Roon Labs Audio Hardware is now Available in AU/NZ

It’s so easy to take music streaming for granted but doing it properly is now big business.

High-end AU/NZ audio distributor BusiSoft AV is proud to announce the addition of Roon Labs hardware to its multi-room audio portfolio. This strategic partnership brings together two companies committed to delivering the ultimate audio experience to discerning music enthusiasts across Australia and New Zealand.

Roon Labs’ solutions allow users to explore and connect to their entire music library, encompassing both local files and streaming content from TIDAL and Qobuz. The platform presents a captivating gallery of high-resolution artist photos, biographies, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and credits for various music professionals, such as performers, composers, conductors, producers, and engineers. This comprehensive offering creates an immersive and engaging experience for music lovers, engaging all the senses.

Key Roon Labs hardware products that will be distributed by BusiSoft AV include:

Nucleus Music Server

A silent, high-performance, power-efficient Roon Core developed by the same team that created Roon software. The Nucleus offers a simple, fast setup with automatic updates and no fans or moving parts, ensuring minimal operating system interference.

Nucleus Plus Music Server

Designed to provide the ultimate Roon experience, the Nucleus Plus caters to users with larger music libraries and more audio zones. With superior processing power, it ensures a high-quality, seamless music experience for in-home and personal use.


A dedicated Roon Core developed for seamless integration with existing home automation solutions, featuring four-zone audio outputs, flexible storage options, and high-resolution audio delivery throughout the home. The Whirlwind is designed for rack mounting with other home systems and has a built-in four-zone Roon Ready streamer with a range of digital and analogue outputs.

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