wants to have the best choice of TV to display whatever games they play. However, going for the right choice can be extremely tiring and worrisome. The TCL C735  has been designed with a lot of modifications to serve the best purpose for every gamer and anyone that wants to make a great choice and a budget friendly one at that.

Product Packaging and Design

The TCL C735  was recently produced by the TCL company and released into the market for sale about three months ago. Since it’s release, the product has a lot of people talking about its features and design. It has a flat design and it’s built on LED technology. It was launched in series and it comes in various sizes which are 55 inches, 65 inches, 78 inches and 95 inches. It has a very thin screen and ARM Cortex- A73 processor is responsible for powering the device with a Mali-G52 MP GPU and RAM of 3GB.

TCL C735 has a Super Smooth Video MEMC; MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation)  that makes picture processing seamlessly smooth, thanks to an intelligent chip-supported algorithm that adds an extra frame during it’s performance to deliver 60-fps display. Fast-moving, energy-packed scenes look more defined, with no blurring or juddering. The display gets better with every scene.

A chipset enabled TCL algorithm processes content quickly and in real time. It has an environment detector that upscales and modifies display and audio. Picture is optimized to give quality based on the scene being displayed. The audio quality is modified dynamically based on volume; eliminating disruption of signal and speakers, and providing a more authentic listening experience at any sound level.

It comes with two remote controls that work through Bluetooth. The remote control also has a built in microphone that responds to voice commands. It comes with very few keys and has shortcuts to easy streaming and watching on applications like Netflix and YouTube.


With a 4k resolution it brings to life a detailed display with impeccable quality for your viewing pleasure. What’s not to love in a deal that brings every detail to life, awakening your imagination and senses to no end?

The TCL C735 QLED also uses a Direct LED backlight behind the LCD panel. It provides a uniform amount of light across the screen. But as the white LEDs are always on (no local dimming), it relies on the LCD gates to control the image. It is better than Edge lit function in the earlier series.


Google/Android 11 TV is easy to use. You can log in through your Gmail account, set up Wi-Fi (or Ethernet), and be sure to agree to the privacy policy.

For the Gamers 

The TCL C735 series includes a number of pre-set picture modes optimized for different types of content, including “Game Mode,” “ALLM Mode,” and more. This feature adjusts settings specifically for gaming so that your game can look its best! It also helps to optimize dark scenes for you to see better in dimly lit areas thereby improving your gameplay. Want to tune out all distractions while you play? Then ensure “Game Mode” of this smart TV is on! 

The Game Bar is the hub of gaming to adjust settings, change display modes, and more. Game Bar enables you to take screenshots, broadcast your gameplay on YouTube or Twitch, or even record video clips of your gameplay on YouTube/Twitch.

Additional Features

 There’s also an ALLM (Automatic Low Input Latency Mode) that reduces input latency so that when you move your mouse or controller, it registers in real-time on the screen. And if you want a little extra speed, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) Mode can dynamically switch between 48~144Hz, mainly to keep it the same as the input signal and avoid screen tearing caused by different refresh rates.

 The TCL C735  can be purchased from online stores or any local shop, its price ranges based on the TV’s size from $1,499 to $9,999. With the arrival of the TCL C735 we can say goodbye to screen judders, terrible picture quality, and poor sound and say hello to a whole new world of endless viewing and gaming pleasure.

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