Review: Hyundai Staria Highlander – The Space Age People Mover

A spacious and practical people mover loaded with tech

The humble people mover with plenty of space and can comfortably accommodate a family of eight is unique today. Luxury and practicality is still out there if you don’t want a large SUV. The Hyundai Staria – much like Prince Charles – is the new King. A space age and stylish people mover that offers an unparalleled level of comfort, practicality, and convenience. I spent a week driving the Staria Highlander 2.2 CRDi being part Dad’s taxi and part DHL delivery driver.

Hyundai Staria Highlander 8-Seater
The space age Hyundai Staria Highlander 8-Seater people mover in Graphite Grey

Introduction to the Space Age Hyundai Staria

The Hyundai Staria is a modern and versatile people mover that offers an impressive combination of style, comfort, and performance. With a sleek and space-age design, the Staria will turn heads and make a statement on the road. The vehicle is available in an eight-seater configuration, making it perfect for large families, groups, or businesses that require a spacious and luxurious mode of transport.

What Sets the Staria Apart from Other People Movers

The Staria sets itself apart from other people movers in the market thanks to its futuristic and modern design. The vehicle features a very bold and futuristic exterior, with a streamlined silhouette and a range of eye-catching design elements. From the front, the Staria looks like R2D2’s older cousin, with a white LED strip from ear to ear and low-riding headlights that give it a distinctive look. The vehicle’s body is sculpted to provide maximum internal usable space without looking like a loaf of bread on wheels.

Another key feature that sets the Staria apart from other people movers is its advanced technology and connectivity features. This space-age people mover comes equipped with a range of cutting-edge features, including a large 10.25 inch touchscreen display with Apple Car Play & Android Auto, a sadly below-par audio system, 6 USB ports and wireless smartphone charging. These features make the Staria an incredibly practical people mover to own for a long family trip or the daily school drop off.

The Staria’s Unique Design and Features

The Staria’s unique design and features make it a standout vehicle in the people mover market. The vehicle’s interior is spacious, comfortable, and well-appointed, with a range of features that enhance the driving experience. The Staria’s 8 leather seats are incredibly comfortable and offer plenty of support. The vehicle’s multi-zone climate control system is also highly effective, ensuring that passengers remain comfortable no matter the weather outside. The HVAC controls are all touch-sensitive which does take your eyes from the road quite often.

One of the most impressive features of the Staria is its large and versatile seating and cargo area. Copious amounts of room for passengers thanks to the eight-seat configuration, and the Staria’s cargo area is massive. In full 8-seater mode there’s 831 litres of cargo space. This increases to 1,303 litres with only 5-seats in use. Whether you need to transport luggage, equipment, or mountain bikes, the Staria’s cargo area is up to the task.

The spacious cargo area of the Hyundai Staria
The spacious cargo area of the Hyundai Staria with very easy access

Comfort and Convenience in the Staria’s Spacious Interior

The Staria’s spacious interior is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The vehicle’s seats are incredibly comfortable, with plenty of legroom and headroom for passengers of all sizes. The Staria Highlander also features a range of convenience features, including power-adjustable seats, a heated steering wheel, and a range of storage bins and compartments.

Another critical feature of space-age Staria’s interior is its advanced climate control system. The vehicle’s air conditioning system is incredibly effective, ensuring passengers remain comfortable no matter the weather outside. The Staria’s climate control system is also highly configurable, with a range of settings that allow passengers to customise their environment to suit their preferences.

12-way power adjustment (including 4-way lumbar support) and tri-level heating make the front seats very comfortable.

Safety Features of the Staria

The Staria is packed with advanced safety features that provide peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike. Also onboard are a range of driver assistance technologies, including blind-spot monitoring (with camera), lane departure warning, and Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist. These features help to prevent accidents and ensure that the vehicle remains safe and secure on the road.

Great driver visibility in the Staria.
Great driver visibility in the Staria

In addition to its driver assistance tech, the Staria features a range of Hyundai SmartSense safety features, including multiple airbags, a reinforced body structure, and a range of active safety systems including:

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

These features – and many more – work together to provide a high level of protection for everyone onboard.

The Staria’s Transmission and Fuel Efficiency

The Staria is powered by a range of advanced engine options. Choose from a 2.2 CRDi Diesel with AWD or a 3.5 MPi Petrol with 2WD. The Shift By Wire transmission is highly advanced, with 3 options that allow drivers to choose the right mode for the driving conditions. The Staria’s transmission is smooth and responsive, ensuring that the vehicle remains comfortable and easy to drive regardless of terrain.

Despite its size and power, the Staria is also incredibly fuel-efficient. The vehicle’s advanced engine technology and aerodynamic design help reduce fuel consumption, making it incredibly cost-effective to own and operate. Over the week, we travelled 269.1 km at an average of 10.1 L/100km.

Practicality and Versatility of the 8 Seater Staria

The Staria’s eight-seater configuration makes it an incredibly practical and versatile vehicle. Staria’s cargo area is also highly configurable, with a range of options that allow drivers to customise the space to suit their specific needs. Access to the second and third rows of seats is very easy, thanks to the power-operated sliding doors. The rear cargo door is very large and very heavy. It does, however, open high enough to allow someone up to 185cm to stand underneath it.

Plenty of space under the rear door of the Staria
Plenty of space under the rear door of the Staria

Another excellent feature of Staria’s practicality is its ease of use. The vehicle’s advanced technology and connectivity features make it incredibly easy to drive and operate. In contrast, its range of convenience features ensures that passengers remain comfortable and entertained no matter the journey. The turning circle is very good at 11.94m, and the fuel tank is a good size at 75 litres.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Space-Age Hyundai Staria

In conclusion, the Hyundai Staria Highlander is an exceptional vehicle that offers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and practicality. Staria is an excellent choice for a reliable and spacious people mover. With its advanced technology, safety features, and fuel efficiency, the Staria is sure to exceed expectations.

The space age and practical Hyundai Staria Highlander 8-seater

These days, large families have many options, and if a large SUV is not your cup of tea, the Hynudai Staria Highlander is well worth a look.

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