Review: Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro with Bird’s Eye View and 3D Motion Detection

Advanced Surveillance and Protection with Cutting-Edge Features

When you first take possession of any Ring device, you can rest assured that your device is backed by a vast global following of loyal and happy customers. The Amazon-owned Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is no exception.


At $375AU, it represents a cost-effective, streamlined alternative to the general fuss commonly linked with traditional, outdoor CCTV solutions. Whether you’re installing The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro in a residential or commercial setting, this feature-laden security camera will seamlessly act as your virtual eyes and ears whenever you’re not around – day or night.


Technology like this was seen as pure fantasy, worthy of a Bond movie just a couple of decades ago.

This top-of-the-range security camera benefits from a wired connection which eliminates the anxiety of running out of power often associated with battery-powered devices. However, it must be mentioned that professional installation of this security camera is advised. The wired nature of the device means that you get 24/7 uninterrupted coverage of your property. This security camera has superior 1080p HDR resolution as well as colour, nighttime video capture, a far cry from the grainy images and muffled audio found on older systems. The Audio+ feature of the Floodlight Camera Wired Pro alludes to the advanced sound quality found in this model which benefits from extraneous noise-cancelling audio. You can now speak clearly with visitors or intruders if you’re out shopping or even away on holiday!

One of the premium features of this security camera is the Bird’s Eye View which uses radar technology to give an aerial map view, allowing you to track the movement of any visitors within range around your property using the Ring app on your compatible Android or iOS mobile device. While this is a welcome feature, only those with a strong enough WiFi connection will really benefit from it. If like me, your WiFi signal is prone to fluctuating, you may want to consider a compatible WiFi booster such as the Ring Chime Pro 2. While the first generation model only has 2.4GHz, this new, sleek device features Dual-Band (2.4 & 5GHz) connectivity to specifically extend the range of your Ring network. The Chime Pro 2 plugs into a normal power socket and gives guided feedback during the setup process to find the best location for your Chime Pro. Once installed, the device allows you to receive notifications wherever you are in your home. It also has a built-in nightlight and just like its predecessor, The Ring Chime Pro 2 also acts as a speaker for your Ring Video Doorbell (if you have one). No matter where you are in your home or office, it will alert you with an audio signal whenever you receive an alert from a Ring device.

Keep Talking

As with the other security cameras in the range, the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is equipped with two-way talk which allows you to talk to visitors or alert intruders with greater clarity of sound. Available in black or white finishes, as well as being a visual deterrent to thieves and undesirables, the remotely operated 100db siren will also provide a loud, audible warning to ward off any potential miscreants.

It’s all ‘app’ning

These and many more settings can be customised with the Ring app which is also used for notifications and the Live View function. The app also allows you to connect your other Ring devices as well as Amazon Alexa so you could watch the 1080p camera feed on your home TV in glorious HDR using voice prompts alone if the need or desire arises.

The camera spans a wide field of view covering 140 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically. With such an expansive viewing range, the camera is equipped with Advance 3D Motion Detection and notification, customisable Motion and Privacy Zones which reduce false alerts, and allows pinpoint customization of detection areas. 

Another cool feature of the app is that it allows you to zoom in on areas whether you’re reviewing old footage or watching in Live View so any subtle movements can be highlighted and captured.

And finally…

As with all of the other products that Ring has to offer, the Floodlight Camera Wired Pro comes with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect which allows you to record your videos and capture photos to the Cloud for you to review, save and share with others. There are two Ring Protect options available. The one you should choose depends largely on the number of Ring devices that you have connected together. If you only have one Ring security device the Protect Basic option at 5.00 /month will offer (among other benefits) up to 180 days of Video History. While the primary benefit of the Protect Plus option is that you can save video footage for unlimited Ring devices around your property for 15.00 /month (prices correct at time of review). For a full list of Ring Protect features and comparisons, go here.


In summary, The Ring Floodlight Wired Camera Pro is like a Swiss army knife for home or office security. It blends in seamlessly with the Ring ecosystem of devices. Just like a Bond villain, you can manage and operate the security camera from anywhere in the world, at the touch of your fingers on your compatible mobile device of choice. If you felt the urge or inclination, you could even use it to greet visitors in the timeless fashion, “We have been expecting you…”.

The Ring Floodlight Wired Cam Pro is available from the Ring store or Amazon

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