Review: Logitech Brio 300 HD Webcam

As I sit at my desk I am currently looking at 3 Logitech products – My G402 mouse, my G213 keyboard and a 1080p webcam so you could say I am very happy with the products Logitech make! They recently graciously sent me their new Brio 300 full HD 1080p webcam to check out – Let’s see if it will replace the older model perched on top of my screen!

So Logitech have added to their historic and well regarded webcam line of products with the the Brio 300 aimed at consumers and business customers. First things first, I am old enough to remember when computers and monitors were all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colours, and nothing like they are today. So, I love the industrial design of this device which reminds me of the 1980s memphis design style – in a good way. The camera is plug and play and was tested on a PC, Mac and ChromeOS. It comes with a USB-C connection which is great for new devices, but it works on an old fashioned USB A port if you have an adapter (which we tried without issues).

Effectively, the Brio 300 is a small conical shape with coloured flecks in it with a slight rough texture and comes in 3 colours; Off-white, Rose and Graphite. The plastic, as well as being an aesthetic choice, is part recycled; 62% for graphite, 48% for rose and off-white, which is a nice touch.

Below the camera body is a triple jointed stand which fits the top edges of desktop and laptop screens very well (or it can be stood on a nearby box or tin can) and offers good stability plus on the camera side, you also get a flip down privacy shutter to cover the lens if you are bothered by that sort of thing. Continuing on to the front of the device there is a light indicating when the camera is active and the digital microphone equipped with noise reduction, which should cut down on background noise if you’re on a conference call.

But that’s what you can see from the outside, what I guess you really want to know is… is the camera any good? Well I compared it with a couple of built in laptop devices and a slightly older logitech camera I have perched on my screen. The results were quite surprising… Apart from the fact that the Brio can record at 1080p at 30fps the automatic light correction is nothing short of astounding. Coupled with the clever high dynamic contrast system, the overall effect is like night and day. In some instances literally!

My workspace can be pretty dark if it’s not sunny out (and living in the UK, it’s often not sunny) and the Brio 300 outshone all the other webcams I was comparing with – the image is always super detailed and shockingly bright. The fixed focus, 4 element lens seems to have no problem keeping me in focus the whole time, plus the camera has a 70 degree field of view which is pretty much perfect for conference calls with no need for a cinemascope view of my messy backdrop!

We tested a bunch of major video call apps including Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and FaceTime without issue using the built in effects like background blurs and all appeared to work fine.

What more can I say? the Logitech Brio 300 comfortably out performed all the devices I had in. my possession, so if you want your video calls to look sharp, bright and not break the bank when looking for an excellent webcam, definitely give this device a good hard look!!

The Logitech Brio 300 is available direct from Logitech and from Amazon

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