Review: Doxie Pro Scanner – Compact Design Made For Less Clutter

We all know scanning documents can be done with our smartphones, however, it is honestly not the best method for getting complete and detailed scans. This is where the company Doxie shines. They have taken the Doxie Scanner to a new level and enhanced it into a more professional model. It is built for evolving areas that need continued decluttering and accurate copying. The Doxie Pro is very easy to use, compact, and was built durable with great versatility.

When it comes to physically storing paperwork, invoices, notes, work orders, receipts, etc. we tend to stack them into a folder and sometimes forget where that folder was placed. The alternate side of this, would be someone who keeps everything stored in filing cabinets and storage bins. This type of person would make notes for themselves, as reminders to where each document is placed. Both of these situations would drive anyone crazy. Either, they cannot remember where it was placed, or there is so much room taken over by cabinets.

Why Doxie?

The Doxie Pro helps eliminate the overwhelming lure to keep every piece of paper in a folder, which will then sit inside a drawer. This little professional scanner is small enough to keep on a side table and easy enough to quickly use whenever it’s needed. Others may want to store it inside a drawer or even take it with them on trips, since it’s so small and fits in most travel bags.

The Doxie Pro measures 30x10x7.5 cm and weighs a little over 3 lbs. It is the size of a rolled-up hand towel and weighs approximately the same as a 3 month old kitten. The main focus is doing our best to save space and lower the volume of clutter around us. 

The Doxie Pro can convert a disastrous area into a peaceful environment. This is by taking all of those invoices, documents, receipts, statements, business cards, drawings, photos, classwork, sketches, or homework, and scanning them into one piece of software and storing them safely. We all know paper piles up fast, so this scanner can quickly make this problem history. The Doxie Pro is very easy to use once the software is setup. No need to search around for other scanning programs, because Doxie keeps their own support updated. At the time of this articles release, they have updated the software to Doxie 3.0 (2875) which adds more control and better optimization.

What Can Doxie Pro Do?

Two Sided Scanning

The Doxie Pro can scan 2 sided papers using the two page, automatic, collapsible document feeder, and can scan up to twenty-two pages per minute. Doxie users can utilize the direct feed for photos, business cards, or for slightly delicate paper.

Searchable PDFs

Optical character recognition (OCR) recognizes the text in your documents and scans them into PDFs that can be searched with text that can simply be copied and pasted. Declutter and organize your digital life in a single swoop.

Clear, Crisp, Scans

The Doxie Pro can handle scans up to 8.5” wide by 118” long, with a dpi resolution of 600. Auto adjustments will rotate, crop, and enhance the contrast of each scan to ensure they look beautiful.

Works with Both Mac & PC

The Intuitive Doxie software with an easy to remember name “Doxie” version 3.0 works with both PC and Mac. The software makes organizing, importing, adjusting, saving, and sharing all of your scans easy and fast. Going paperless should not feel like rocket science. With Doxie, it is as simple as a few clicks.

Local & Cloud Apps

Save all of your scans as PNG, PDF, and JPEG type file formats. These are the standard file extensions that are compatible with all email clients, photo editing software and cloud based apps like OneNote, Evernote, iCloud, and Dropbox. Have your documents wherever you want them, whenever you need them.


The Doxie Pro box contains everything a user will need to get started scanning. This includes both a USB-C and USB-A cable to connect to your computer, along with UK, US, and Euro power adapters. Doxie has included a replacement pick roller, paper pad, and a microfiber cleaning cloth for dusting.

Document Feeder

Since this unit is small and compact, it is only made for scanning documents and photos that can be fed into and through it. This is not a flatbed style scanner. The Doxie Pro does not have the capabilities to scan 3 dimensional objects. This is a decluttering, document scanner, that feeds paper and photos into it, while scanning both sides of the sheet simultaneously.

Scanner Type

There are two types of scanner choices that are easily known worldwide. The sheetfed scanner and the flatbed scanner. Both are commonly used in offices and homes. A flatbed scanner needs the highest manual effort matched to a sheetfed scanner. Users will have to align each document inside the glass and make sure it doesn’t move when closing the top. Only a single item can be scanned at a time. As for a sheetfed scanner (like the Doxie Pro) it is made with automation in mind. Users can load multiple sheets of paper into the feeder – this includes different sizes and styles – and press the scan button. The scanner will do all the work for you and keep everything aligned and steady.

One Side or Two Sides

Simplex scanners just scan one side of a page in a single pass, while Duplex scanners (like the Doxie Pro) scan both sides of the paper in one pass. This is a great feature for utility bills and statements, since they usually come with information on both sides of the document. The Doxie Pro can scan the information in one single pass and have it on your screen in seconds. Then you can toss the original in the trash and move on to better things.

Final Thoughts

While the Doxie Pro Scanner can handle most users demands, it always comes down to what you personally need. The Doxie Pro is a best home-use scanner at the low cost of $249. It is for those who enjoy less clutter, with the least amount of space used. Since this scanner needs to be plugged into a power outlet and a computer, it cannot be used on its own. The primary reason for anyone to select a Doxie scanner over other scanners, is the attention to detail that Doxie provides for their products and customer base. Doxie is constantly finding easier and faster solutions for scanning documents and keeping our environment clutter free. If you are in the process of going paperless and are looking to compile years of documents in a little amount of time, the Doxie Pro Scanner is the right choice for you. To purchase your own or get more information, about the Doxie Pro or any Doxie product, you can find it HERE at the Official Doxie Website or on Amazon.

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