Review: Allway OE10 Open-Ear Earphones

Open earbuds are growing in popularity today. This is more true for those in the sports industry and people who often engage in outdoor activities and would like to be aware of the sounds surrounding them. Allway has tapped into this growing demand and popularity to launch exactly what you are looking for!

In November this year, Allway launched the Allway 0E10 product. This is a pair of comfortable earbuds that have been designed to suit different types of people. The earbuds are suitable for any kind of activity because they remain secure in one’s ear even when doing vigorous activities like sports. Unlike other traditional earbuds, Allway 0E10 are not suited for a person’s inner ear but rather come in an open-air design.

Design and Dimensions

Earbud dimensions is 12 x 54 x 51 centimeters (0.47 x 2.13 x 2 inches). The case inside the box is elegant and classy with a dimension of 26 x 136 x 71 centimeters (1 x 5.35 x 2.8 inches)

Compared to traditional earbuds that are situated inside the ear, the Allway OE10 definitely has a ‘classy’ look giving the user a feeling of pride. The open-air design has captured a lot of attention due to its uniqueness and comfortability around the ear. They are designed to curve around the outer ear and float just outside the ear. This design is much more comfortable than those situated inside the ear, because it prevents ear perspiration. Additionally, the open ear design ensures that outside sounds are not completely blocked; thus, one can ride a bike and still have optimal alertness to the surrounding sounds. They have an adjustable feature allowing the user to adjust them to fit in any ear shape comfortably.

The Box

The Allway 0E10 open-ear buds come packed in a small-sized black box labelled as ‘open Ear 10’ with different colour-for visibility of the product name. Inside the box is a charging case covered in a grey cloth. The case is 1 inch thick, 5.35 inches wide, and 2.8 inches deep. The total weight of the casing is around four ounces when containing the pair of earbuds. Inside the box, one will get the Allway OE10 Open-Ear Earphones, a charging case, a Charging cord, and a Manual. The manual serves to provide instructions on how to adjust and fit the earbuds. The earbuds are composed of white plastic with silver trim. Each of these devices weighs 14 grams.


Each earbud has a 130mAh battery, while the charging case is fitted with a 450mAh hour battery. With such a battery, the earbud’s operation time is quite high, as it can go for up to 16 hours when fully charged. 

Comfort and Stability

Ever worn an earbud that keeps slipping off your ear every time you move around? That’s quite irritating and makes you want to take the pair off and throw them away. Well, the good news is that the Allway open earbuds solve this problem for you and allow you to go on with your activities without worrying about the earbuds falling off or re-adjusting itself. The E010 earbud hangs from a curved arm that will fit comfortably across the top of the wearer’s earlobe. The speaker rests lightly against the ear opening and can easily be adjusted up to 30 degrees enabling it to fit exceptionally well. With all these factors considered, these earbuds are the most comfortable you will get. 

Volume and Sound Reproduction

When purchasing an earbud, the first feature that one will be keen on is the volume, quality, and quantity. We all want that smooth, quality sound reproduction that does not irritate the ear or give you a headache. Allway has equipped the 0E10 earbuds with a 16.2mm speaker, producing exceptional sound across the frequency range. The wearer can raise the volume relatively high based on their preference. 

Bluetooth Pairing and Range

The transmission range for Bluetooth pairing is almost the same as other Bluetooth devices. The frequency range is 20hz – 20khz, and the transmission distance is 30 meters. The set of Allway 0E10 earbuds pairs quickly with smartphones, and once paired, they will automatically connect to your phone whenever you pull them from their case. As long as the phone is within close range, you can use the earbud’s Bluetooth function comfortably. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.3 and include a noise-canceling microphone system. The wearer can accept phone calls, adjust the volume, or select music through a special touchpad. 


Going by the high quality and comfortability of the Allway 0E10, it is safe to say that they boast of a considerably affordable price tag. The earbuds are retailing at a price of only USD $89. The price is significantly lower than that of other primary competitors. 

Final Thoughts

Based on the features and functionality of Allway 0E10 earbuds, one can conclude that the product meets the customer’s expectations. With the comfortable fitting design and high sound reproduction, the earbuds perfectly serve the purpose they are meant for. The adjustable feature makes them all the more appealing as they can be adjusted to suit the ear type of the wearer, minimizing any chances of discomfort if they do not fit perfectly. The open-air design is a major improvement from traditional earbuds, which block out surrounding sounds. If you are the kind of person who wants to enjoy your music while still keeping tabs on what’s going on around you, this is for you! For those who love sports and outdoor activities, Allway 0E10 earbuds are the way to go too!

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