A Comparison of Assignment Writing Services and Chat GPT for Academic Writing

These days, students can access a wide variety of tools and online services, such as GPT Chat, that can help them with their assignments. They appeared because students have to face a lot of challenges every day. Most of them have to work and perform their tasks simultaneously, even using the best free apps for college students, but still it is a hard thing to do. The thing is that assignments tend to come with tough deadlines, and it is not easy to do that. As a result, most students have to deal with a lot of stress and pressure that cause health and psychological issues. Therefore, there is no wonder that they are desperately looking for a tool or online service to make their life easier

Chat GPT is not the only option, though, because there is an assignment writing service that has been there for years. So, which option is better? Let’s find it out.

What Pros and Cons Does GPT Chat Have?

You can find a lot of reviews about any assignment writing service on the internet, for example, essaypro com review, but what about Chat GPT? There are also a lot of them about this online service. That is why it is possible to highlight its advantages and disadvantages based on these reviews.


1.     The tool is free. What is Chat GPT? It is an online service to create content that requires no payments.

2.     It is easy to use. The tool has an intuitive design, so it is not difficult to use it.

3.     It is fast. The required content is generated in a flash.


1.     Poor quality. The received content tends to come with a lack of creativity and originality. A lot of phrases are unnatural.

2.     OpenAi is easily detected. These days, there are tools that quickly find blocks of text created with the help of this online service. GPTZero is one of them.

3.     Requires double-check. The speed is impressive, indeed, but the outcome often has poor quality and can contain mistakes. That is why you always have to check it.

4.     GPT Chat is not able to check facts. The online service often fails to introduce accurate facts. Moreover, it may include facts or references that do not exist.

5.     It is not able to manage complicated assignments. The online service is not able to perform assignments that require in-depth analysis or research.

6.     Errors are possible. It is an online service, which means that there can be technical errors that affect the generated content.

What Assignment Writing Services Advantages and Disadvantages Are There?

Unlike ChatGPT, this online service has a lot of advantages, so you should take a closer look at them.


1.     The writing can be customized. In the case of assignment writing help, you are free to specify any requirements, let they be formatting or tone. The content will be written according to them.

2.     It will be unique. These services are known for the original content they create. You can always ask for a plagiarism report to see that it is unique indeed.

3.     You are safe. Each and every piece of information shared with an online service will remain safe and secure.

4.     They can deliver any service. Companies tend to offer a variety of services, including essays, theses, and research papers.

5.     Professional work. Each and every assignment is performed by an expert in the field.

6.     They might help you understand the topic. Using an assignment writing service, you may understand the topic because they will provide you with ideas and insights.


1.     The content will not be provided in a few minutes. Professionals need up to six hours to deliver a text according to your requirements.

2.      It may need revision. You might have to look through the completed assignment to check whether it is performed correctly.

3.     It requires money. This option is not free, so it will cost a certain amount. However, the prices are always reasonable and affordable.

What Reputation Do They Have?

The reputation of a company or online service should never be ignored because it shows how trustworthy it is. If it has negative reviews, then it is highly likely to provide you with low-quality content. In this case, it will be a waste of time or even money.

Assignment help services are known for their great reputation because they have been there for years. If you choose a company with positive reviews, you can be sure that the delivered assignments will be just what you need.

The case is very different with OpenAi because it appeared recently. At the same time, there are a lot of reviews showing that the online service is not able to provide high-quality content. This fact makes it less suitable for academic writing compared to assignment writing services.

One more thing that should be mentioned, Chat GPT comes with a character limit. That is why you will not be able to get a text longer than 4096 characters. Using assignment writing services, you will receive as many as you need. In addition to that, AI writing is easily detected, so many students got expelled because of that.


AI writing may be suitable if you want to get some content quickly, but it is not recommended for students. There are a lot of reasons for that. For example, it cannot deliver high-quality content, and it usually includes phrases that do not sound natural.

An assignment writing service is a better choice because the task will be performed by professionals who are able to provide you with a text according to any requirements. You will have to pay for it, but you will get high-quality content that will not be detected. It will also be unique and may not require double checks. Therefore, if you really want to get some free time for yourself, you should go for assignment writing services.

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