Review: Twelve South Curve Flex Desktop Stand – Stand out from the crowd with your new, flexible friend.

Discover the flexibility of the Curve Flex desktop stand by Twelve South.

Twelve South is a company based in South Carolina, USA.  They are one of very few companies that produce and manufacture a variety of accessories to complement exclusively Apple products. Having been in business since 2009, you will be bowled over by the quality and the style their products exude. With an almost artisanal approach, this moderately sized tech team benefits from innovative product design coupled with superb craftmanship. You are sure to find a soulmate for practically all of your Apple devices in amongst their ever expanding inventory of products.

My initial thoughts

Now, I’ve been a loyal Apple customer for decades. I’ve always been enthused by the quirky/ out-of-the-box/ pushing-the-envelope/ left-field ethos that underpins the design and developmental process of any product but over the years, Apple has finely honed this philosophy into their DNA. So although admittedly, it sounds a bit pretentious, I derive a certain amount of pleasure when I’m given the opportunity to nonchalantly show off my Apple hardware. Combine this with carefully chosen accessories, the interface between me and my hardware is greatly enhanced. This is where the Curve Flex comes in.



Normally, the quality of the packaging is a good indication of the quality of the product encased within. Visually speaking, the graphics on the front of the box is minimalistic and “Applesque”. The abundance of whiteness, angled product shot and use of a sans serif font clearly suggest this is an Apple-style product.

When you slide off the outer sleeve however, it tells a slightly different story. After you look over the excessive inner carton, polystyrene cushions, tissue paper and laser-cut Twelve South logo sheet, you will be delighted to find the package includes a neoprene carry pouch, a welcome addition, especially when I need to be mobile or make laptop presentations on the move.

A truly elevating experience

The Curve Flex desktop stand requires minimal effort to set up. The labels attached to the product give clear instructions on how to get started.

The stand itself is made from durable Aluminium which makes it both lightweight and sturdy. The semi-elliptical curve allows air to flow around the vents at the base of the laptop keeping it cool and quiet especially when working on processor-intensive tasks. There are two sets of hinges which allow the user to raise and tilt the stand to their desired position. The Curve Flex can raise a laptop from 2” to 6” from the base and it can tilt the laptop to an angle of up to 45º. The stand is compatible with all laptops at least 8.66 inches wide and up to 7 pounds in weight. The stand is available in a choice of Matte Black or White finishes. Those who work in a dual-screen environment are sure to notice the immediate ergonomic benefit of having a raised laptop screen that is more in line with their external monitor.

The hinges are what make this stand stand out from the competition (excuse the pun!). At first you may find the hinges a bit stiff, but fear not. The hinges are the key factors that allow the stand to remain fixed in the position it is adjusted to. Although, if you need to tighten or loosen the hinges, the neoprene carry pouch also contains a tiny pocket in which you will find an Alan Key specifically for this purpose.

The finer touches

By observing its finer details, you can tell the elegantly designed Curve Flex is the product of some clever thinking. The bottom of the semi-elliptical base has a silicone surface to prevent the stand from sliding around your desktop. The ascending arms have raised, silicone supports to prevent the Aluminium surfaces from scratching when closed. In addition to this, the arms benefit from two rubberised feet that support the bottom edge of the laptop when you’re working. Having said that though, if like me, you keep your cherished MacBook protected in a hard plastic shell, the extra couple of millimetres it adds to the base of the laptop might just cause it to occasionally slide off. If the two rubberised feet were a few millimetres taller, this wouldn’t be an issue. The semi-elliptical top arm also has a textured, silicone coating to further prevent your laptop from sliding off. 

Should you get one?…

Most people (including myself) have become accustomed to hunching their shoulders and slouching at their desks as they gaze down at their laptop screens for hours on end. The Global Pandemic saw an increase in the number of people working from home. As a result of this, we’ve seen a boom in online meetings which has led to us conversing with friends and colleagues while inadvertently peering up their noses!

The moment I placed my MacBook on the Curve Flex desktop stand, my spine naturally straightened, my breathing improved and the slouch has been eliminated. Being able to raise the laptop a few inches and tilt it a few degrees has also alleviated the pressure I was exerting on my wrists and may improve the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which has been a serious cause for concern for me, in the past.

If you’re concerned about the cumulative effects of bad posture when working on a laptop, then I reckon you would be wise to consider purchasing the Curve Flex desktop stand. Heck… you can even use it as a book stand for reading!


Having used the Curve Flex for a few days, I thought I’d try reverting back to working on my MacBook without it this morning. It felt very strange working on a low-level, flat surface again. My Curve Flex desktop stand really is my new flexible friend!

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